The Omega’s Sensual Mate

Struggle For A Mate

Carl could see that the facial expressions of the Omega who he was pouring his heart onto were beginning to change from bad to good. Formerly, Julia frowned her face when she was speaking but, when Carl spoke, she felt relaxed. The new development left Carl with the impression that perhaps, the Omega was beginning to have a change of heart. Maybe she was going to accept him or maybe not. Nevertheless, he decided to push his luck by taking a rather risky step. He began walking slowly in her direction, he never took off his face off her.

He could see that her beauty was something that doesn worth taking off ones eyes, even for a second. Julia was tall with a relatively round face. She was wearing a dark skirt and a nice cooperate shirt. Her hair was long, dark, woolly and shiny as it anchored around her neck and her back. Her google was carefullyy worn by her. Her boobs were moderate and tempting to touch even though she was putting on her co-operate uniform. Her back was curvy and her shape was excellent, she could keep men charmed and staring foolishly at her with her beauty. One strange thing about her beauty remains the fact that she knew not how beautiful she was.

Carl began talking again as he was about to get closer to her. ”You know, deep down in your heart, Im that mate that you needed but you have blocked your heart from reaching mine. I beg of you to open your heart and your mind and see this wolf standing in front of you as the only one worthy of you! ” he spoke gently.

”Stop! ” Julia howled. She looked down, and closed her eyes. By the time she lifted her face to stare at Carl, streams of tears were flowing down her eyes. She was in pain and something might have prompted that. It could be the words she heard Carl say or perhaps, something altogether different.

Carl halted his movement upon hearing her out. He remained silente and gazed at her in confusion. He believed that the Omega has got something to say but, he was not sure if she was going to sound positive about the favour he sought from her.

”I can not become your mate! This is what I think about your request! I can not have you as my mate because of personal reasons and I did want you to respect that! ” she shed more tears amid her response to Carl. She wiped them away with a tissue which she had quickly reached out for, in the small handbag she dropped inside her car. When she cleaned all her tears before managing to look at Carl again. ”Now, if you would excuse me, I will have to go and make sure you are not on my trail. Im not interested, I have told you you that and I will tell you again. ” This time, Julia sounded meaner as she grabbed the handle of her car door and was about to slide in when all of sudden, someone intervened.

”You made her cry! You have failed! ” said a voice from the left side of the parking lot.

When Julia and Carl turned around to see who the intruder was, to Carls greatest surprise, it was Alpha Ivan. Ivan was the leader of the dark pack, known as one of the most dangerous packs. Just what he was doing at the venue, Carl could not tell at that moment. However, it was a matter of time before he confront Ivan.

As for the Omega, Ivans sudden appearance was not all that surprising however, she wondered if the appearance of the Alphas at the same venue at once was a coincidence or was it planned? She was not going to take her chances on him this time. She began by speakings harshly to Ivan. ”What do you want? ”

Ivan barely looks like a human. The Lycan curse running within him had altered his looks or appearance. His hair was not well put in place, that is to say; his attire look more like that of a head of a criminal gang. His ears were pierced at each side with golden earrings fitted. He wore a heavy golden necklace as well. He wore big a pair of boots on his foot that was pretty scary to be kicked with it. He was tall, even taller than Carl and looked very rough. His eyeballs were black in colour instead of the normal white. It is said that when he is speaking his pupils would glow yellow–it was scary, fair to say. However, the people he was speaking with at the moment knew the pack that possess those qualities. Ivan was not the only one with the strange qualities described above. The other members of his dark pack have the same attributes. These qualities were distinct to his pack. It has been said that these strange qualities that the dark pack possesses were as a result of their association with dark Magic. They are the only pack in the wolf realm that could harness dark magic hence, the reason why they are brutal and most powerful among all packs.

”I want you, Julia, my mate to be! ” claimed Ivan as he pointed one of his fingers at the omega. ”let me figure this out, you already know that you are mine and there is nothing you can do or anyone can do about it! ” he said confidently while walking slowly and pompously in the direction where Julia and Carl were standing. He stopped only when he had walked about four metres to their standing point. ”If you still don get it then, I will have to spell it out for you again, Im the chosen one for you and you can not run away from your destiny! Im your destiny! ” his words were marred with pride.

”I rebuke you! Stay away from me! ” shouted Julia.

Who could have thought that by now the tears in her eyes would vanish? But that was the case, they were all gone from her eyes.

”You can not rebuke me, Julia, you know that, don you, huh? No one is gonna save you or take you away from me? ” Ivan sounded meaner this time around.

”I can not let you do that to her? ” said Carl at last. ”Not as long as Im alive! ” he moved slightly to come between Ivan and Julia since Ivan was beginning to walk very close to the Omega. Whats next? Was Carl going to fight Ivan because of an Omega who rejected both of them right away?

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