She's disgusted with the way how the Li family speak.
Her first impression of them was not good.

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The Li family thought that she was helpless seeing her frowning.
Her sister-in-law immediately spoke up with a scolding tone.
“How could you just return like this? Those two dared to do this to you! Anyway, you have to teach them some lesson.
What's wrong with you, coming back just like that?”

The youngest, Li Hehua's younger brother Li Changshou, also frowned and said unhappily, “That's right.
Don't tell us that you are such a coward.”

Li Hehua is certain now.
The people in the original's family are not good, let alone that kind and reasonable family.
Usually, if a married daughter was divorced, shouldn't the normal reaction is to ask what happened and find a way to solve it? This family is so good. (t/n: note the sarcasm hehe.) They didn't event ask and just show others a great show.
Their tone even shows that they didn't care about the Zhang family.
This is not a normal attitude between in-laws at all.
Li Hehua suppressed her thoughts and told the Li family the truth.
“It wasn't Qingshan and Mother Zhnag who divorced me, it was Zhang Tieshan who divorced me.”

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“What! Zhang Tieshan came back from the battlefield? He's not dead?” Li Changshou exclaimed.
The three people next to him were also very surprised.
Li Hehua nodded, “He's back.
As soon as he returned, he settled the accounts between us and divorced me.
I can't do anything about it.”

Listening to Li Hehua's words, the faces of the Li family's people changed again.
Unlike the arrogance just now, their faces has traces of fear at this moment.

Li Changfu also put away the look on his face that looked down on the Zhang family.
He looked at his mother a little bewildered, “Mother, Zhang Tieshan is not dead.
He came back.
What should we do? Will he find us?” Their family often bullied the widowed from the Zhang, Zhang Tieshan's younger brother, and even the little child.
They thought that he (ZT) already died in the battlefield, so they dared to brazenly bully the Zhang family for benefits.
But now…

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