As soon as Wen Zhecheng appeared at the door, there was a small wave of slight exclamations among the students.

Several people reflexively glanced towards Rong Yuheng’s direction, but seeing his indifferent expression without any special reaction, they couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed and withdrew their gazes.

Wen Zhecheng bypassed the students and walked towards the front row, nodding to the three instructors, Qiao Tan, Song Tang, as a form of greeting.

Qiao Tan looked pleasantly surprised, “Lao Ke didn’t tell me that you would be substituting for the class.
And you, to think that you agreed!”

As soon as it was mentioned, Wen Zhecheng pursed his lips and stared at Qiao Tan.

Qiao Tan took a step back, “Wen Laoshi, what’s with that look?”

Wen Zhecheng said, “I have to thank Teacher Qiao.
The audition gave me a chance to shine, and that’s how I got entangled with Director Chen.”

Qiao Tan burst into laughter, “It’s not like they didn’t pay you!” He turned to the students, “Alright, now Wen Laoshi will also be teaching you.
Do you all welcome him?”


Rong Yuheng mechanically mouthed the words amidst the crowd, “wel… come…”

Since Wen Zhecheng appeared, he inexplicably felt a sense of crisis, he always felt that Wen Zhecheng was different from Qiao Tan, Song Tang, and the others.

Perhaps it was because of his personality.
Although Qiao Tan and Song Tang were heavyweight figures in the entertainment industry, they gave a friendly and amiable impression.
Jin Zhiyao, in particular, was like an elder sister.
But Wen Zhecheng was different.
He didn’t even arch his back when dancing the tango.

He wasn’t lively or adorable in the slightest.

Rong Yuheng pondered if he, who lagged far behind in talent, would be ruthlessly criticized by Wen Zhecheng without any mercy.

Song Tang, a seasoned MC for many years, immediately noticed Rong Yuheng mouthing the words in the crowd and almost burst out laughing—this kid even slightly lags behind in mimicking mouth movements.
It was so obvious that he was half a beat behind everyone else.

Fortunately, neither Qiao Tan nor Wen Zhecheng noticed.
The two of them continued their conversation and moved on to the main topic.

To improve efficiency, the thirty members were roughly divided into four groups, each with a different class schedule to stagger the teaching time.

“Teacher Song and I will have theoretical classes, so the members of our two groups can go to the adjacent room first.
Teacher Jin and Teacher Wen can use this classroom.”

After Qiao Tan finished speaking, he and Song Tang left the classroom, taking away half of the members.

Rong Yuheng’s class schedule had the first lesson on vocal music, so he stayed with Jin Zhiyao.
Pu Zaixi also stayed behind, but he went to learn dance with Wen Zhecheng.

Once the students were divided into teams, the teaching officially began.

Although Jin Zhiyao had just debuted last year, she was highly professional.
As soon as she entered teaching mode, it was as if she had transformed into a different person, with a serious expression.

“Most of you are focused on popular singing techniques, and popular music doesn’t have a fixed form.
It emphasizes naturalness, spontaneity, and emotional expression.
First, you need to understand the characteristics of your own voice in order to present a unique style and make the audience remember you.”

Rong Yuheng felt overwhelmed after listening.
It wouldn’t be a problem for the audience to remember him, but definitely not because of his good singing skills or anything like that.

“Shan Qi, you go first and sing a song.”

After Jin Zhiyao finished speaking, a tall guy walked out from the group.
His bangs hung down, covering his forehead, revealing handsome brows and eyes—he was Shan Qi.

Everyone quieted down.

Shan Qi lowered his head and adjusted his state for two to three seconds before opening his mouth.

“All the sweetness you’ve tasted,

Are fruits of loneliness.

They are vividly carved out from my heart…”

His spontaneous voice carried a touch of melancholy hoarseness, decadent yet magnificent.
Rong Yuheng felt goosebumps rise on his arms.

Looking around at the people, everyone had a look of astonishment in their eyes.
Even among the students learning dance at the other end of the classroom, some of them frequently turned their heads.

After a calm chorus, the pitch suddenly soared, pushing the emotions to a climax—

“… Let me closely follow your rising, falling, and transitions,

Let me write a horror story for you…”

Who is suspicious, who is pitiful, who is innocent, who survives by any means necessary,

I have already seen the final outcome—!”

All the emotions surged and tore apart in his chest, desperate yet full of deep affection.
Even the veins on Shan Qi’s neck bulged, his hand clenched into a tight fist, trembling slightly.

“Don’t give it back to me… don’t give it back to me…”

Until the last line softly fell, thin sweat covered Shan Qi’s forehead, even wetting his bangs.

As the song ended, no one spoke, only the sound of Shan Qi’s unsteady breathing could be heard.

Jin Zhiyao looked around, “Did you see it? What a singer looks like when they’re in the zone.
Can you do it?”

The stark difference in talent made the mood of the students suddenly become heavy, and they lowered their heads silently.

Only Rong Yuheng, in a particularly sincere manner, shook his head vigorously and said loudly, “No-can-do.”

The tone was dragged out in a mischievous way, like a primary school student.

Jin Zhiyao, “……”

Shan Qi glanced at him sideways, unable to hold back a slight smile.

Jin Zhiyao felt exhausted.
She had enjoyed watching Wen Zhecheng’s performance earlier, but now that she was in the same position, she realized how good Wen Zhecheng’s temper was.

Jin Zhiyao patiently pointed at him, “Xiao Rong, what I want is for you to introspect and reflect on yourself.”

Rong Yuheng nodded, somewhat clueless.

The result of his introspection was “cannot,” is there a problem with that?

Shan Qi finally couldn’t help but give him a hint, “What Jin Jie means is to introspect silently, not to play along with her.”

Rong Yuheng, “……”

Coincidentally, Rong Yuheng stumbled into this situation, and Jin Zhiyao said, “Why don’t you sing a section? Let me listen.”

Rong Yuheng pursed his lips and added a note in his life notebook: “Choose words carefully.”

“Jin Jie, I haven’t really sung any pop songs.”

“That’s okay, just sing whatever you can.
I said earlier, choose a song that suits your own characteristics, don’t blindly follow others.”

Rong Yuheng pondered for two seconds, as if he had taken a classical voice course in college.

A song that could be sung with classical voice and still remember the lyrics…

After searching for a moment, he calmed himself and nodded towards Jin Zhiyao, then took a deep breath to gather his emotions in his chest.

The next second, a powerful tenor voice rushed out like a floodgate bursting open:

“The great river flows east, wow!

The stars in the sky, the Big Dipper, wow!

Hey hey, the Big Dipper, wow~

A bowl of wine seals a life-long friendship, wow~”

Almost in the instant when Rong Yuheng began singing loudly, the entire music room was once again stunned!

Even Jin Zhiyao’s face showed a look of crumbling walls.

The impact on the students on Wen Zhecheng’s side was even greater.
If Shan Qi’s previous singing had only distracted their attention, now it was as if their souls were being washed away.

The resounding and passionate “Hero’s Song” crashed down with an unstoppable force, sweeping through the entire classroom with an undeniable presence!

“When injustice is seen, roar out, wow~

When it’s time to take action, take action, wow~

Charge through the land with fervor, wow~!”

Rong Yuheng not only sang but also remembered his mentor’s teachings.
He wholeheartedly immersed himself in the artistic conception of the lyrics, moving his limbs to the exhilarating melody.
He unexpectedly discovered that the rhythm was perfect for his tango.

He sang and danced, keeping the beat.

“When it’s time to take action, take action, wow~

One dada, two dada, and three…-tapping sound

Jin Zhiyao couldn’t help but feel a mix of despair and amusement.
She buried her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking slightly.

The other students were on the verge of going crazy.
If it weren’t for the two mentors still present, their laughter would have surely shattered the ceiling!

What prevented this lively song and dance from continuing was Wen Zhecheng.

He couldn’t bear it any longer.
His students were doing well with their dance, but now everything was in chaos.

Wen Zhecheng walked over from the other side of the classroom, the bright shine of his shoes creating a series of “da, da” sounds on the wooden floor.

Rong Yuheng, in the midst of his dance, heard someone accompanying him and felt quite excited.
But when he turned his head to find the source of the sound, he saw Wen Zhecheng approaching.


Rong Yuheng’s singing and dancing abruptly stopped.

Wen Zhecheng looked at Rong Yuheng for a few seconds, then suddenly spoke very politely,

“Please stop singing.
I beg you.”

Jin Zhiyao, who had been holding back her laughter for a while, finally burst out at that moment.


Jin Zhiyao’s laughter acted as a signal, and the other students erupted in laughter as well.
One male student even laughed so hard that he ended up kneeling on the ground, resembling a joyful little frog.
“Hahaha… Ga… Ga ah… Ga!”

The only two people in the entire room who didn’t laugh were Rong Yuheng and Wen Zhecheng.

Rong Yuheng thought to himself, “…” He couldn’t find it in himself to laugh.

Wen Zhecheng didn’t laugh either.
He sincerely pleaded with Rong Yuheng, “Once you start singing, we won’t be able to continue with the class.”

Rong Yuheng widened his eyes.
He had put so much effort into his performance, and yet Wen Zhecheng was actually finding fault with him!

Besides, if he wasn’t allowed to sing, how could he attend voice lessons?

Feeling wronged, Rong Yuheng unconsciously pouted, “So I can’t attend voice lessons from now on?”

Wen Zhecheng’s gaze lingered on Rong Yuheng’s slightly pouted lips for a few seconds before shifting to his eyes.

In the latter’s clear pupils, there was an intense thirst for knowledge.

Wen Zhecheng suddenly felt that his request was somewhat unreasonable.

Rong Yuheng didn’t intentionally try to disrupt his teaching.
This person’s performance style was just like this!

After laughing enough, Jin Zhiyao apologized and said, “Teacher Wen, it’s our class disturbed you.
How about this, Xiao Rong, you’ll listen to me in the future, and after class, you can stay a bit longer for me to listen to you sing separately.”

During the training period, the classes were all recorded by cameras.
There were only two classrooms with cameras installed, and it was impossible for Jin Zhiyao to switch to a different one for private sessions.

After thinking it over, the only option was for Rong Yuheng to make up for it after class.
Besides, there was no need to worry about anyone accusing her of favoritism when everything was being recorded on camera.

Rong Yuheng was not a selfish person to begin with.
If he had truly disrupted Wen Zhecheng’s class, he would rather stay back and make up for it himself.

“If I’ve caused trouble for the teachers, it’s not a problem for me.”

Just as the solution seemed to be settled, Wen Zhecheng suddenly spoke up,

“It’s not your fault.
My request was indeed unreasonable.
I will make up for the missed portion of the class myself, without delaying Jin Laoshi.”

As soon as the words were spoken, the surrounding students were stunned—this was the opportunity to receive private tutoring from the “Movie Emperor,” something invaluable!

But when they saw the cold indifference emanating from Wen Zhecheng’s every pore, the students began to hesitate in their hearts… Dealing with Wen Zhecheng was like making an investment—the higher the returns, the greater the risks.

If they accidentally offended the Movie Emperor, it might even become a problem for their future debut.

While they were envious, they themselves were unwilling to take such a risk.

Rong Yuheng didn’t pay much attention to these thoughts as long as he didn’t miss the lessons he needed to learn.

“Then I’ll trouble Teacher Wen.”

“It’s no trouble,” Wen Zhecheng’s gaze carried profound meaning.
“After all, if you don’t speak, I only need to make up for your class.
But once you speak, I’ll have to make up for a group of people’s classes.”


Author’s note: 

Rong Yuheng: He’s targeting me.

Wen Zhecheng: Smirk

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