Zhou Yin and Duan Xiu really didn’t know how to respond.
Mainly because Wen Zhecheng’s words seemed like he was teasing.

They could sense a hint of amusement, but they weren’t sure if it was appropriate to laugh… because Wen Zhecheng seemed genuinely remorseful.

Su Yuyin, who had been a mainstay on various variety shows for years, could handle this kind of banter, but he had a feeling that the package Wen Zhecheng had just dropped wasn’t meant for him.

The air grew momentarily tense, but ultimately, it was Rong Yuheng who instinctively spoke up to save the situation.

He applauded and praised, “How come I never realized you had this talent before?”

Wen Zhecheng buried his head, his tone sincere, “I’m sorry.”

The tense atmosphere started to ease again, and Duan Xiu, the little fanboy, quickly chimed in, “It’s okay, it’s okay.
We can get a rough idea even without headphones!”

At first, Zhou Yin was shocked by how much Wen Zhecheng had lowered himself, but then she thought to herself, “No wonder Wen Zhecheng has such a good reputation.
He really doesn’t have any airs.”

Rong Yuheng provided a lifeline for his pitiful feeding master, “Teacher Wen, make up for your mistake by listening carefully to this recording!”

Wen Zhecheng obediently followed Rong Yuheng’s lead, coming down from the pedestal his hamster had created.
He took the phone from Su Yuyin, “Let me listen.”

The sound from the earpiece was a bit garbled, but Wen Zhecheng lowered his head and pressed his ear against the phone screen.
Everyone else stayed quiet, not wanting to disturb, and they all focused on Wen Zhecheng’s expression.

Rong Yuheng also joined the others in watching Wen Zhecheng.


In truth, he rarely paid such close attention to Wen Zhecheng’s features.
Previously, he had only thought Wen Zhecheng was good-looking.
But now, as he carefully observed the latter, he noticed that Wen Zhecheng had long eyelashes, and his eye sockets were deep, giving his gaze a profound quality.

As Rong Yuheng stared at Wen Zhecheng’s eyes, he got lost in thought.
Suddenly, Wen Zhecheng looked up, and their gazes collided in mid-air—

Wen Zhecheng’s gaze was gentle and carried a hint of eagerness to share.
He bypassed everyone else in the room and locked onto Rong Yuheng.

“I think I’ve got it.”

Rong Yuheng’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly regained his composure, ignoring the momentary distraction.
He focused on the program recording and asked, “What was said?”

“It should be a phone recording,” Wen Zhecheng summarized on his own, “The information is jumbled, but I can make out that the person is talking to their family, saying they’ve already bought a train ticket and will be home in a few days.”

Duan Xiu clapped his hands, “Isn’t that the song ‘常回家看看 (Chang Hui Jia Kan Kan)’?!”1Note: “Chang Hui Jia Kan Kan” is a famous Chinese song by Teresa Teng, which translates to “常回家看看 (Chang Hui Jia Kan Kan)” in Mandarin, meaning “Come Home Often to See.”

Su Yuyin added, “Yeah, Teacher Wen’s interpretation is probably correct.
The clues are all connected.”


At the right moment, Rong Yuheng handed out praise to his feeding master, “You’re truly a genius!”

Su Yuyin and the others followed with enthusiastic applause, “Teacher Wen, you’re amazing!”

Wen Zhecheng visibly brightened up, his brows and eyes relaxing, but his voice remained calm, “Hmm.”

Rong Yuheng, with a knowing look, sidelong glanced at Wen Zhecheng: Carry on with your act, Teacher.

Inside the phone’s photo album was a picture of a train ticket and a shopping list, providing secondary evidence for the authenticity of the recording.

After searching the room several times without results, they entered the final room.

Click—the door opened, and the lights in the kitchen instantly went out!

The last room was plunged into darkness as well, and everyone couldn’t help but exclaim.
Zhou Yin even asked in a trembling voice, “Did the power go out?”

Rong Yuheng and Su Yuyin quickly realized that the production team was up to something again!


In the darkness, Rong Yuheng puffed up his chest toward the direction of the surveillance camera.
There was no need for his unnecessary bravado, “You can cover my eyes, but you can’t blind my shining heart!”

Behind the monitor, Yang Wen, “…”

After enduring for two seconds, he couldn’t hold back anymore.
He broke from tradition and picked up the microphone before the answer reveal segment, speaking dispassionately through the loudspeaker,

“Then let your bright heart light the way for your teammates.”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

After Yang Wen finished speaking, he turned off the microphone and turned to the crew member in coolly way, giving instructions, “Production team, give me a lot of effort in post-production!”

Inside the studio, Rong Yuheng was ruthlessly suppressed, and the people around him burst into joyful laughter.

Seizing the opportunity while others were still laughing, Wen Zhecheng quickly followed the sound and leaned in, pressing close to his little hamster.

Just as Rong Yuheng was being teased and caught off guard by the person beside him, he was startled and was about to move away.
But before he could retreat even an inch, he heard a voice from above, whispering, “It’s me.”

Rong Yuheng immediately leaned back—his feeding master!

Meanwhile, Su Yuyin was still fishing around, asking, “Where are you guys? How about we link arms and go in together? Little Rongbao, come over to me.”

Rong Yuheng instantly felt his elbow being firmly gripped by Wen Zhecheng, making it impossible for him to move.

Thinking quickly, Rong Yuheng used an official tone, “Su-ge, why don’t we walk along the wall? Maybe we can find a switch.”

Su Yuyin pondered for two seconds, “Makes sense.”

The remaining three guests walked along the wall, with the main pets sticking together.
In the darkness, they slowly felt their way…


Rong Yuheng couldn’t help but notice how closely Wen Zhecheng was pressed against him.
The participants on the show were all dressed lightly, and Wen Zhecheng’s body warmth could even be felt through the fabric.

Rong Yuheng paused for a moment, then shifted slightly away from Wen Zhecheng, placing his hand on the wall to search for the switch.

Before he could take more than a couple of steps, he felt Wen Zhecheng pressing back against him.
Wen Zhecheng’s hand also found its place on the wall, and the two of them stood closely together, as if Rong Yuheng was half-encircled in Wen Zhecheng’s embrace.

Rong Yuheng’s face suddenly grew warm.
When they were alone, being close like this was heartwarming, but they were still recording a show now.
Moreover, the production team was using night vision cameras, and Yang Wen was probably watching intently behind the scenes!

Rong Yuheng immediately switched to a business-like tone and spoke seriously, “Wen Laoshi, you’re about to step on me.”

Hidden meaning: Move aside a bit.

Wen Zhecheng’s acting skills kicked in, and he lowered his arm, pretending to casually rest it on Rong Yuheng’s shoulder.
“Are you here too? Sorry, it’s so dark I can’t see.”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

Zhou Yin wasn’t far from the two, and upon hearing their conversation, she asked, “Wen Laoshi and Yuheng together? I think I’m pretty close to you guys!”

Not wanting their “private moment” to be interrupted, Wen Zhecheng quickly responded, “Really? Your voice sounds like you’re pretty far away from us.”

The other four, “…”

Did Wen Zhecheng’s ears went numb by the electric current from listening to the recording just now?

Fortunately, Su Yuyin’s exclamation diverted everyone’s attention, “I think I found the switch, I really did! Rongbao, you’re practically a genius at blind guessing!”

Rong Yuheng chuckled, “khekhekeke.”

After Su Yuyin’s words, a snap indicated that the switch had been activated.

However, the room didn’t light up as expected.
Instead, a cluster of faint candle flames suddenly ignited at the other end of the room, illuminating a small area around them.

“It looks like another dish? Is there a table over there?”

Duan Xiu mumbled as he groped his way forward.
When he reached the table, he realized that the dish was covered by a transparent glass dome, inside of which was an electronic candle that could only illuminate a small area in front of it.

Through the dim light, they could make out what seemed to be a large round table with various dishes waiting to be illuminated.

Duan Xiu turned around, “There’s still another switch.
We need to keep looking!”

Searching for all the switches in complete darkness wasn’t easy.
Su Yuyin, whose legs weren’t very agile, even stumbled a couple of times.

After nearly an hour of searching, they still hadn’t found the last two switches.

At one point, the main pets’ paths crossed with Su Yuyin’s, and he saw Rong Yuheng as if he’d encountered a long-lost friend.
Ignoring the concept of “two-person chemistry,” he rushed over to hold Rong Yuheng, “Rongbao, Su-ge is going to become an idiot from all this stumbling!”

Rong Yuheng affectionately placed his hand on Su Yuyin’s forehead and pulled out the Guanyin jade pendant from his chest, bestowing a blessing upon him, “May the Buddha bless you with wisdom…”

Su Yuyin’s expression froze for a moment, then he backed away, “I revoke the Buddha’s blessing.”

After a brief head bump, the two pairs of people separated once again.
Rong Yuheng continued to search the props and floor, turning to Wen Zhecheng who was sticking close to him, “Wen Laoshi, would you like to change places to search?”

Wen Zhecheng answered earnestly, “I’m night blind.
I can’t walk a step without someone else.”

Although Rong Yuheng was also night blind, he thought he was managing well.
After completing a full circle, he had a basic sense of the indoor layout.

Rong Yuheng could only convince himself: People are different from each other; he needed to accept his feeding master’s little imperfections.

“Alright, it turns out I’m still just a guide hamster.”

Wen Zhecheng replied with a guilty “Mmm.”

After over an hour of exploration, all the electronic candles on the table were finally lit.
The five of them gathered around the round table, leaning in to examine the dishes on display.

Soy sauce duck, roasted pork, steamed fish, glutinous rice balls, dumplings, stewed ribs… Ten dishes were arranged in a circle, with the candlelight flickering and casting sparkles into Rong Yuheng’s eyes.

Su Yuyin casually turned his head and took a glance at him, only to be startled—

Rong Yuheng’s gaze was even brighter than the candlelight!

The recording of the show had gone on for hours, well past lunchtime.
The mental and physical exertion couldn’t be underestimated, and the guests were all feeling hungry.

Rong Yuheng’s throat gurgled with saliva, yet he was still focused on solving the puzzle, “Is this the final clue? Should we string all the clues together?”

Zhou Yin hadn’t forgotten the poem from the first room, “The song and the mobile phone message are connected.
What does that poem have to do with this table of food?”

Duan Xiu stared at the dishes on the table, lost in thought.
After a moment, he spoke up, “Have you noticed how refined these dishes are?”

Everyone perked up, eager to hear more, “What do you mean?”

“Whether it’s the dishes themselves, their quantity, or their arrangement… it’s all different from the feeling we got in the first room.
The first room seemed purely decorative, while this table of food feels like… it holds some kind of atmosphere.”

In the midst of silence, Wen Zhecheng suddenly spoke up, “Feast.”

He continued, “I’ve filmed movies before, with scenes set in villages featuring grand feasts.
This sensation is quite similar to that.”

As soon as he said that, everyone had a moment of realization!

Thinking about it more carefully, today’s setting did resemble some villages: old wooden houses, big red couplets, a traditional stove, and now a table laden with food…

Everyone: We’ve cracked it!

“What was the poem from the first room again?” Su Yuyin asked.

“Nine winter nights, cold and warmth separate.”

“Does anyone recognize this poem?”

“Don’t know, never heard of it.”

Rong Yuheng thought for a moment and then said, “It probably isn’t that difficult.
I believe the production team is kind-hearted.
Let’s interpret it literally—I was just thinking about the phrase ‘thirty nights.’ Does it refer to thirty nights or a specific point in time? Following that, it says ‘cold and warmth separate,’ which likely signifies the transition from winter to spring.
So, ‘thirty nights’ should mean…”

“Chinese New Year’s Eve,” Wen Zhecheng interjected for him.

Su Yuyin slapped his hand, “So this table of food is the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner!”

Duan Xiu suddenly realized, “No wonder the message said to go home and take a look, it’s because of the New Year’s Eve dinner.”

All the clues finally came together—the theme of this episode was about migrant workers returning home for their family reunion dinner during the Spring Festival.

“New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner” was submitted as the final answer.

Yang Wen’s voice sounded reluctant, “Are you guys all direct translation experts? Su Laoshi, I was hoping you’d add a touch of poetic elegance, but here you are cheerfully shouting ‘New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner’!”

Su Yuyin was nervous, “Is that the right answer?”

Yang Wen said, “The solution to this treasure hunt, in fact, is family and reunion.
However, linking it to the New Year’s Eve dinner is a bit connected to ‘whole family gathering.’ I’ll give you a pass!”

“Yay!” they all cheered together before being invited back onto the stage to share their thoughts.

While the others expressed their feelings, Rong Yuheng stood in the background, pouting slightly… He suspected that this theme was orchestrated by You Tianyu.

“Always Go Home,” his father had heartlessly abandoned him! 

When it was Rong Yuheng’s turn, Xi Lin handed him the microphone, “What about you, Yuheng? We know that the STAR-T audition involves about two months of closed training, followed by a national tour.
You guys haven’t been home for a long time, have you?”

Rong Yuheng nodded, “That’s right.”

Xi Lin continued, “After finishing the recording of this episode, do you have any feelings? Are you eager to go home?”

It was as if the program’s team had been bribed by You Tianyu with gold to ask that question! 

Rong Yuheng felt a little reluctant.
He really didn’t want to admit on camera that he missed home.
Rong Tianshen, without a doubt, would record it and play it repeatedly in the living room! Then he’d probably mock him in sync with footage of him sobbing uncontrollably.

But he also knew that now, during the recording of the show, even a tiny misstep would be seized upon by haters and gossip media, blowing it up into a big deal.

A close-up camera shot was already directed at him, so Rong Yuheng quickly adjusted his facial expression.
After a brief pause, he looked into the camera with a touch of emotion in his voice,

“Ever since my transformation, I haven’t returned to my clam family’s home, nor have I seen my clam dad.”

Xi Lin’s microphone trembled slightly.
No… this seemed quite different from what the sponsor had requested.

Unaware of Xi Lin’s unease, Rong Yuheng continued with his sentimental tone,

“I miss him very much.
He’s my beloved big clam, and whenever I have the chance, I’ll definitely go home, give him a little brushing, polish his shell, and make my big clam dad shiny and radiant, filling the room with brilliance!”


The author has something to say:

You Tianyu (confidently): This is solid! After Uncle Rong watches the show, he’ll definitely be moved and open the door to welcome


1Note: “Chang Hui Jia Kan Kan” is a famous Chinese song by Teresa Teng, which translates to “常回家看看 (Chang Hui Jia Kan Kan)” in Mandarin, meaning “Come Home Often to See.”

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