Alpha Troy raised one of his hands for a few seconds then, she pointed at a seat beside an empty table. The seat quickly drifted closer to him. It was as if the he magneted by the sit. He adjusted himself and sat on it with his legs crossed. He was sitting opposite Julia.

”Thats intriguing but not impressive! ” said the Omega, she fixed her eyes on him. She was not too surprised by the fact that Alpha Troy could move a seat closer to himself without even touching it.

”I will take that as a compliment now, back to our discussion, ” he seemed confident. ”Why don you say yes to me and have the whole world with me? Take a look around you, Julia! ” he looked around as he was speaking. He was demonstrating to her. ”Come on, stand to your feet and look around, I guess you wouldn doubt me if I tell you that we live in a dangerous world. Oh, yes! The world is such a dangerous place but, only I can protect you, Julia. If you accept me to be your mate, I will always put you first! ”

”Thank you but unfortunately, Im not interested! You can take your love and protection to many omegas out there. For crying out loud, Im not the only wolf in the clan! ”

He was calm for a few seconds before resuming. ”I understand you are not the only omega in our world but, its you that I want, can you see that, yourself? ” he said. Troy could tell from the expression on her face that Julia wasn moved by his words. There was no change whatsoever in her character or body language. He needed to get more of her attention and the best way to do that is to play mind games with her. He planned to stir her emotions.

”I think I have got something you might not wanna miss, ” he said with a serious tone. ”I guess you have never been told about the true event surrounding the death of your parents, I don mean your dead adopted father, Kane, Im talking about your biological parents? ” said Troy.

She quickly dropped the drink she was sipping on the table. Her body language indeed, changed this time! Her keen interest has been caught. She was tempted to compel him to go on but, she changed her mind immediately after a certain thought came to her. She believed, Troy was gonna tell her even if she doesn ask him.

”Your father died horribly! ” he got her looking at him. ”I guess you want to know who was responsible? ” he smiled mischievously.

She knew it was a trap and she is not going to fall for him this time around. ”Why don you pick yourself up and get the hell out of here? ” she was becoming uncomfortable with his presence near him but, she can not fight him or force him out of her presence. All she could do was to make the whole time boring for him, maybe in that way, Alpha Troy could get tired and leave. However, from his plain body language, Alpha Troy doesn seem like he was ready to leave. He sat back smiling contently.

”I see you are not interested to find out what happened to your parents! Well, I guess I have to bury my little secrets until you are ready to hear them. Nevertheless, I suggest you chose me as your mate for utter protection! ” he said.

”Here you go again! How many times must I make my intention known to you? Im not interested and I will keep telling you that until you go to the pit of hell where you belong! ” she was losing her patience with him, however, she has not forgotten the fact that she can not fight as that would be an utter mistake. Fighting a full-fletchedlpha wolf would be the greatest mistake she made that evening. She was only an Omega who was in no better position to win any fight against him. This explains why she was getting harsher to him, doing all she could to discourage Alpha Troy.

At last, Alpha Troy stood on his feet and glanced at her with contempt. His eyes shone with a flash of lightning it was a quick reminder to the Omega of how powerful he was. Nobody cares to challenge him. As she watched, Troy took a few steps forward and tried to grab a glass of water set before Julia on the table. Upon touching the glass cup, it broke into pieces. His hands were vibrating, while the expression on his face was not telling good stories either. He let go of the cup once it was broken. The waiter walked very fast towards him. ”May I help you Sir? ” asked the waiter. Alpha Troy was not in a good mood to speak to anyone. He stared at the waiter and let him see the flash of lightning in his eyes. The waiter was gripped with fear, he could yell or cause some attention to be shifted to the scene, Alpha Troy quickly hit him on the forehead. The waiter fell on the floor and passed out, it was then that the attention of everyone in the restaurant was turned to them, contrarily to the Alpha Troys believe.

Feeling embarrassed, Julia asked. ”What in Gods name do you think you are doing? ” she raised her voice as she asked. She stood to her feet to attend to the fallen waiter but, Troy could not let him do that. He quickly stepped in her way.

”Back off, Julia! Back off! ” he roared as his eyes eased a small spark of lightning for the third time, everyone could see what was happening. His actions were enough to send every customer in the restaurant running helter-skelter out of fear for the maniac Alpha. They screamed as they all ran out of the exit door. Soon, the restaurant was empty except for a few staff who were bold enough to stay back and confront Alpha Troy.

”Look at what you have you done! ” she howled at him in annoyance.

His angry look has never changed. ”This is what happens when you reject Alpha Troy as your rightful mate! Now, you know why I did this! This is going to continue as long as you reject me! ” said Alpha Troy. He turned around to leave but, not so soon, some armed men were pointing guns at him.

”Another step and we will blast your head off! ” said one of the armed men. Will they shoot Troy dead if, he tries to flee or will he surrender himself to the armed men?

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