The Omega’s Sensual Mate

Chaos At The Restaurant.

Ivan was never Intimidated by Alpha Carls rhetoric. He believed it should be the other way around. He was not in a bad situation to be scared of Carl rather, it was Carl who ought to be scared of him. Because of this assessmentt, Ivan took Carls threat for a childs play. Nevertheless, he stopped advancing further and gazed at Carl in disdain. Even though he was more powerful than Carl, he hasn made up his mind to attack him yet. Nevertheless, if Carl crosses his red lines he won have any better choice than to attack Carl and make sure he sends a loud and clear message to anyone in the wolf world who wishes to contend the Omega with him as his mate.

Carl, on the other hand, was not as bold as he appeared at the moment to be. He knows fair and square that he stands no chance against Ivan should the two Alphas go to war. The rare courage he had displayed was nevertheless meant also to send a message to the Omega that he was willing to go down any part deemed necessary to win her heart. It was a risky move, he knows that however, he was impressed by Ivans compliance, he thought Ivan would have given him a harsher response or even fight him on the spot, none of that happened instead, Ivan continued to show contempt towards him.

”Will you please, stop this! ” Julia drew their attention. Her plea sounded emotional nevertheless, she wasn going to give anyone of them any good news. ”Im not going to accept anyone of you before you start killing yourselves, this is my final decision! Now, I want the both of you to get out of my life and let me have some peace of mind! ” she attempteded to enter her car but, Ivan began speaking again.

”Not so fast, Julia! Not so far! ” said Ivan. ”You ain going nowhere until you give me what I want! ” he Moved away from them and stood at the path where her car was gonna pass through, as if she was going to leave. ”You know what Im capable of, don you? If you reject me there shall be consequences, its not a bluff! ”

Julia hesitated for a while before finally stepping in her car and drove off leaving the two Alpha behind. Meanwhile, Ivan also moved out of her way so that she drove past him.

As she was driving home, her thoughts kept revolving around what happened earlier that day. Even if everyone else takes Alpha Ivans threats likely, she hasn . She was not ready to to become any of their mates but the Alphas kept forcing themselves on her. He wished his foster father was still alive, Alpha Kane, no one would have threatened and intimidate her.

Alpha Kane was one of the most powerful Alphas. It was rumoured that he was eliminated by the dark pack because of his growing influence. Perhaps, it was his growing influence that left the dark pack with the impression that he was a threat to them.

The Omega has never taken her time to investigate the story above. It was one of her reasons for rejecting Ivan right the way, it was pointless having anything to do with Ivan. She could not imagine herself becoming his mate.

She drove slowly through the street until she reached Madam Jessys Restaurant. It was the usual place she likes to spend her evening alone. On other days, she would pour her heart to herself by recounting all she has been through. It was almost evening and therefore, it is not surprising that she stopped by to indulge in her routine activity. Nothing was different from that evening except that the Alphas pushed her hard with their unusuall request. She parked her car and walked out of it and made her way to the restaurant.

Not long after sitting on one of the empty chairs, a waiter approached her. She picked her choice from the menu the waiter was holding. The waiter quickly left shortly afterwards, to fetch all that she requesteded. She sat in silence while waiting for the waiter. She never turned her back for one second to look at some of the customers who were drinking in the bar area of the restaurant. If only she turned around, she could have seen someone whom she wasn expecting to see.

His steps were well calculated as he walked towards Julia. He believed she will never make it to the unusual ground where he had told her to come. That was the reason why Alpha Troy decided to track her movement. He thought of surprising Julia but, that might not be a good idea. Nevertheless, he began walking towards the Omegas direction. She could not see Alpha Troy because he came from her back.

”There you are! ” Alpha Troy suddenly appeared right in front of of her.

”What are you doing here! ” Julia asked. She was taken unawares by his presence. ”Is this the woods where you proposed meet? ” she did not sound very happy and she also did little to hide that from him.

”I could not wait because I know that you are not going to show up. I took it upon myself to find you here, ” he smiled while still standing right in front of her.

”Save your energy, Mr Troy! ” she looked at him with contempt. Meanwhile, the waiter came back with all that Julia had ordered. He placed them carefullyy on the table before leaving. The whole time this was going on, Alpha Troy stood in silence. He did all he could to exercise his patients. When the waiter left he continued. ”As you were saying, why should I save my energy? ” he ignored the fact that the Omega seemed not to be interested in all he was telling her at that moment.

”What do you want? ” she asked angrily with a relatively loud voice. The people around the restaurant could have heard her loud voice if not for the sweet sound of music coming from the speakers.

Alpha Troy seemed to be impressed by her question even though, she sounded harsh. ”Now you are talking, Julia. You know why I am here! It has been the same story all time, I want you to accept me as your mate! ” he said.

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