Chapter 1 – Crossover

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The sun sets in the west, fiery red clouds were reflected in the sky, and the smoke rises from the tall chimneys, accompanied by the occasional barking of dogs and the joyful barking of children, forming a picture of a quiet and warm pastoral scenery.

If it were in normal times, Li Hehua would sigh at the beauty of this idyllic scenery, but now, she has no intention of appreciating it at all.
She just wants to say, yao shou~

(T/N: So I'm actually confused with “yao shou” part.
The original translation of it is 'die really early' but there is also another translation which is “Oh my god” and “I'm sorry”.
I don't know which one to use.)

Looking at the courtyard surrounded by a fence wall in front of her, and everything around her that was completely unfamiliar yet different from modern times, Li Hehua was finally willing to believe that she had hit the jackpot and crossed over.

Crossing through time, what a magical word.
Something that can only exist in the novels that she read, she unexpectedly came across it, but no matter how incredible it is, after being mad for almost half a day, she still had to accept the fact that she has indeed traveled through.
She has traveled to ancient times, although it is still unknown what dynasty this is.

She really didn't know anything.
Her mind was blank except for her own memories.
She has been thinking for a long time and still, nothing comes to mind.

Li Hehua covered her forehead and couldn't help sighing: Why is there no memory of another person in her mind? What about the original owner's memory? Why didn't she inherit the memory of this body at all?

The blankness of her mind made her knock on her head in frustration, and couldn't help lowering her head.

As soon as she bowed her head, Li Hehua saw her current appearance again, and couldn't help calling out again.

No matter how many times she has seen it, she couldn't accept her physical appearance!

What kind of person is the original owner? Why did such a fat woman exist in ancient times? Shouldn't all women in the village suppose to be undernourished? When did the living condition become so good that one could grow so fat?

This body is only 1.6 meters tall, but she weighs at least 160 catties.
Her face is full of flesh, and her neck disappeared already.
She is completely filled with meat.
She counted it carefully, the swimming ring on the belly has four layers, the two legs are the typical elephant legs, and the ankles are thicker than the other calves.
Such a look is really hopeless.

Oh my god! Forget about time travel.
Why did she travel to such a body?

Back then, to maintain a slender figure, she only ate at most one apple every night and went to the gym whenever she had time to exercise.
She never weighed more than 95 catties.
She has always been proud of her figure, and now that she is fine, she suddenly changes from a thin person to a big fat person all at once.
Her heart ached.

Who can tell her where this is? Who is the original owner? What is her name? Did she have a family?

There are a lot of questions in her heart and she wants to know the answer, but unfortunately, no one can answer her.

It has been more than half a day since she woke up, but she is the only one in the room.
During this period no one has appeared here, not a single one.

This made her have to guess that the original body was living alone, but isn't it strange for ancient women to live alone? Is the original body a widow? Or an orphan who lost both parents?

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She doesn't know which of her guesses is right.

“Gululu…” At this moment, a sound came from her stomach, causing Li Hehua to look down at her fat belly.


From the time she woke up to now, she's only been thinking about things.
She didn't even think about eating.
She felt extremely hungry when her stomach growled like this, and she really wanted to eat something.

Forget it.
Let's figure everything out slowly and get something to eat first.

Li Hehua clutched her stomach, stood up with difficulty, and walked to the kitchen.

The kitchen is a thatched hut with a typical rural stove inside, with a big chimney in the middle, and the two large pots on the stove are used for cooking.

Although there are few such earthen stoves in modern times, as a person who deals with food all day, she can still use this type of earthen stove, and it is not difficult for her to cook with fire.

Looking around in the kitchen cupboard, she only found half a bag of brown rice which is also dark.
Other than that, there was no food.

It's over, now there's no food left.

While thinking about what to do, her stomach growled.
Forget it, brown rice is brown rice, black is black.
Let's get some food to fill her stomach first, otherwise, she might starve to death.

First of all, she had to wash the rice.
After a long time of searching, she found a pot in the kitchen that could be used to wash the rice, but the pot was dark, and she didn't know what was attached to it.
It was very dirty at first sight.
She almost got vomited.

It seems that before cooking, she has to clean the kitchen, otherwise she will not be able to do it.

There was a large water tank right next to her.
Li Hehua reached out and lifted the lid of the water tank, and was about to scoop up water, but sadly found that there was not a drop of water in the tank.

“Oh…” She is now 100% sure that the original owner must not be a diligent person, or else the kitchen would not have been so dirty, and there would be no water in the tank.

That's all right, she has to go get some water before cleaning the kitchen.

Li Hehua picked up the bucket placed next to the water tank and walked towards the door.
There was no well in the yard, so she must go to the public well in the village to fetch water.

Walking out the door, Li Hehua stopped.
In front of her are all antique ancient rural buildings.
Not far away,several children who are playing are also wearing ancient clothes.
Although she know that she have traveled back to ancient times, she only have a sense of reality now.
This is really on ancient time.

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Just when Li Hehua was in a daze, several children who were playing not far away found her, and immediately ran two steps closer, not too far away, not too close, and then pointed at her and called out: “Big fat pig, Tigress, there's a bad shrew in the Zhang family…
Big fat pig, tigress, there's a bad shrew in the Zhang family…”


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