Jarvis had sent scouts out to find the so-called Demon Lord so he can attempt to subjugate him and also get control of the Northside of the continent. From the information, the Dragonnewts had told Jarvis the Demon Lord should be in his castle as he has his 3 Demon Generals commanding his armies which consisted of vampires, Elves, Dwarves, and other monsters.

Jarvis was also told that Bunny people exist and are being hunted down by the demon army so Jarvis had some rescue teams fly to the south in an attempt to rescue any people running from the Demon Lords tyranny while he gets the Army ready.

While preparing his Army Jarvis got some new quests

[Conquer The Demon Lords Lands Reward: The Title Demon Lord and granted New Abilities fit for a Demon Lord]

[Defeat The Demon Lord Reward: New Abilities and 50k system points]

[conquer more than 75% of the continent current progress is 35% Reward: 200 Million population that will be divided into different cities and also will automatically establish more cities because of the number of people]

Jarvis seeing the new quest couldn wait until the continent is revealed as he will be the new superpower in the World and he can finally see his sisters again. He was sure they missed him and were worried about him but instead of continuing to think about it, Jarvis continued with his plans to defeat the Demon Lord.

Jarvis looked at the city from the Palace and seen all the different cars driving on the street and planes flying from the airport that was built and how clean the city was.

Jarvis had 9 cities including his Capital city Arcadia which had 2 million while the other 9 million were divided between the other cities. Each city also has an airport though his empires planes were different from Earth-styled planes as they had superior speed and fuel capacity and the number of people they can carry is over 400 so the plane looked different than regular planes on Earth.

Jarvis couldn wait until he completely conquers the continent as he would have access to plenty of resources for his empire.

While Jarvis was thinking about the near future Ova had walked in

”Jarvis the Army is ready to march as we have gathered 50 thousand soldiers and have a total of 300 Pelicans,100 Fighters, 200 Humvees, and 500 troop transports ready. That is all the vehicles we were able to produce this year but once we conquer the Demon Lords Land we can then expand to the rest of the continent and have complete control of all the resources on the continent and the ocean surrounding it ” Said Ova

”Once we conquer this Demon Lords Land we will start building more factories and also began to introduce the people of the Demon Lords Lands to Technology so we can integrate them into imperial Society. Also has that project been completed ” Asked Jarvis

”The Vibranuim Katana has been completed and successfully tested and I have to say it is truly a monster of a weapon as it can deflect bullets and cut into anything even me, ” Said Ova. She was glad that she formed a contract with Jarvis as he was powerful but also nice because most powerful people are overcome by greed or they abuse their power but Jarvis didn and treated the civilians as his own family which resulted in people joining the Military.

Right now Jarvis has a 175k standing army and knew that he would need to increase that once he conquers the continent. And since he hits 200k he will receive the 10k elite soldiers and 100 Armored Humvees.

”Have the Katana brought to me and prepare my Vibranuim Armor so we can head out and deal with this Demon Lord ” Said Jarvis

Ova nodded and left to go relay his orders.



In the Demon Lords Castle, there was a woman sitting on a throne looking at the messenger sent by one of the Demon Generals. The woman in question was a dragonkin and the last of her kind on the continent. She had white short hair with big breasts and was wearing an outfit that revealed the top of her breasts. She had the title of Demon Lord but her name is Zara.

The messenger began to tell her of strange machines that are flying and rescuing people who are running and whenever they get close their soldiers are hit by small pebble-like objects.

Zara knew about the Strange flying machines as she has seen them before but never have they attacked so she didn view them as a threat but she knew she would eventually encounter them especially if she wants to conquer the continent. She never expected them to attack so suddenly.

The messenger then began to tell her about a nearby settlement that scouts have found that contains vampire-like people but they don suck blood or have pointed ears.

Hearing this she was intrigued and wanted to know what these humanoid people were so she ordered one of her Demon Generals to go and take the City.

The City in question was a border city of the Empire and also the meeting point where Jarvis armies were gathering.

The Demon General who was a Male Vampire had gathered half of his army which numbered 200k Vampires and marched to this unknown City.

2 Days Later a scout from the Empire had seen a large army 20 miles away from the city so he quickly sent some images of the Amry to the Miltary Command located in Arcadia.

Alena who was notified of the large army approaching went to tell Jarvis about the approaching army.

Alena was now in a large Office that was built for Jarvis. A couple of minutes later Jarvis walked into the room and sat down next to Alena.

”Jarvis the scouts have reported that there is a large army approaching the city and judging by the amount I have seen I estimate over 150k Demons are going to attack the Border City, ” Said Alena

”We have the Army already gathered there but I didn expect them to attack first but I guess always expect the unexpected when dealing with Demons, ” Said Jarvis

”Prepare the Royal Plane to leave and have Alextra and Armorra bring their people to as I know they have been itching for a fight and I will have the dragonnewts meet us there, ” Said, Jarvis

Alena nodded and kissed Jarvis on the lips before leaving. Jarvis was sitting there thinking what his sisters would think about his situation right now as he basically has a harem and each girl in the harem is as beautiful as a supermodel. Jarvis was thinking back to when they all agreed to become his without even his consent but he wouldn say no if they all agreed and they even get along with each other what more could he ask for in a harem.

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