Roommates in the same dormitory were easy to get along with, and Rong Yuheng woke up feeling refreshed.

The four of them went downstairs together for breakfast and bumped into Shan Qi at the entrance of the cafeteria.
Rong Yuheng greeted him, “Brother Xiao Qi.”

Upon seeing Rong Yuheng, Shan Qi immediately emitted a friendly aura.
“Good morning, Xiaorong.”

After the others had walked away, Pu Zaixi whispered, “When did you two become so close?” He had heard Shan Qi sing before and thought he had a rather melancholic personality.

“We interacted during the class together yesterday,” Rong Yuheng replied, using the word “interact” quite subtly.
Pu Zaixi furrowed his brow, pondered for a while, but ultimately gave up without reaching a conclusion.

Zou Yi had a big appetite and swept through the cafeteria from the left window to the right, returning with a plate full of breakfast.

Rong Yuheng looked up and choked, “Are you planning to drink the whole cow?”

Zou Yi had a large bowl of porridge, several small dishes, two steamed buns, three pancakes, and two eggs.
If he could fit more, he would have also taken glutinous rice ball and milk.

Rong Yuheng kindly reminded him, “Pay attention to managing your figure.”

Zou Yi, with a mouthful of steamed bun, replied with a gurgling sound, as if being a happy wine bag and rice sack was his lifelong pursuit.

Zhou Shubai’s picky habits resurfaced.
“I won’t eat this egg.
This egg was pulled out from the chicken’s rear end.”

Rong Yuheng felt exhausted.
Did you eat eggs that were vomited out from a chicken’s mouth all your life?

He felt like a mother who worried about her offspring, “Have you never eaten eggs in your twenty-something years of life?”

“I, this young master, only eat eggs without shells.”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

That’s because someone else peeled them for you.
Thank you.

Helplessly, Rong Yuheng scooped up a fresh white egg and placed it in front of Zhou Shubai.
“Young Master, your royal egg.”

Zhou Shubai felt a little embarrassed but still took it delicately, placing it on his plate and using a knife and fork to cut it meticulously…

Across the table, Pu Zaixi stared in astonishment, then lowered his head to eat, unwilling to take a second glance.

Rong Yuheng had Qiao Tan’s class in the morning, so he went directly to the classroom after having a meal.
When he pushed the door open, he saw Qiao Tan and Song Tang already waiting inside, engaged in a conversation.

Qiao Tan suddenly turned as if sensing something, and his gaze became immensely complex upon making eye contact with Rong Yuheng…

Rong Yuheng was bewildered.
What’s wrong again? It was early morning, and he hadn’t had a chance to do anything yet.

But Qiao Tan quickly turned back, and Rong Yuheng took his seat.
He faintly heard Qiao Tan’s voice coming from the front,

“Teacher Wen… not feeling well… funeral…”

Rong Yuheng’s heart skipped a beat.
Could it be that something happened in Wen Zhecheng’s family?

He thought for a moment and took out the jade pendant of Guanyin from his shirt collar, holding it in his hand and closing his eyes, devoutly praying to the heavens:

May Buddha bless Wen Zhecheng to overcome this difficult time.

At this moment, Rong Yuheng was still immersed in worries for the country and its people, trying to save all sentient beings, completely unaware of the impending crisis that awaited him.

It wasn’t until all the students had taken their seats in the classroom and the teacher began the class that he realized how far he was from the professional level.

Wen Zhecheng was too kind with his words yesterday.

It wasn’t just a matter of changing his mindset; he needed to change his entire self.

Among the students, there were trainees and amateurs mixed together.
The trainees had a solid foundation, and most of the amateurs had come prepared.
Shan Qi and Hai Tian had exceptional singing skills, Huang Jianing and Zou Yi excelled in dancing, and Bian Chen showed great creativity.

Overall, everyone was outstanding in their own way, while Rong Yuheng was an exception.

The more he learned, the more he realized his own shortcomings.

However, this ignited Rong Yuheng’s fighting spirit.

Although he currently only possessed a superficial talent, Rong Yuheng believed that the size of his hidden cards was not enough to determine the final victory.

Even if he held a weak hand, as long as he played it well, he could turn the tables.

With an inexplicable surge of confidence, Rong Yuheng regained his spirits and stared attentively at Qiao Tan while listening in class.

Halfway through the lecture, Qiao Tan turned his head and met Rong Yuheng’s bright eyes, momentarily forgetting his words, “…”

Rong Yuheng’s excitement lasted until the end of the class.
When he rushed out of the classroom, he was like a gushing fountain, almost knocking over Wen Zhecheng who happened to be passing by.

Rong “Fountain” immediately stiffened like a carp in mid-air for two seconds before moving to the side.

The corridor had poor lighting, and Wen Zhecheng suddenly saw a dark figure rushing towards him.
He was momentarily stunned and instinctively dodged, only to realize that it was a familiar face.
He quickly reached out and grabbed Rong Yuheng, who was about to collide with the wall.

Rong Yuheng was like a spinning top, flying out and then being pulled back.

After being rescued by Wen Zhecheng, Rong Yuheng suddenly remembered that Wen Zhecheng wasn’t feeling well and immediately felt remorseful.
“Teacher Wen, I’m sorry.”

Rong Yuheng was good-looking, with fair complexion and delicate features.
His bright eyes had a hint of spirituality, and his mouth looked particularly tender.

Wen Zhecheng glanced at him and had a feeling that if he wasn’t careful, this person would shatter.

He inexplicably felt a bit scared and his tone became stern.
“Stop rushing around.
It’s fortunate that we’re only in the corridor.
What would have happened if it was at the staircase?”

Rong Yuheng imagined that scene and clapped his hands in admiration.
“That would have been spectacular…”

Wen Zhecheng, “…”

He couldn’t understand how this person could even eat his own melons.

Rong Yuheng still had to go and have his meal, so they quickly parted ways.

Qiao Tan and Song Tang came out of the classroom and saw Wen Zhecheng, so they greeted him and went to have their meal together.

As they walked and talked, Qiao Tan said, “I heard from Xiao Jin that your vocal training and dance classes interfere with each other a bit ?”

The melody of the song “Hero” instantly occupied Wen Zhecheng’s mind, and he nodded without hesitation.

Qiao Tan sighed, “I mentioned it to Director Chen before.
I suggested using four separate classrooms for classes, but he didn’t agree.
He said the classrooms were big enough and the groups of students were small, so just give each other some space.
He even talked about the shooting effects, but it’s just about saving costs.”

Song Tang added, “Actually, there’s also some interference between Qiao Laoshi and me.
Once the first episode airs, the audience will surely provide feedback, and then Director Chen can make changes.”

Their talent show was called “Ace Star,” launched by Fan Yu Entertainment, with Director Chen Li in charge.
The production team installed cameras in the cafeteria, training room, and the staircase in the lobby.
The content of every five days was edited into one episode and broadcasted on Qingning TV.

The elimination rounds and the finals would be broadcasted live, so there would probably be more than ten episodes in the entire season.

In a few days, the first episode would be aired, and they hoped that the audience would raise the issue of not sharing classrooms, prompting the production team to make improvements.

After a few days of intensive training, the contestants and mentors had gotten to know each other quite well.
Wen Zhecheng had substituted for a couple of days but hadn’t returned since then.
Ke Ting took over and guided the dance sessions for three consecutive days.

Ke Ting had heard about Rong Yuheng even before he arrived, so now that he was here, he immediately called him out to dance.

“Besides the tango, do you know any other styles?” Ke Ting asked.

Rong Yuheng peeked his head out and said, “I also know a bit of cha-cha.”

Ke Ting couldn’t help but suppress his laughter.
“The mainstream now is pop music and street dance.
I don’t oppose you maintaining your own style, but you still need to learn street dance.
Huang Jia Ning, come out and demonstrate.”

A male student with bangs and an oversized shirt walked forward.
He glanced at Rong Yuheng and extended his arms with a swift motion—then his footsteps started crossing over, spinning in place while swinging his hands, twisting his hips and shoulders, crossing and spreading his arms, stepping with alternating feet and pulling… the entire sequence flowed smoothly like running water.

Rong Yuheng, “…”

After Huang Jia Ning finished his impressive street dance routine, he returned to the lineup.

Ke Ting gestured towards Rong Yuheng, who was a novice.
“Alright, your turn.”

Rong Yuheng took a moment to prepare.
“Let me find the rhythm first.”


He carefully recalled Huang Jia Ning’s movements and steps, then began to dance based on his memory.

“Da da ya, da da…”

“Turn and jump, one, two, step—”

Ke Ting, “…”

Ke Ting interrupted him.
“Stop, stop.
Why do I feel like… there’s still a smell of tango mixed in there?”

Laughter erupted from the surrounding contestants.
Watching Rong Yuheng dance was truly a stress-reliever.

Rong Yuheng pouted sheepishly.
“Sorry, I’ll practice more.”


Regardless of the level of practice the contestants had reached, cameras in every corner faithfully recorded their performances, which were later edited into the final episode.

Five days later, the first episode of the first season of “Ace Star” premiered exclusively on Qingning TV.

Lu Mingxuan had already found out the broadcasting time, prepared some snacks, and sat in front of the computer at 5 o’clock, waiting for the show to start.

At exactly 5 o’clock, “Ace Star” Season 1 was released on Qingning TV.

Lu Mingxuan clicked to enter, and the first thing that appeared on the screen was the show’s huge logo.

Following that was a voice-over reviewing the previous audition process and introducing the program.
The exciting moments from the audition were also edited together, flashing by one after another.

Lu Mingxuan didn’t turn off the barrage comments and saw that they were all filled with support from fan girls:

“Cheer on Brother Shan Qi!!!”

“Jianing Baby Sister loves you!!!”

“He’s so adorable on the screen, the darling of the camera.”

Amidst the passionate cheers, there were also contrasting comments:

Wen, could you lift your butt a bit higher?”

“Hahaha, successful pause of a famous scene!”

“I actually came here to watch skits, can you believe it?”

Lu Mingxuan thought to himself, it was obvious that these comments were meant for his son, Rong’er.

After a brief review, the show quickly transitioned into the main footage, starting with a video of the contestants gathering outside the building.

The production team knew how to create talking points, so they unabashedly aired the segment where Zhou Shubai showcased Rong Yuheng’s wealth.

Lu Mingxuan almost burst out laughing after watching it.
Rong Yuheng’s family didn’t have money? Hardly anyone dared to claim they were wealthy.

The barrage comments were highly critical of this display of wealth, and they immediately started tearing it apart:

“Who’s this rich kid? Go park your car at home.”

“Showing off wealth is a sign of a goose-hearted person.
Flaunting wealth in front of the poor is a pig-hearted act.”

“Rong used to have a difficult life, why would they say such things to provoke him?”

“I think it’s fine.
zsb means well and wants to help him, at least it’s kind-hearted.”

“Learn to be grateful for what you have, understand?”

In the chaotic barrage of comments, the camera followed the contestants as they entered the building, capturing the situation of them forming groups and settling into their respective dormitories.
Lu Mingxuan didn’t care about the footage of others, but he watched every frame of Rong Yuheng’s screen without missing a beat.

The barrage comments from the masses perfectly expressed his inner thoughts!


Even before seeing what was to come, Lu Mingxuan was already somewhat worried… Rong Yuheng had let himself go so much, and if his father, Rong Tianshen, found out, he might truly never be able to return home.

Not to mention Rong Tianshen, even if his older brother, Rong Congyan, found out, he would probably be beaten up.

The progress bar on the screen had reached the first class.

The production team knew how to create a stir, so they specifically saved Rong Yuheng’s performance for last.

And so, after numerous beautiful and cool performances by handsome male contestants, the evil force, Rong Yuheng, finally made his appearance.

Especially after Shan Qi’s stunning singing that captivated the entire audience, with the viewers still immersed in the mesmerizing atmosphere, the powerful “Hero Song” suddenly burst out, washing over their souls!

Amidst the barrage of “hahaha” in the comments, Lu Mingxuan knelt by his bed, praying for his friend:

Please don’t let the Rong family see this…


In the president’s office on the rooftop of the Rong Corporation headquarters, Rong Congyan looked at the entertainment notifications sent to him by his friends within the circle on the computer screen.

His slender index finger tapped twice on the smooth wooden desk, and Rong Congyan raised his hand to turn the computer towards his secretary.

“Help me find the episodes of ‘Ace Star. ’”

Let’s see what his brother did.


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