u leaned forward slightly, “Are you a cylinder?”

Rong Yuheng shook his head and revealed the answer, “I’m a 1.”

Just as the words fell, an abrupt “fuh” sound came from the side.
Rong Yuheng turned to the source of the sound and saw that it was the corner of Wen Zhecheng’s mouth, which he hadn’t managed to suppress.

Rong Yuheng frowned, “Teacher Wen, what are you laughing at?”

Wen Zhecheng composed himself and looked sincere, “I feel truly joyful for your cleverness and wisdom.”

Rong Yuheng gave him a suspicious glance, discreetly made a note in his notebook, then turned his attention back to the game, “In the middle of that musical score, there are three 5s.
I can lie down to represent a group of three.”

Wen Zhecheng responded with a playful “fuh fuh.”

“…” Rong Yuheng furrowed his brows again and made another note in his mind.

But it couldn’t be denied that Rong Yuheng’s suggestion was currently the only feasible solution.
With Rong Yuheng lying down, he could cover the middle row of three 5s, and the last person could span across two 2s.
The rest would take one note each, completing all eight notes.

The swaying hanging boards weren’t easy to walk on, and the guests cautiously stepped onto the corresponding boards one by one, their hearts racing.

Rong Yuheng had the most boards to cross.
As he moved forward, he reminded Su Yuyin, “Su-ge, just pick the nearest one, so you don’t accidentally step into the water.”

Su Yuyin accused him in pain, “Do you look down on me?”

Rong Yuheng imitated the “fuh fuh” sound he heard from earlier.


The little incident of mutual teasing was put aside.
Except for Rong Yuheng, the other four people quickly stood on the designated boards.
Rong Yuheng carefully lay down, his hands clutching the edge of the board, and he continued to mutter, “I’m lying down now, I’m the character ‘一’ (one) in Chinese.”

Wen Zhecheng leaned over to observe him from a few boards away.
Rong Yuheng’s raised hips resembled a plump hillock, his shirt clinging to his waist with alluring curves.

Wen Zhecheng’s throat moved slightly.
He thought, in the future, I’ll still be your ‘one.’

Both the standing ‘1’ and the lying down ‘一’ could work.

As everyone correctly selected their hanging boards, the wall suddenly slid open from the middle, revealing a passage to the next room.
The prelude of “5255 5122” played simultaneously, and the music continued to play downwards.
They finally recognized it as the song “常回家看看” (Frequently Return Home to Visit).

Once all five of them crossed the boards to the opposite side, Su Yuyin reminded them, “This song should also be one of the clues.
Remember, we need to piece it all together.”

Duan Xiu’s thoughts diverged, “Could it be that returning home frequently is the key to finding the treasure?”

Su Yuyin chuckled at his words, “When you have an elderly person at home, it’s like having a treasure.
So, you’re not entirely wrong.”

Rong Yuheng was reminded of a certain big white goose and couldn’t help but chuckle.
He leaned close to Wen Zhecheng and whispered, “You do have a treasure at home.”

Mention of Wen Zhongyun brought a sudden flood of goose calls into Wen Zhecheng’s mind.
Feeling a bit helpless, he said, “Indeed, a world treasure.”

The group arrived in the third room.
This room returned to the theme of “cuisine,” resembling a kitchen with ingredients scattered all around and two stoves set up.

Pointing to one of the stoves, Rong Yuheng showed a touch of nostalgia, “I heard that I have this at my home.”

The use of “heard” was quite clever.

Su Yuyin, who understood the context, couldn’t help but laugh.
He patted Rong Yuheng and played along, “Unfortunately, to respond to the national call for energy conservation, we had to switch to natural gas.”

Rong Yuheng nodded, “We still need to thank the country for making our lives better.”


Behind the monitor, Yang Wen unconsciously scooted his chair a bit farther from the screen.
“This Rong Golden Buddha not only offers salvation but also holds grudges,” he thought to himself.

He was genuinely concerned that Liu Wanjing would be brought up and ridiculed in every episode.

Fortunately, Rong Yuheng also knew when to stop.
After a couple of teasing remarks, he refocused on analyzing and collecting clues.

While Rong Yuheng was rummaging through the cupboard, Zhou Yin and Duan Xiu exclaimed, “Hey, there’s a cellphone here!”

Su Yuyin leaned over to see, “Can it be unlocked?”

“It has a password; we probably need more clues.
Let’s search around.”

On the other end, Wen Zhecheng was also searching.
Seeing that Rong Yuheng was engrossed in searching alone, he didn’t crowd around.

They opened every spice container on the table and emptied the vegetable leaves from the sieve.
Wen Zhecheng was about to turn to the other side when his hand accidentally brushed against something resembling a plastic string at the bottom of the table.

It’s like they say, when you least expect it, good fortune finds you. 

Surprised, Wen Zhecheng squatted down to examine it.
He found a headphone wire bundled under the tabletop, wound around the steel support below, and tied in a knot.

Clearly, the production team wanted to challenge the guests, making them untangle it themselves.

Wen Zhecheng raised his arm and silently began untangling the headphone wire.
He had pulled out about half of it when he heard Zhou Yin knocking on the cabinet door behind him, “Yuheng, why are you almost climbing inside? You should come out of the cupboard first and look for clues.”

A loud smack!

In Wen Zhecheng’s ears, he only heard the word “come out” before his hand was viciously yanked!

Half a minute later, the five of them gathered to share the clues.
Su Yuyin had unlocked the phone’s password.
Inside the phone, there was a photo album and an audio recording.
When they played the recording, it contained some crackling noises, a bit fuzzy, and the volume was quite low.

Duan Xiu rubbed his ears, “Wow, this won’t do.
Don’t we have any headphones? Plugging in headphones should make it clearer.”

Wen Zhecheng fell silent for two seconds and suddenly spoke up, “We do.”

The other four looked at him with excitement, “Where?”

Wen Zhecheng slowly extended his hand from behind, palm opened, revealing two pairs of headphones lying in his hand.

Su Yuyin quickly opened the Bluetooth settings, “The production team seems to have some money, they’re actually wireless headphones.”

As he finished speaking, Wen Zhecheng took a small step back.

Rong Yuheng was puzzled, “Teacher Wen, what are you doing?”

Wen Zhecheng’s expression seemed quite guilty, especially when he looked at Rong Yuheng.
He appeared like an innocent primary school student being caught by a parent.

“…I accidentally turned them into wireless ones.”

Everyone, “…”

The author’s note: Yang Wen behind the monitor: I never thought the most interesting thing would be Wen Zhecheng.

Generation of comedians Rong Yuheng: I feel like my position in the variety show industry is being threatened.

Variety show star Su Yuyin: My story is worthless.

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