ve messages one after another.

@ZhouShuBaiBaiBaiv: “This young master’s egg-peeling machine is certainly valuable.”

@PuZaiXiv: “It’s true that Yuheng never said his family was in difficulty.
@STAR—TRongYuhengv, next time the big shot treats me to a meal, I want something expensive [hee-hee]”

The clear stance of industry friends surprised the onlookers, who couldn’t help but marvel at Rong Goose’s popularity—almost like the group’s favorite! While sweet-talking in the group, Rong Yuheng also enjoyed the ultimate satisfaction of the face-slapping happening on Weibo.

…Suddenly, his gaze sharpened.
In the crowd of onlookers enjoying the melons, he spotted a familiar good-natured hog.

@KuangZhaoV: Hahaha, what a good show [clap] //@RongGroup—Rong Congyanv: Pork Quarantine Certificate [images][images]

Rong Yuheng, “…”

Did Kuang Zhao buy a house on Weibo?

Some keen-eyed fans also noticed that this second-generation star seems to always be feasting on Rong Yuheng’s stories.
Taking advantage of the current excitement on Weibo, netizens joined in the gossip:

“Why is Kuang Shao so interested in Rong Goose? His recent posts are all about Rong Goose!”

“Is Rong Rong’s story both crispy and sweet again? Hahaha”

“Admit it, Kuang Shao, you’re Rong Rong’s fan!”

Just as the second episode of “Treasure Hunt” ended, before a group of WenRong CP fans could even start celebrating, Rong Yuheng suddenly shifted the attention with the revelation about his family background.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, they all came pouring out:

“Kuang-ge, spill it! Were you asked to do this? [Exchanging a knowing look.jpg]”

“Remember that one post Kuang Shao liked… I think I’ve figured something out”

“The person upstairs is obviously a sister!! Ah—!”

Rong Yuheng was caught off guard by his own CP drama, and suddenly he was in a tough spot! The netizens’ speculations were surprisingly close to the truth.

While his mood was subtly contemplating leaving Kuang Zhao’s Weibo, another message popped up on his phone from the main protagonist himself.


[WenZhecheng]: Just finished work, the second episode aired, right? Let’s follow each other.

Rong Yuheng was instantly terrified: No! Host, now is not a good time!

Before he could stop Wen Zhecheng, who was unaware of the situation, Rong Yuheng noticed that his Weibo followers count increased by one: WenZhecheng, like a textbook activist, had instantly followed him.

Rong Yuheng fell silent for two seconds, then extended a little finger and, with a subtle glint in his eyes, tapped the follow button in return…

Wen Zhecheng and Rong Yuheng followed each other almost simultaneously, igniting another wave of “thousand-layer” fans who were originally just bystanders in the melon-eating crowd.

The hashtag #WenZhechengRongYuhengThousandLayers gradually climbed the trending list.
Their interactions in “Treasure Hunt” were also edited by fans and their dual topic’s popularity soared in tandem.

Rong Yuheng looked at the rapidly emerging CP fans, perplexed by how the situation had developed into this subplot…

Just then, another message from Shi Qiu popped up on WeChat.

[ShiQiu]: I’ve been a manager for so many years, and it’s the first time I’ve encountered two explosive couples.
[Death glare.jpg]

Rong Yuheng, “…” He felt wronged.

[RongYuheng]: It was Teacher Wen who played the con.

The excitement on Weibo continued for several days.
Rong Yuheng’s number of fans surged, overtaking Shan Qi and making him the number one idol in the STAR—T idol group.

The increase in popularity meant more work opportunities.
With Shi Qiu’s help, Rong Yuheng landed an endorsement deal with a sweater brand, with a photoshoot scheduled for Wednesday.
However, before that, there was the recording for the “Treasure Hunt” program on Monday.

Rong Yuheng’s family background being exposed hadn’t changed Su Yuyin and Wen Zhecheng’s attitudes.
But among the new guests was a young actor who had just finished filming a TV drama.
He called out “Teacher Rong” to Rong Yuheng.

Rong Yuheng’s hair stood on end.
“Calling my name is enough.”

While others were not around, Wen Zhecheng took the opportunity to pull Rong Yuheng aside and whispered, “Teacher Rong, why are you so modest?”

They were standing in a corner at the moment, and Wen Zhecheng’s tall figure almost blocked others’ views, trapping Rong Yuheng in front of him.

Rong Yuheng was called with such familiarity, making his heart race.
He reached out and pushed Wen Zhecheng away a bit.
“Teacher Wen, are you actually cooking up a hotpot with your own hamster?”

Wen Zhecheng laughed, took a step back, and said, “I caught up with the previous episode.”

Rong Yuheng let out a guilty “oh,” not knowing whether Wen Zhecheng had seen those clueless dance-off CP fans.

On the other end, Yang Wen had already called them to get ready to go on stage.
Rong Yuheng turned to Wen Zhecheng and said, “Let’s go, Teacher Wen.”

Wen Zhecheng obediently followed him.
Just as Rong Yuheng thought the topic was behind them, Wen Zhecheng suddenly spoke up, “They even paired us up with a CP, did you see that?”

Rong Yuheng nearly choked on his saliva, “… Wasn’t it all just for fun?”

Wen Zhecheng ambiguously replied, “Well, I think the CP name doesn’t sound good.”

Rong Yuheng was tempted to knock some sense into his host’s head—fine if you followed me, but now you’re naming the CP yourself?


“By the way, I accidentally saw the script in Director Yang’s room just now.”

Rong Yuheng immediately left the previous topic behind and leaned in, ignoring whether it’s a CP or not.
He squeezed in beside Wen Zhecheng, “Did you see any clues or answers?”

“No, I only saw a brief outline of the story.”

Rong Yuheng slipped down again.

Wen Zhecheng looked at his “opportunistic” hamster with amusement, extended his long arm, and fished him back up.
“This episode is really exciting.
I’ll come up with a nice CP name.”

Rong Yuheng, lifted in Wen Zhecheng’s hand, was instantly horrified to a blur:

What kind of excitement? And what does it have to do with a CP name?

Author’s Note: Wen Zhecheng: CP fans in the later parts, show me your hands! PS.
Playing the con: Refers to cheating in card games, in a deck of cards, two pairs of kings, a typical cheat.

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