creen and immediately burst into laughter.

In front of the camera, Rong Yuheng sang “The Injustice to Dou E” as if there was no one around, while Huang Jianing kept pulling him and said, “Stop singing, this part won’t be aired!”

Xiao Ran said, “Hahaha!”

Chen Li, cunningly, stroked his chin… Material for the next episode was secured.

After the first episode aired, many contestants became aware of the crisis.
More and more people stayed behind to train after the normal class hours.

Finally, the production team listened to the audience’s feedback and added two more classrooms before the second episode aired, ensuring that each mentor had their own room.

With only one week left until the first elimination round, Rong Yuheng focused most of his energy on practicing dancing.

On the evening before the second episode aired, Bian Chen suddenly appeared in the classroom where Rong Yuheng was practicing, bypassing the other contestants and walking straight to him.

Bian Chen exuded an undeniable aura of aggression, and many contestants stopped their training to look at him.

Rong Yuheng was practicing dancing with Zou Yi and Huang Jianing when Bian Chen walked directly up to him, made a provocative gesture, and then turned on his microphone.

“You say you’re still dancing tango,

Participating in the talent show, you’re just a passerby,

Singing is nothing more than seeking applause,

In reality, you’re the weakest in the entire audience, yo~”

After singing this segment, Bian Chen stood in place, staring at Rong Yuheng without flinching, attempting to see a look of humiliation and anger on Rong Yuheng’s face.


Rong Yuheng was stunned for a moment, then his eyes lit up.

“You sang that for me?”

Bian Chen sneered, “Otherwise, who else in the room…”

Rong Yuheng rushed towards him in excitement and grabbed his hand.
“You even wrote lyrics specifically for me!?”

Bian Chen hesitated and said, “…Well, you could say that.”

Rong Yuheng was overjoyed, his head filled with stars.
After more than twenty years, it was the first time someone had written lyrics for him!

“Can you sing it again? I want to record it as a keepsake.”

Bian Chen didn’t anticipate this situation at all! He didn’t react for a moment and hesitated before reluctantly explaining, “I was provoking you.”

Rong Yuheng turned a deaf ear and had already taken out his phone, opening the camera.
“One more time, Chen Ge! I turned on the beauty filter, you’ll look especially handsome on camera!”

Bian Chen remained silent.

Bian Chen felt defeated and completely immersed in deep frustration.

Expressionless, he mechanically opened his mouth and recited the lyrics in a flat tone, like stagnant water:

“You say you’re still dancing tango.
Participating in the talent show, you’re just a passerby.
Singing is nothing more than seeking applause.
In reality, you’re the weakest in the entire audience.

Rong Yuheng clapped enthusiastically like a seal.
“Yeah!! Chen Ge, that was amazing!”

Rong Yuheng said, “But I think the first rendition was the best, full of emotions and charm.
Of course, this version is also good.
I will treasure this recording for a lifetime!”

Bian Chen suddenly regretted provoking him.

He had a feeling that when he looked back on this recording in the near future, he would regret it for the rest of his life…

Zou Yi’s anger had completely dissipated, replaced by a light-hearted “See? Who asked you to provoke him?”

Huang Jianing felt complicated.
He pulled Rong Yuheng aside and quietly lectured him, “Bian Chen wasn’t expressing goodwill towards you.”

Rong Yuheng smiled and shook his head.
“But this is recognition for me.” A bright light sparkled in his eyes.
“I have entered the ranks of the strong.”


Huang Jianing couldn’t fully comprehend his logic, so he simply chose not to understand it.

Sometimes he felt that Rong Yuheng was just a silly little fool, and sometimes he felt that he was smarter than anyone else.


Wen Zhongyun felt that his son must have a little secret.
With his keen sense of smell, he was absolutely certain!

When Wen Zhecheng returned in the evening, Wen Zhongyun couldn’t hold back any longer and casually asked, “Zhecheng, the program you mentioned last time, the one hosted by Chen Li, what kind of program is it?”

Wen Zhecheng, without suspecting anything, replied as he changed his shoes, “It’s ‘Ace Star,’ a talent show.”

Wen Zhongyun simply responded with an “Oh” and didn’t say anything more.
He continued to hold his tape recorder and hum along.

As Wen Zhecheng passed by the living room, he glanced over and said, “You’ve been using this tape recorder for a long time.
Let me get you a new one.”

“No need,” Wen Zhongyun’s fingers rubbed the slightly worn edge of the tape recorder.
“This one is fine.
Your mother used to…”

He suddenly stopped and Wen Zhecheng’s heart skipped a beat.
The two of them fell into silence in the living room, only the sound of opera playing from the tape recorder could be heard.

After a few seconds of silence, Wen Zhongyun suddenly changed the subject, “Son Zhe, can I use your computer? I want to watch some new dramas.”

Wen Zhongyun had a slight accent when he spoke, and he always pronounced “son” as “Zhe,” which happened to match Wen Zhecheng’s name.
Over time, he found it quite delightful and would occasionally use it.

Wen Zhecheng was caught off guard by the sudden “Son Zhe” and replied with a couple of “uh-huhs.”

He turned and went to the study to get the computer.

Wen Zhongyun watched his son’s figure as he walked away, a triumphant smile on his face…

It was late at night again.

All was quiet.

Wen Zhecheng was once again awakened by laughter, but this time it wasn’t his own laughter, but laughter coming from the adjacent room.

Wen Zhongyun had been singing operas for decades, and even his laughter had a hint of a theatrical tone, “Ge he he he…” The laughter flowed continuously through the walls like an air raid siren, directly assaulting his eardrums.

Wen Zhecheng, “…”

He pressed his temples and got out of bed, heading to the next room.

The door creaked open, and the melodious and twisted laughter abruptly stopped.

Wen Zhongyun sat on the bed, holding the computer in his hands, wearing a look of terrified surprise.

The room was pitch black, with no lights on, only the faint glow of the computer screen illuminating his face.
His eyes, widened with fear, gleamed brightly.

Wen Zhecheng’s gaze was deep and profound.
“Dad, what are you doing?”

Wen Zhongyun’s mouth slowly closed as if someone had pressed the half-speed button, and he swallowed his saliva.

Knowing his father’s nature well, Wen Zhecheng didn’t listen to his nonsense and walked over in large strides, turning the computer screen around–

On the screen, there was his own face, filled with a touch of humility, earnestly pleading with gentle movements of his lips,

“Stop singing, please.”

Wen Zhongyun glanced at it and couldn’t help but let out a slight snort,


Wen Zhecheng’s eyes instantly turned as cold as the February wind.

“Dad, when you said you wanted to watch new dramas, you actually meant you wanted to watch your son’s drama.”

“…Uh, uh.”


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