ee such a child destroyed like this.  She wants to do her best to save this child.
She is not a doctor and she doesn't know if this little guy can listen to what she has to say.
However, she still wants to try it by her own method which is to communicate with him as much as possible.
“Little darling, do you know? I went to town to sell cakes today, the same kind of cakes I gave you yesterday.
The business is very good and I was able to sold them all.
I can make money every day from now on.
I'll bring you delicious food more often, okay?”
“Also, as long as I cook something delicious in the future, I'll keep a copy for you first, okay? What I make is delicious, don't you think so? Hehe, I'm a bit narcissistic aren't I baby?”

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“Little darling, I also bought pork today.
I plan to make braised pork for you, as well as your father, your uncle, and your grandma.
I've never seen meat at home.
How are you going to gain weight? Look at you, you're so thin.
However, you have to make up for it so that you can grow strong, just like…
as strong and tall as your father.”
Li Hehua told the little guy everything that happened today.
It was not until she had nothing to say that she stood up, “Little baby, I'll cook then.
You'll have meat to eat later!”
Although the little guy didn't respond, Li Hehua had a feeling that this little guy could actually hear what she said.
It doesn't matter if he doesn't respond, as long as he's listening, it will be good for him if she talks to him more.
Li Hehua wanted to lose weight, so she didn't plan to eat the braised pork that she made today.
She only cooked a little white rice porridge for dinner tonight.
When the porridge was almost cooked, she cleaned the meat she bought, cut it into pieces, and then started to make braised pork.
After a while, the aroma of the meat wafted out of the kitchen.
In an instant, the whole room was filled with alluring aromas, which attracted Zhang Lin to the kitchen.
Seeing that Li Hehua was cooking again, she glanced at the pot and let out a light hum, then turned and walked away.

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Li Hehua glanced at Zhang Linshi's back, shook her head gently, and continued to cook the dishes.
After the last step of collecting sauce (T/N: 'juice' in direct translation), Li Hehua put the meat in the pot on a plate and extinguished the fire.
She added some water to the pot to wash it and then filled a bowl of porridge for herself.
She walked to the back of the stove to sit with the little guy.
“Baby, I'm eating porridge tonight.
It's delicious, do you want to some of it?” After speaking, she scooped a spoonful and handed it close to the little guy's mouth.
Seeing that the little guy didn't open his mouth, Li Hehua coaxed softly: “Baby, take a sip.
You can eat some porridge first.
When grandma comes to cook later, you can eat the fragrant braised pork then.”
But the result was naturally disappointing.
The little guy just ignored her.
Li Hehua couldn't force him, so she had to eat by herself.
She talks to the little guy while eating.
It was not until she had finished two bowls of porridge that she said goodbye to the little guy and took the braised pork into the main room.

Next part will be posted tomorrow.
See yah!!!

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