Jarvis woke up the next morning and found Ova snuggled up to him. He remembered what she said about dragons liking to be close to their masters. Even if this was a lie he doesn mind as right now he doesn even know what type of creatures are on the island and if some of them could fly so having a super-strong dragon with you will keep him alive and safe.

Jarvis slowly woke up Ova as he had to go and see how Aasis was doing in running the City. He had ordered her to mine surrounding resources so they can begin expanding the City even more as right now they have 700k civilians and 65k soldiers and the City limit was 1 million and he didn have the system points to improve the City to the next level which was 5 million people as it cost 20k system points and right now he has none but once he completes the quest he will have 20k and will use it to expand the city.

After taking a shower and putting clothes on Jarvis went to the kitchen where some maids were preparing breakfast for him. He sat down at the long table in a chair that looked like a mini throne. Ova also sat down at the chair next to him

After 5 minutes of waiting the maids brought out the breakfast which was just some eggs that they had acquired from the local farm and some Bacon from the pigs that were killed in the area around the City and the last thing on the plate was of course some sausages.

As soon as Jarvis ate the breakfast it tasted plain. He knew the reason why was because they didn have any salt or other spices. He could only eat it as is because he haven discovered any spices on the island yet though he could have them make salt and sugar as those were easy to make.

After eating breakfast Jarvis walked out of the Palace accompanied by Ova and two female Guards. In the future, he would make a special forces squad of females called the Valkyries who would be his personal guards.

As Jarvis walked through the city it was lively as many people were working and money was flowing but the main problem was transportation as right now he has limited resources so he can mass produce cars yet. The only cars they have developed so far are military vehicles and those are only so few.

Aasis who was in the palace in the Palace had just received a report of resources from the surrounding area and was surprised at what she saw. Southwest of the City 5 miles away there was a small cave that contained tons of minerals and Metals that were just sitting in a cave that seemed endless according to scouts but what got her attention was that this cave contained Vibranium Which was the strongest Metal that they could find because it could absorb and release kinetic energy which they could experiment with to produce extraordinary technology.

She went to find his Majesty Jarvis but he was nowhere to be found so she asked a guard who told her that Jarvis had gone out into the city. So she ordered a soldier to find him because the Communications Tower wasn complete yet so she couldn call him on the wrist device which was developed by the science team.

The soldier quickly left to find the emperor as she thought it was something important so she ran all through the city trying to find Jarvis.

Jarvis was in the science lab talking to Ava and Lara.

”So how as these past days been in the lab as Ive received many prototypes of projects you have built and quite a few of them have piqued my interest such as the wrist device which lets you input your information and you can do anything with it such as calling people, buying things, and identifying who many people live in the City, or the new weapon the can shoot with no recoil, and the improved military fatigues, etc, ” Said Jarvis

”Yes its been wonderful as we have been exploring with different things and wanted his Majesty to be the first to test it to see if it could benefit the Empire, ” Said, Lara

”Every device that you presented to me was spectacular and I can wait to see more ” Said Jarvis

”If only we had more resources we could design bigger things and better things because from the information you gave us about the planet we
e on they haven successfully mastered space technology and are always having conflicts with each other. Also if we had more resources we could design a jet that would far surpass any current country jet ” Said, Ava

”I and my sister have been designing blueprints for future things that we would like to make and see if his majesty could use them, ” Said, Ava

”I wish we could have more resources but currently in the area around the City we have yet to find that many so thats why I sent some scouts to try and find some valuable resources so we have to do os wait and see ” Said Jarvis

Lara nodded at what Jarvis said and was about to say something else when a soldier rushed on breathing fast as if she just ran a marathon

”Your Majesty Aasis is looking for you and it seems urgent she is at the Palace, ” Said the Soldier

Jarvis nodded and said bye to Lara and Ava and left the lab in a hurry because he didn know if it was another attack or what.

Outside Jarvis was jogging back to the Palace when Ova stopped him

”If we need to get somewhere why not use me, ” Said Ova

O_O Jarvis thought of how dumb he was that he forgot Ova was a dragon

”Of course can you take me, ” Said, Jarvis

Ova smiled and picked up Jarvis then sped towards the Palace.

The soldier who came to get Jarvis was looking in the sky as he saw both Ova and Jarvis leave so fast.

It took 2 minutes to get to the Palace Jarvis had seen Aasis waiting outside for him while waiving. Ova seeing this landed Jarvis right in front of her

”I didn know you had such a subordinate who can fly your Majesty ” Said Aasis

”she got here two days ago but forget that whats the problem, ” Asked Jarvis

”There is no problem that I know of ” Said Aasis looking confused because if there was a problem she would know about it.

”The soldier who came and got me said you were looking for me and it sounded like something urgent ” Said Jarvis

”It wasn anything urgent but the scouts managed to find a cave with endless amounts of minerals and metals in a cave southwest of the city but the main resource that got my attention was the Vibranium ” Said Aasis

”Vibranuium, ” Said Jarvis with a shocked expression mainly because Vibranium was a metal that came off of an asteroid that crashed 1,000,000 million years ago and never was found since then, and the only way to see it is in movies but now he has a cave full of it. This could solve their resource problem and help advance technology.

Jarvis had immediately ordered the military to secure the cave and requested engineers to construct some mining equipment so they can mine Vibranium in mass amounts. of course, they would mine the other metals in the cave too but Vibranium was the best metal on Earth and here he had a cave full of it.

5 days later

Jarvis had just received the news that the mining equipment was complete and already working on mining the resources.

So while waiting for a report on how many resources they can mine in a day Jarvis began to make a chain of command in his military and appoint people to be officers.

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