#39;s delicious right?” Li Hehua took a bite and glanced at the little guy.
“If you think that it's delicious, I'll make it again for you in the future.
But I will also make a lot of other foods, which can be made in many different ways.
When you eat a lot of them, you will know which one is your favorite.
At the time, you can let me make it for you”
Li Hehua wanted to touch his little face after seeing him eating so seriously, but gave up in the end.
She sighed with pity, “But hey, I can't do it for you for too long.
After all, I will leave this place and will not be able to see you at that time.
So, you have to get well soon and eat seriously every day.
Just eat more often and it will be not the same as it is now you know?”

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Li Hehua chatted as she ate.
When she finished her portion, the little guys were still eating.
She simply watched him eat quietly.

Although the little guy eats slowly, he's not skilled at eating.
He spilled a lot of food during the process and they were scattered on the small stool.

Li Hehua stretched out her hand to pick up the rice grains on the stool.
However, her hand happened to bump into the little guy's had which was scooping for rice.
Frightened, the spoon on his hand suddenly fell off and his person reflexively hide.

“What are you doing!” At this moment, a loud shout came from behind.
It was Zhang Li who had returned.

Li Hehua was shocked by the shout that her hands shook.
The rice grains that she just picked up also fell.
Turning her head, she saw Zhang Lin glaring at her angrily.
She walked in quickly and tried to push her aside.
But she was just too fat and Zhang Lin failed to do so and instead was pushed two steps backward.
She staggered into the stove behind her.
Furious, she pointed at Li Hehua.
“You…you bitch!”

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Li Hehua didn't expect this to happen.
She didn't do anything bad and she was misunderstood like this.
She was pointed at the nose and was scolded as a bitch.
How could she not feel wronged? She immediately defended, “You misunderstood.
I didn't do anything.
I just, I just want to pick up the rice that has fallen.”
However, Zhang Lin didn't believe Li Hehua's explanation at all.
She only knew that this vicious woman had tried to kill Shulin countless times.
Now, she had taken advantage that no one is at home and wanted to do something to Shulin.
If she hadn't come back in time, Shulin might have been brutally murdered again.
She thought that the woman has changed for the better in the past two days, but it turns out that she is faking it, so soon and the fox's tail show up.

  ”You! Stop depending yourself.
I saw it just now.
If I didn't come back, you would have started.
You poisonous woman with a vicious heart, how can you do it? That's your own flesh and blood! Is it not enough for you that you torture him like this!” Zhang Linshi wiped her face fiercely, “I already said that we can't keep you but Tieshan kindly promised that you can stay for some time.
This kindness is really fed to the dog.
Kindness shouldn't be given to a woman like you!”

Li Hehua was very unhappy about Zhang Lin's misunderstanding and scolding.
However, at this time, she couldn't bring herself to care as her mind was attracted by the sentence 'That's your own flesh and blood'.
It turns out that this little guy was really the original owner's own child, that is, the current her's own flesh and blood.
Although there are vague guesses in her heart before, but hearing it personally, she was still very shocked and her feelings for the little guy suddenly changed.

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