ents are picking up quickly.”

Rong Yuheng looked and noticed a few comments from fashion and entertainment bloggers, as well as Wen Zhecheng’s fan club.

“I have a bold guess.
Could that mysterious regular guest, ‘W,’ be…”

Reply: “Damn, blind me, you found Huadian (Wen Zhecheng’s nickname)!”

Reply: “??Huadian!”

(Note: “Huadian” is a cute nickname fans often use for Wen Zhecheng.)

“Hahahaha, if it really is WZC, then he’s probably not liking anyone else’s posts; he’s just warming up for himself [dog head emoji].”

Reply: “Hahahaha, is he that kind of person?”

Reply: “I can’t handle this comment, hahaha! I’m with you!”

“Mysterious recurring guest W!! This single comment has awakened everyone’s thoughts.
Maybe the like is actually because of…”

Reply: “No way, no way! He’s never been on a variety show before! Wow, this thought is making me a bit excited [excited emoji].”

The discussion under Kuang Zhao’s Weibo post quickly shifted to the recurring guest, with debates about who the like was for gradually calming down.

Rong Yuheng hadn’t even sorted out his own affairs yet when he began to worry about his nurturing teacher, “Is it okay for Teacher Wen to do this? Don’t they have to wait for an official announcement for the recurring guest?”

Huang Jianing responded, “It’s all just speculation.
Nobody’s confirming, and fans aren’t mentioning names.
No one will say anything.”

Rong Yuheng sighed and clapped his hands, “I’m learning new things…”

After the buzz from the ‘Treasure Hunt Competition’ promotional post subsided, Rong Yuheng gained a surge of new fans, even rivaling the team captain, Shan Qi.

Shan Qi wasn’t jealous; instead, he worried about Rong Yuheng, “With so many fans, you need someone to manage your fan club.
Luckily, your mom’s fanbase is substantial, and there are very few sasaeng fans.
For now, there shouldn’t be any disturbances…”

Rong Yuheng instantly transformed into a swaying sea plant in the wind, “Who can be as popular as me~”

Shan Qi chuckled and lightly tapped Rong Yuheng on the head, suppressing his temper as he spoke, “You should quickly amend your contract to be under Shi Qiu’s management.
She has a professional team to handle fan clubs.
After she takes over, make sure to hand over all your social media accounts to her.”

Rong Yuheng, caught in the grip of fate, could only obediently nod, “I understand, Little Qi!”

“That’s about right.” Shan Qi finished speaking and gave him a deep look, “Also, don’t be too flashy.”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

Fortunately, just after they discussed the contract matters, there came news from Fan Yu about changing agents.

The members of STAR-T went to Fan Yu’s studio together to record a song.
After finishing, Rong Yuheng went upstairs alone to meet Shi Qiu.

The signing of the contract and subsequent cooperation matters were bound to be comprehensive, so Li Jiao took the other members back to the apartment first.

Rong Yuheng arrived at Shi Qiu’s office, knocked on the door, and entered.
He saw Shi Qiu sitting behind the coffee table with a stack of documents and two cups of tea already poured on the table.

Rong Yuheng quickly walked over, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Shi Qiu stood up, shook his hand, and smiled with raised eyebrows, “No problem.
Please have a seat.
You can call me Sister Qiu.”

She handed over the contract, “This is the contract you previously signed with Xu Sun.
Now, it has been fully transferred to me.
Please take a look and confirm.”

Rong Yuheng accepted the contract and carefully examined it.
During this time, Shi Qiu didn’t rush him and simply leaned back on the sofa, sipping her tea.

She watched as Rong Yuheng lowered his eyes to read through the contract, feeling a sense of emotion.
This kid, from the first day he participated in the auditions, caught her attention.
Later, when he debuted and formed a group, she had even thought about signing him, but unfortunately, Rong Yuheng already had a manager by then.

Unexpectedly, after going around in circles, the two of them ended up signing together.

So, when Qu Youhe recommended Rong Yuheng to her, Shi Qiu was both surprised and delighted, and she immediately agreed.

After a short while, Rong Yuheng finished reviewing the contract and looked up at Shi Qiu, saying, “No problem, Sister Qiu.”

“Alright, let’s sign it again then.”

The pen quickly flew across the contract’s end, sealing the deal.
At this point, Rong Yuheng officially signed under Shi Qiu’s management.

They exchanged Weibo account information, discussed future developments, and completed a series of procedures.
It was already past 7 p.m.
They had dinner in the office, and then Shi Qiu escorted Rong Yuheng back to his apartment.

“The first episode of ‘Treasure Hunt’ will air on Thursday.
During the time leading up to that, we’ll release some press releases with topics.
There might be sarcastic comments, but you don’t need to worry.”

Rong Yuheng obediently nodded, “Okay, got it, hehe~”

He had a rough idea of Shi Qiu’s PR tactics.
After thanking her, he went upstairs to his dorm.

Liu Wanjing wanted to play the “boiling the frog in warm water” game; he was happy to add some fuel to the fire and see who would crash first.

The premiere of “Treasure Hunt” was scheduled for Thursday.
On Wednesday, Rong Yuheng received a call from Wen Zhecheng.

He was practicing dancing with his teammates at the time.
When his phone rang, he wiped off some sweat and walked over.
Seeing that it was Wen Zhecheng calling, he stepped outside to answer.

Huang Jianing turned to Bian Chen and whispered softly, “Rong Bao looks like he’s answering a call from his girlfriend.”

Bian Chen’s eyes held a deeper meaning as he remained silent.
Zou Yi chimed in, “I know the answer to this question! During the audition, he sometimes acted like this too.”

Huang Jianing exclaimed, “Wow~”

Rong Yuheng was clueless about the gossip among his teammates.
Outside, he answered the call.


“Rong, my little Rong…”

Wen Zhecheng’s voice was intentionally lowered, carrying a teasing and gentle tone over the phone.

Rong Yuheng paused for a moment.
A new endearing nickname?

Quickly regaining his composure, he responded cleverly, “Master Wen~”

In an instant, Wen Zhecheng choked up, and the ambiguous atmosphere he had tried to create shattered, “…” No, this was not sweet at all.

It was like calling him “Plague Piglet” all over again.

Completely oblivious, Rong Yuheng asked, “Is there something you need, Master Wen?”

Wen Zhecheng hesitated, “…Do you want to come to my place to watch a variety show tomorrow?”

Rong Yuheng replied, “I have training tomorrow, so I won’t make it.”

Wen Zhecheng pursed his lips, his mood slightly dampened.
He absentmindedly rubbed the cushion he had just bought for his hamster, “Oh…”

Rong Yuheng asked, “Aren’t you busy?”

Wen Zhecheng said, “Not really.
I haven’t been taking on any work recently.” He tentatively continued, “I just want to spend some more time with my family.”

Rong Yuheng promptly offered his praise, “You truly are a devoted family man!”

Wen Zhecheng’s heart started to race again.
He hinted, “But I don’t just want verbal praise.”

After a moment of consideration, Rong Yuheng said, “Alright, wait a moment.”

Wen Zhecheng’s heart raced even faster.
Was his little hamster going to ask for time off from the team?

Wen Zhecheng felt both anticipation and hesitation.
In his mind, images from period dramas surfaced, of palace concubines causing trouble, clinging to the king and delaying morning court sessions…

After about ten seconds, a series of noises came from the other end of the phone, as if the phone had been set down somewhere.
Then, clearly from the receiver, four claps resounded—

“Clap, clap, clap, clap!”

Rong Yuheng followed the rhythm of the applause and praised him, “You, are, truly, a family man!”

Wen Zhecheng’s heart got caught in his throat, and it took him a while to recover—

This was definitely more than just “verbal” praise!

Author’s note: Now—Rong Yuheng: Clap, clap, clap!

Later—Wen Zhecheng: Clap, clap, clap…

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