n, “He is not as difficult to get along with as we imagined.
He is patient with me when I don’t understand something.”

He added, “He also showed me a lot of care.” His eyes looked foolish.

Pu Zaixi exclaimed, “Wow… I thought Cheng-ge had a bad personality.
I didn’t dare to say anything unnecessary during his class.”

When Pu Zaixi mentioned this, he suddenly showed admiration.

“When you were auditioning, did you make Cheng-ge raise his butt a bit higher?”

“…” Rong Yuheng recalled for a moment and nodded silently.

Zou Yi had just finished showering and came out, hearing this, he sighed in admiration.
“You know, when I watched the live stream, I was stunned.
You really dared to say that.
Could it be that you relied on the blessing of Bodhisattva?”

“I was just doing it for the performance effect,” Rong Yuheng didn’t think much of it before, but now, hearing it from his roommate, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of regret.

“I didn’t expect Teacher Wen to come as a substitute.
It feels awkward seeing his butt now.”

The small dorm room fell silent instantly.

Pu Zaixi felt like he had too many complaints but couldn’t express them.

It’s not about whether it’s awkward to see his butt!

You simply don’t care about Cheng-ge’s feelings.
You only think about yourself!

After a while, Zou Yi spoke up, “Let’s change the topic.”

Rong Yuheng & Pu Zaixi, “…Agreed.”-

However, before they could start a new topic, the dormitory door was pushed open, and Zhou Shubai came in with hand in a pocket and walked straight to Rong Yuheng, handing him the bag.

“This young master ordered it for you, Georgian cuisine.”

Rong Yuheng was taken aback.
He really didn’t expect Zhou Shubai to order food for him.

“Brother Shu Bai…”

Pu Zaixi exclaimed, “Ah! Just now I mentioned that you were left behind for makeup lessons, and Shu Bai said you must not have eaten! Wow, Shu Bai, I have a new side of you.
You, as a young master, are quite considerate!”

Zhou Shubai was frustrated, “What do you mean by having a new perspective on me? This young master has always been a good person!”

Rong Yuheng was instantly moved and threw himself into Zhou Shubai’s arms, wailing loudly.
Two streams of hot tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Brother Shu Bai, you are truly a living bodhisattva! Waaaah…”

Zhou Shubai was startled by his sudden embrace and tears, stumbling over his words, “What the hell, I mean, why… why are you crying?”

Zou Yi and Pu Zaixi were also shocked–

Although it was touching, it didn’t warrant shedding real tears!

And it happened in an instant.
What kind of physiological response did Rong Yuheng have?

But Rong Yuheng was indeed someone who was easily moved, especially now, being alone and suddenly receiving care.
He felt that his delicate nerves were instantly touched.

He sobbed for a while until strings of saliva hung from his mouth, reflecting the light, before he finally closed his mouth.

Rong Yuheng wiped his eyes with his hand and took the bag.

The food inside was still steaming hot, and the packaging was exquisite.
It was evident that it was ordered from a high-end restaurant.

Zhou Shubai felt a bit awkward, “You helped me with my luggage today, and I just wanted to thank you.
We agreed that I would treat you to Georgian cuisine, and it’s only a bit over 400.
It’s not expensive at all.”

The three of them, “…”

Alright, the essential nature of this foolish showing off of wealth had not changed at all–


Wen Zhecheng returned home at 9 p.m.

His father, Wen Zhongyun, was a renowned master of traditional Chinese opera from the older generation.
At this hour, the tape recorder was still playing in the living room, and he was singing along.

When Wen Zhecheng passed by, he listened to a couple of lines.
Surprisingly, it was the aria from the opera “The Injustice to Dou E.” The melody was sorrowful, awakening some memories that he had intended to seal away.

Unconsciously, the haunting melody of “Injustice… Injustice… Centuries of resentment, yet unable to break free from fate” echoed in Wen Zhecheng’s ears, unexpectedly matching with this excerpt from the opera.

He raised his hand and pressed his throbbing temple, thinking to himself that he might be going crazy.

The singing abruptly stopped, and Wen Zhongyun called out, “Zhecheng, why are you back so late?”

“Chen Li, the director, asked me to substitute a few classes for him at the audition.”

“Oh…” Wen Zhongyun replied slowly, then said, “You always have a cold face.
The students don’t like you, do they?”

“…” Wen Zhecheng.

“What? Did I say something wrong? Don’t tell me there are students who don’t have eyes and still like to gather around you?”

In Wen Zhecheng’s mind, a face subconsciously appeared.
He thought, not only do they lack eyes, they were completely clueless.

“Hmm? Why are you smiling?” Wen Zhongyun curiously approached him, then confidently said, “You have a little secret!”

Wen Zhecheng reacted and suppressed the corners of his mouth.
“I’m not smiling.” After saying that, he turned and walked into his room.

Wen Zhongyun called out behind him, “Heavens, my child is not ordinary person!”

The bedroom door clicked shut, cutting off the continuous sound of Wen Zhongyun’s laughter, a testament to the enduring cries of a generation of old artists.

Wen Zhecheng let out a tired sigh, changed his clothes, and walked into the bathroom wearing slippers.
By the time he finished soaking in the bath and tidied up, it was nearly midnight.
He had work tomorrow, so he needed to get some sleep.

The bedroom light clicked off, and the pitch-black room quickly fell into silence.
After about ten minutes, only the sound of steady breathing could be heard.

Three o’clock in the morning.

The world was immersed in complete silence.

Wen Zhecheng suddenly woke up from his dream, and as he came to his senses, he realized that he was awakened by his own laughter.

Putting aside the amusement of being awakened by his own laughter, the fact that it happened to Wen Zhecheng himself was enough to be bewildering.

After laughing dumbfoundedly for a while, Wen Zhecheng found it somewhat amusing.
He gazed at the dark ceiling and tried to recall the details.

In the final scene before he woke up, it seemed like someone was singing the song “Heroic Song” while rhythmically dancing the tango.

Author’s note: Wen Zhecheng belatedly realizes, “So, I was actually laughing at that time.”

Rong Yuheng Do’E Injustice Song

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