”Kori! Hurry up! you are going to be late!. ” It was the summer of love, and as delicate as it was, it was also my strongest moment. ”Kori!! For goodness sakes! ”

” coming mom!. Ill be down in a minute. ” I yelled. With my brush still in my hand, I brushed my long black wavy hair. I was dressed in smooth denim trousers, a black tank top, and a light blue knitted jacket. I finish off my looks with light makeup and black wedge heels. Satisfied with my looks I hurriedly grabbed my phone, purse, and a small bag before heading out of my room.

”There you are Kori, I thought I would have to come to drag you out. ” Mom said when she saw me descending the stairs. My mom was your typical stay-at-home mom, who rather prefer to work from home than be in an actual office.

She is an older version of me with some of her raven black hair Turning grey. Although she has a smaller frame and her skin tone is lighter than mine, one could easily pass us off as sisters. The only difference was, that I took my fathers still green eyes. A father I would rather not remind myself of right now.

We have been living on Midwood Street in Brooklyn of New York City for as long as I can remember, and since my mom worked from home I didn have to worry so much about her coming home late. ”Kori! do you want to be in this play or not? ” Mom asked when she noticed that I spaced out and I was picking on my food.

I jerked at her statement and hurriedly finished my food with my eye while opened. I quickly gulped down some water before giving my mom a quick, yet very tight hug. I haven had an audition that was this much of a big deal for me in a while, that is why my mom is a little tensed about this one and so am I.

” I love you, mom! ” I Hollowed at her like an afterthought once I got the car keys and I was out the door. I heard her I hollow her response and I smiled as I got into the car. I was on my way to Markantvilles school of Theater for their 18th audition one that I hoped would be my best.

Ive only been there once and that was because I and my mom came to watch a particular the stage play. I remember the stage play was about a book titled she stoops to conquer it was a play I most certainly will never forget.

” Kori Anderson!, just in time. ” Mrs. Betty said to me the minute I walked through the door she was a dark middle-aged woman whose eyeglasses were like that of harry potter. She was the schools administrative staff and also a very close friend to my mom. As expected I was late, very late actual and they were about to finish the audition of the last person when I came in.

thank goodness I came in when I did if not I probably won have gotten the chance. Immediately the last performer left the stage my name was called and I climbed the stage, I cleared my throat to get their attention and they all looked at me putting a halt to the small talks they were having.

” hello– umm good– good day. My name is Kori Anderson and I would like to audition for the role of Katrine samiyon in the play titled: In the name of love. ” I said they just gave me a friendly smile as a go-ahead and I smiled back. I took in a deep breath to calm my racing heart because in truth my heart was racing so fast it felt hard to breathe. I closed my eye and in a matter of seconds, I began to act, dramatizing and saying the kind of thing the character Katrine samiyon would say.

” thats enough. ” I hear the voice of the judges, they were all looking at me with a friendly smile on their faces, I took in a sharp breath fearing the worst. ” we have seen enough Kori, we will send a message a cross to you since we have your details. good day, ” the middle-aged man who was sad in the middle spoke in a poised British accent. he looked to be the oldest amongst the three judges due to the crinkles on his forehead. I looked at the other two judges who were comfortably seated at each side but they gave nothing away.

, the one on the left looked who so happened to be a woman looked furious as she looked at me with her steel grey eyes that pierced my soul. while the one on the right who was also a man was scribbling away on some piece of paper. not knowing what to say, I just took a short bow and left the hall.

halfway out of the school the ringing of my phone distracted me, I pulled it out of my back pocket to see the caller ID was my cousin Tristin. He is only three years older than me but he treats me like a six-year-old. he has been acting like the elder brother I never knew I needed ever since dad dumped me and my mom 10 years ago, I was 13 then, those were really sad times for me but Tristin was there through it all.

” hey Tristin, whats up ”

”don whats up me! why weren you responding to my text messages? is it your time of the month again? ”

”no! god! Tristin calms down. dude ill pull up at your crib in like half an hour. ” I said not letting him explain or question any further. I hung up on him keeping my phone in my bag as I headed to the parking lot of the school. On getting there I meet someone comfortably seated on the bonnet of my car, it took the courage and maturity that I have been building for the past 23years of my life to not wrack some sense into the persons head. The person must have felt me staring a dagger into his head because seconds after I got there he looked at me, for minute there we had a little bit of a stare down, after a while his eyes softened and his lips cured up into a smile.

” Not a bad ride, short-stack. ”

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