With a limited time, there was only one decision to make–ask for help.

Julia sat up and looked at Carl briefly.

Carl on the other hand was not ready to look back at her. He quickly moved his eyes away from her. It was hard to tell why Carl did that. Nevertheless, Julia went on to say what was on her mind.

”Help me, Carl! ” said Julia as she finally got up from the bed.

She made a slow move in the direction where Carl was standing.

”I need your help! Can I ask for one? ” she asked Carl.

Was Carl ever going to listen to her?

”What help are you talking about, Julia? ” he finally looked in her direction. ”What help are you talking about when I have already offered you one but you rejected it! ”

Carl did not shy away from letting her discover his displeasure. He knew exactly what Julia was gonna beg from him but, he chose to be naive.

”Escape! ” said Julia.

At last, the Omega could not help herself but beg Carl to help her escape.

”Do this just one time for me, Carl! ”

She was almost close to him when she stopped walking.

”You have never appreciated any of my suggestions! ” began Carl, ”and now you want me to help you? How am I even sure that you need my help? ” Carl doubted her.

Julia was not going to take that easy on him.

She came even closer to Carl and slapped him hard on his right cheek, with a desperate look in her eyes

”Look at me, Carl! ” she commanded with what appeared to be a hard voice. ”Do I look like Im kidding? I need your help now! ”

She held on tight to his shirt with one of her hands as she confronted Carl.

Alpha knew that the orphaned meant business and was not kidding this time.

”Alright, I will help you escape from here, ” said Carl.

He forced a smile on his face and pushed her slightly, away from himself. In that way, Julia turned almost 180 degrees. Her was turned against him.

Carl wasted no time in going after her in an unthinkable manner. It was a daring adventure but, just how the Omega was going to react what something he could not explain.

At the same time, he had no idea of what further attack awaited him.

Carl put his arms around her shoulders as if the two of them were in a romantic state.

That action alone did not go down well with Julia who saw it as an advantage Carl was taking of her.

”What in the hell do you think you are doing? ” Shouted Julia.

She was mad at Carl but couldn help it. ”What! Huh? Is this part of the escape plan you propose? ”

”No, its not! ” replied Carl.

He was not sure of what was going to happen next so, he apologized. ”Im sorry for pushing you that way. ”

He bowed his head slightly in front of her when Julia turned around to face him.

He had bent slightly towards Julia because, he wanted to show her his respect but, would that change her mind about not wanting to become his mate or any of the Alphas?

Certainly, nothing like that was going to happen between them.

There was not going to be a special moment between the two even though, Carl was looking for a way their bodies could touch each other.

She pushed him. This she did by placing two of her hands across his chest.

”Move, will you? ” requested Julia.

”Sure, I will! ”

Alpha Carl quickly moved back creating some spaces between the two of them.

He knew they were on a limited time.

If they must escape then, they needed to hurry up.

”What are you waiting for? How long are we gonna wait? ” queried Julia.

No doubt, she was becoming worried. She believed that if any of the staff should arrive at the scene, the chances of her escape will diminish.

”On my lead, ” said Carl.

He was about to take the lead while Julia followed when all of a sudden, he had a new idea.

”Stop! ” he shouted.

”I think we should have a change of plans. Im not comfortable with our current plan! ”

”What do you mean? ” queried Julia, who seemed to be surprised by Carls few seconds decision.

There was no time to attend to Julias question therefore, he walked straight towards the bed as Julia continued to watch.

He pulled out the bedsheet and quickly tore it into pieces.

He picked one of the pieces and arranged it like a turban. He turned around and smiled at Julia.

”This is what we should do, I will wrap this right here, around your face and no one will know about your identity. ”

His idea seemed to be welcomed by the Omega. She allowed him to wrap the piece of bedsheet around her face.

Julia appeared to be wearing a Turban when they left through the exit door. No one was able to recognize her as they passed through every security check of the hospital.

Carl was holding her hands all the while they were walking.

There was no way anyone would find out that about a few minutes ago, Julia was a patient in the hospital.

The guards thought the duo must have been a couple who were on a routine visit to the hospital to check on a friend or a relative admitted. Hardly did they know they were wrong in their assumption.

Once Julia and Carl made it outside, the tone of the Omega changed. Not just that, but her behaviour changed as well.

She suddenly went cold on Carl. First, she pulled her left hand away from his grip. Perhaps, she was not happy with the manner Carl was romancing her palm as they walked out of the hospital.

For Carl, it was a one step closer to his future mate. At least, that was what he thought.

It was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Omega.

He was not surprised that Julia pulled her hand away from him. There was no way he could touch her Intimidate without a reaction from Julia.

Carl was yet to utter a word since Julia pulled off from him. What was he going to say to her without incurring the wrath of the Omega?

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