The Most Villainous Player

02 - Death Supremacist

Month of August, Day 13 Year 2341 in the calendar.

The world is unfair.

I think everybody knows that.

People born with talents can beat those without. People born wealthy live comfortable lives while the people at the bottom struggled to have a food down their stomach. Even in the past or the present, this cycle won end.

”Hey! Stand up straight, you **ing pig! ”

Im in the classroom of my highschool—where I can see a man sneering—and first thing in the morning is this torture.

”Gah—!? ”

A fist struck me from below. I dropped to my knees and almost collapsed.

”Don black out just yet, take this! ”

”Agh—!! ”

Another person kick the back of my neck with his heel. I felt pain sharp enough to make me wonder if hed break something.

Im definitely going to die this time.

”Hey now, make sure to make out with the floor. It suits you. ”

”Ergh… ”

He pressed down on my head with his foot. This was how it always went, each and every time.

What the ** am I supposed to say?

Why do I always have to go through so much of this shit?

”Ew, its so disgusting~ ”

”Seriously, I don even want to breathe the same air as it! ”

”It should just kill itself. ”

I could hear everyone in the class abusing me. I glared at all of them.

You think I want to be here, bastards?

”Whats with that look, huh!? ”

The leader of the class bullies, Walt Theodore, said that while he grab me by the collar of my uniform.

Hes an honor student that excels in brains, looks, as well as athletics. To add on to that, hes the board chairmans grandson, so hes basically able to do whatever the hell he wants and get away with it scot-free. They even look the other way when it comes to him bullying me.

Walts personality is as black as black can get. If he doesn like something, he gets rid of it. If he wants something, hell do whatever it takes to get it.

Hes the personification of scum itself.

The person who struck me a bit ago was Lenard Adler. The one who kick me was Reo Conrad. People like them flocked to Walt like shark-suckers on a shark.


”Don get full of yourself… bastard—! ” I spit to him and said to his face.

A fist came flying in my face and I lost consciousness.

When I woke up my clothes are nowhere to be seen. Im soaking wet and stark-naked.

The stars are shining brightly in the sky when I look at the window.

Urgh, what time is it…?

Im in the mens bathroom. They dragged me from the classroom all the way to here. All of my things are either torn to pieces or in the trash bin. This is how it always went when I try to fight back. Theyll strip me naked, take pictures of my body, especially my private part and post it so everybody can see my pathetic face.

I got up and look for my clothes.

My clothes are in the toilet, also torn to pieces.

Fuck, I can go home without this.

I took the trash bin and threw all of its contents. After that, I took the garbage bag and use it to cover my whole body.

Its evening so there are no people to be seen. I leave the bathroom and run through the corridor. This bathroom are in the second floor of the main building of our school so I slowed my pace.

My footsteps are the only sound in the whole school. After descending the stairs, I walked in another corridor to the main exit and left the building.

Huff, huff…

Just a few minutes of walking and Im out of breath, **ing pathetic…

The gates are closed so I walked to the fences at the side of the school gates and left through the gaps. After that I run off to my apartment. My movements are sluggish because Im tired. My feet tripped and I fell with my face forward.

Hahahaha! Whats with this luck! Did I won a lottery for this?

Blood dripped in my swollen face. I got up and walked again.

After a few minutes, my apartment can be seen. I hurried my pace and got to the door to my room.

Room 12…

I turned the doorknob but it won budge.

Ah, shit! My keys! Fuck, **, **!

I forgot all of my things in the bathroom, now I have to go back!

Its morning now.

Yesterday night, after I got my things back, I entered the room with my already swollen face and bruises all over my body.

I changed my clothes and stayed up all night while playing my favorite game.

Nexus Fantasy.

In one of the many VRMMO, this one takes the cake.

Ahh, my heaven… what bliss

I rapidly spam the highest tier order, [Black Sonar] at the fifty players in my front.




A figure could be seen floating in the sky with a long golden staff. The golden staff is a god-tier item. Very few players could be counted who owns an item of this caliber.

When the players saw the staff, all of them came to a halt.

The sound of the wind whistled.

No one dared to move—rather they can . All of them are locked at where they stood.

”The world is hardly fair. Inequality begins at the moment of birth. Some are born talented, and others are not. Even the circumstances of birth are unequal. Some families possess great wealth, and others do not. Those lucky few lead blessed lives, while the rest are subjected to lives of deprivation and misery. ” The figure at the sky said.

They are away from each other but they can hear the voice of the figure floating at the sky clearly as if its whispering to their ears. All of them knew its only roleplaying however, they can help but feel a shudder run through their bodies.

”Yet, let me say it again—this inequality is not worth lamenting. Why? Because death awaits all. And by death—I mean me. Im the ruler of death, and my mercy brings equality to this unfair world! ” An aura could be felt in the air of the battlefield. All players present felt it in their skin—no, in their soul. In this game where they are safe behind their visors, those words resonate within them. All of them could feel fear.

Its creepy, its like being told to change their every morals.

That player, the no. 1 in all time rankings, Ruler of Death, Diabolus are rambling to them but the meaning is clear. They are being told to embrace death at best.

Ahh, this feels good… nothing can beat what I feel right now. I held my arms high in the air as if hugging the world, and started to cast.




[Skill ready.]

”Dawnbreak. ”



A light engulfed the whole place. In this moments, all of the things swallowed by the light literally died. The soil, players, air, all of it died.

[Dawnbreak] is an exclusive skill for the necromancer class. The effect of the skill is massive, all affected by the light will either die or erased from existence. Its casting time is two minutes but shortened because of the god-tier [Death Ruler] staff.

[You Killed a Player!]

[Level Max 0XP Gained!]

[XP Converted to Stats Points!]

[You Killed a Player!]

[Level Max 0XP Gained!]

[XP Converted to Stats Points!]

[You Killed a Player!]

[Level Max 0XP Gained!]

[XP Converted to Stats Points!]

[Total Stats Points: 12e097…]

I ignored all of the notifications.

I want to feel the aftertaste of the feeling where I can do everything I want.

Hahahaha! This is the best!

Even if its roleplaying, I can vent all of my frustrations here.

I can do everything I wanted. Nothing can stop me.

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