Julia was sitting in her office when Mark, one her colleagues at work, walked in with a parcel of letter. When he walked in, she was convinced the parcel was meant for her and therefore paid all her attention to him as he handed her the parcel.

”Another unusual letter in three straight rows! ” he teased Julia with a smile as he turned around to walk out of her office.

She wasn surprised by the statement Mark had made. Such letters have been coming for some time now. She already knew who was behind this letter. It was no other but Alpha Troy. How many times must she tell him to back off and that she can not become his mate? Alpha Troy wouldn listen but kept trying his lucks by making her life a living with all sorts of letters, everynow and then!

Julia was an unusual Omega in that, she lost her parents when she was only eight and her brother was only three years old nevertheless, she still managed to succeed in life. Life has never been easy for the young Lycan. She was adopted by Alpha Kane and his pack where she grew and developed her Lycan abilities to a certain level but, not fully developed. Although she was able to afford good education but not until Alpha Kane was set-up and attacked, he was killed by unknown enemies and subsequently disposed as the leader of his pack. From henceforth, life took a turning point for her. She was expelled from her adopted pack. She was not the only one who was expelled from the pack, Dean, her younger brother was also banished from their adopted pack.

Somehow, she was able to get a job and f

completed her college education and obtained a degree. Although now she was working as an accountant for one of the biggest companies in town, there is a problem, her wolf energy was not strong enough to protect her from danger, and she knows that she needed to do something about it. Only her mate could help her actualize that. However, she has found no mate, she needed a wolf with certain qualities which she liked. She was yet to meet that right mate of hers, and although many of them have come her way, she rejected all. But, there were three Alphas who have always been on her trail and each of them can do

anything to make her either their mate. Nevertheless, just like others, she rejected all three. But, the three refused to quit. She believed that all three Alphas lacked the qualities she needed even though her heart kept suggesting that her mate might be one among those three Alphas.

At first, she was reluctant to pull it out from the parcel since she was likely to know the content of the letter. Nevertheless, she opened it and the content read: meet me by the east side of the town tonight, around 10 pm when she shines all!

She wondered what Alpha Troy wanted to show her this time. The last outing was nothing interesting to talk about. As long as she is concerned, she can never become his mate, never! Troy was not the kind of wolf she nee

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