n went back to her maiden's family but was kicked out.
Really, evil people will face their retribution.
Even her own family isn't willing to take her in.
Let's see what she will do now.”

Zhang Tieshan eye's flickered and his lips pursed slightly.


Li Hehua didn't know what happened in the Li family and was currently sitting with Cao Simei's family for lunch.

She cooked a table of dishes today.
Looking at the fragrant dishes on the table, the family was overjoyed and their eyes lit up.
Although it is said that farmers rarely eats meant, it is not to the point that they are greedy when they see meat.
The reason why their eyes glow is because this meal is different from usual and the fragrance is overwhelming.

Cao Simei took Li Hehua's hand and thanked her, ” Da meizi ah, jie jie thanked you.
Today's meal is already delicious without even eating it.”

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Li Hehua immediately waved her hand, ” Why thank me da jie? It should be me who should thank you.
If it wasn't for your family letting me stay, I wouldn't even have a place to live here.”

Cao Simei smiled and clapped her hands, “Okay, okay.
No more thank yous.
Let's eat quickly, everyone is hungry.”

Hearing that they could eat, everyone was very excited.
The children could wait and immediately picked up their chopsticks.
Even Cao Simei's husband was also in a hurry stretching his chopsticks like a child.

Cao Simei's eldest son was the first one to swallow the meat in his mouth.
He gave Li Hehua a thumbs up and said, “Aunt Li (Li Yi), the food is so delicious, your cooking is really great! I've never had such delicious dishes before.”

Cao Simei's eldest daughter also looked at Li Hehua with bright eyes, ” Aunt Li, it is no wonder why you can prepare a banquet.
The dishes that you cook are so delicious.
My brother used to catch some fishes in the river, but the fish cooked by mother smells fishy.
Everyone doesn't like it.”

The children in the house nodded in agreement and even He Da showed his approval.
Cao Simei glared at him and pretend to be angry, “Fine, you guys have no conscience.
I cooked for you everyday but you guys still dared to dislike my cooking!”

Everyone at the table laughed.

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Cao Simei's youngest son is only eight years old and was very active.
He is not afraid of Cao Simei and retored, “Mother, your cooking is really different from Aunt Li.
She can make fish so delicious.
You should learn from her so that the next time da ge and I go fishing, we will be able to eat such delicious fish every day.”

Cao Simei nudged at her younger son's head and said angrily, “Do you think you can learn just from watching? One also needs to have a talent in cooking, otherwise anyone can be a chef.”

The youngest son pouted in disappointment.

Li Hehua smile and said, “Da jie, you already saw me cooking the fish so learn from it.
Make it a few more times and it will become delicious.
It is not that difficult.
If you don't understand something, just ask me.”

Hearing that, Cao Simei was very happy.
“Da meizi, jie jie will thank you first.
If I really can't, I'll ask you to teach me then.” She is also eager to make delicious dishes.


TN: Sorry for not updating for so long.
The phone that I'm using for translating broke and cannot be fixed anymore, resulting for this inconvenience of translating and much slower update.
Hope everyone can understand.
I'll try to update as much as possible.
Thank you guys for supporting my translation!

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