Teacher Wen like this?”

Many netizens were equally shocked.
An onslaught of “???” scrolled across the screen, mixed with shouts of “Teacher Wen, you’re ruining your image!”

Rong Yuheng didn’t quite get it, “What image is Teacher Wen ruining? Hasn’t he always been like this?”

Huang Jianing couldn’t even respond, “Think back to the first day of auditions when you met Teacher Wen.”

Rong Yuheng thought for half a second, then evaluated, “His rear isn’t perky enough.”

“…” Huang Jianing stared at the solemn Wen Zhecheng on Rong Yuheng’s phone screen and recalled a sentence:

“Teacher Wen Zhecheng is watching you.”

In the show, Rong Yuheng had become Wen Zhecheng’s rainbow-farting unicorn along with a teasing machine, and the barrage of comments had completely surrendered:

—Teacher Wen… What’s with you only talking to Rong Goose? Are you shy?

—Saying he’s shy has me laughing.
Hasn’t Actor Wen attended award ceremonies and press conferences?

—Hold on… Why do I feel like this is a bit intriguing (raising a pot lid)?

—You’re not alone!! Although I didn’t hear what they were saying, it’s clear that Brother Zechen spoke to Rong Goose for a long time, three to four times more than what was shown on screen for the program!

While Rong Yuheng hadn’t realized it during the recording of the show, looking at it from an outsider’s perspective now, he suddenly felt… like it was kind of intriguing?

…Oh my god.
Two seconds later, he snapped back, what the heck? They are in pet and master relationship, what’s there to be intrigued about!

When the clue for the first door was solved and Wen Zhecheng pulled out a long strand of saliva-drenched shredded pork from Rong Yuheng’s mouth… the barrage of comments suddenly seemed to clear as if it had been emptied.

It wasn’t until half a minute later when the scene changed and the guests entered another room that the barrage of comments gradually recovered:

—I’m blinded… Offering a heavy reward for a pair of eyes that haven’t seen this scene.

—Too much to say, and for a moment, not knowing what to say.

—If this isn’t love…

—I want to say it’s slightly disgusting, but it’s also really funny.
Rong Goose is just too cute, and Brother Zechen is surprisingly… impressive.

—”Impressive” has me cracking up.
I can sense this student’s complex emotions.

With this shocking scene, Rong Yuheng’s subsequent “I’m a number one” and “I heard there’s a stove in my house” appeared ordinary…

As expected, Liu Wanjing was given another face-slap by being slipped into the episode.
The joyful atmosphere continued until Wen Zhecheng took out two earphones from behind.

Su Yuyin commented, “The program crew must be well-funded, actually providing wireless earphones.”

Wen Zhecheng replied, “…I accidentally turned them wireless.”

The program crew even had the audacity to reverse the footage — a scene of Wen Zhecheng tearing off the earphone wire followed soon after.

The barrage of comments were on the verge of laughter.
The thousand layers girls exclaimed:

“Who said our Brother Zhecheng lacks variety sense!”

At the end of the program, as the final answer was revealed, the five guests returned to the stage and were interviewed by Xi Lin.

When discussing family matters again, Rong Yuheng’s speech immediately became the center of attention.
His lips moved slightly, and the elegant words flowed naturally:

“Ever since I transformed, I haven’t returned to my clamshell home… My clamshell father, the large clamshell I love the most… I’ll polish him to shine, filling the room with radiance!”

Huang Jianing nearly sprayed his crushed potato chip crumbs onto the computer screen, “Do your family members watch this show?”

Rong Yuheng closed the computer and crossed out Wen Zhecheng’s face on the phone screen, acting like a carefree fool,

“Don’t know~ But at least in that moment when I said those words, I was happy!”

Huang Jianing, “…”

As the show ended, the topic of “#Rong Yuheng Family Background#” resurfaced on Weibo.

There was organic buzz, as well as amplification by the Shi Qiu PR team.

Several film and television bloggers posted:

“Latest episode of ‘Treasure Hunt,’ Rong Yuheng possibly exposing real family background #Treasure Hunt Convention#”

“Not a pig farmer, but an overseas student! Newcomer Rong Yuheng’s family background takes a major twist! #Rong Yuheng Topic#”

“‘Treasure Hunt’ Episode 2 was likely recorded a week ago, and yesterday’s controversy hasn’t settled yet.
Is this face slap coming too soon? #Treasure Hunt Convention# #Rong Yuheng Family Background#”

Many netizens, having just finished watching the episode, excitedly climbed onto Weibo to join in the discussion, and they indeed found these related trending topics!

The buzz snowballed, growing larger and larger.
For a moment, fans, bystanders, and trolls all surged forth, engaging in an unparalleled debate under the Weibo hashtags.

“I’m really looking forward to a twist! To be honest, it’s pretty low to bring up someone’s family background.
If it turns out Rong Goose’s family isn’t poor… Oh my god, it’s so exciting, I feel like I’ve reached the pinnacle of life!”

“Even if it’s not about coming from a wealthy family, studying abroad suggests at least middle-class status, right?”

“Oh my, yesterday they were bashing him, and today they’re using the student identity to defend themselves? Why not show us your academic certificates for verification? Let’s see if there’s actual evidence.
@STAR—T Rong Yuheng V”

“Rong Rong already looked elegant before (except for the shredding part)… I always felt the talk about his family being poor was just a rumor.”

In the midst of chaos, that excellent “pig farming blog” from yesterday was once again dug up, and people were reposting it one after another:

“This blog is not meticulously crafted, it should be changed to ‘Sold a pig farm and sent Rong Rong abroad for studying [dog head emoji] ’”

“The internet is in an uproar.
Does Rong Goose’s big brother want to step forward and claim his treasure trove of a little brother?”

“Waiting for Pearl Brother [innocent emoji]”

“Uh… my family is quite wealthy.
If no one claims Rong Goose, I’ll take him home [grinning emoji]”

Rong Yuheng looked at his phone with mixed feelings.
He did have his student ID, but it was at home.
As for letting Rong Congyan step forward to claim it… Rong Yuheng carefully recalled the “added value” he had brought to his family during this period…

It probably wouldn’t work.

Shi Qiu poked him on WeChat: “Quickly post your student ID, time for the first twist.”

Rong Yuheng stayed silent for a while, then decided to send a message to Rong Congyan.

[Rong Yuheng]: My dear big brother~ Coming back home from work~ After a day of hard work, how tiring it must be~ Big brother, please have a seat, and let’s have a cup of tea~

[Rong Congyan]: What trouble have you caused again?

Rong Yuheng, “…”, His own brother.

[Rong Yuheng]: Someone’s questioning my noble lineage! Hurry, help me take a picture of my student ID and send it over [angry otter.jpg]

[Rong Congyan]: Understood.

After sending the message, Rong Yuheng settled on his bed and waited for a reply.

Three minutes passed, five minutes, ten minutes… but there was no movement in the chatbox.

Rong Yuheng furrowed his brows, about to ask his brother if he had “flown abroad to get the student ID?” when a WeChat message from Shi Qiu popped up.

[Shi Qiu]: I originally wanted you to take it step by step, but you started with a royal flush right off the bat.
[complex emotions.jpg]

A small question mark slowly appeared over Rong Yuheng’s head: ?

… After half a minute of contemplation, he quickly logged into Weibo!

In the comments section of that “pig farming blog,” an unexpected golden verified account appeared:

@Rong Group—Rong Congyan v replied: “You’re the only pig in our family.”

Weibo instantly exploded.

Author’s note: Rong Yuheng: You’re a pig!

Rong Congyan: No, you’re a pig!

Internet trolls: …I’m not worthy of participating.

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