his show makes me popular, I’ll be one step closer to becoming a TV king.”

Qiu Jianlun interjected from the side, “Don’t even think about it.”

Rong Yuheng and Zhou Shubai simply ignored him and carried on with their conversation.

Rong Yuheng asked, “Is acting fun? I’m starting to get curious.”

Zhou Shubai said, “Why don’t you ask Teacher Wen? He knows more about it than I do.” Seeing Rong Yuheng pause, he changed the topic kindly, “But acting isn’t something you can just do if you want to.
It depends on whether your agent can secure opportunities for you.”

Rong Yuheng was honest with him, “Xu Sun doesn’t have many resources for me.
I’m planning to change agents in a while.”

Zhou Shubai furrowed his brows, “Isn’t it difficult to change agents?”

Rong Yuheng took a sip of tea.
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

In a moment of silence, Qiu Jianlun suddenly spoke, “Asking the Buddha is easy, but obtaining the Buddha is difficult.”

Zhou Shubai didn’t quite understand.
“What are you talking about?”

Rong Yuheng’s tea-drinking motion paused for a moment.
He then lifted his head and glanced at Qiu Jianlun.

Just as the server arrived to serve their dishes and poured some glasses of wine, Qiu Jianlun shook his wine glass, his eyes filled with aristocratic grace.
The light from the crystal chandelier above him gave his proud lashes a glimmer, as if he were mocking, “Oh… the fish-lipped humans.”

Rong Yuheng was momentarily stunned, then burst into laughter.
Qiu Jianlun was indeed quite amusing.

Intelligence was one thing, but he was still the person who controlled the entire Qiu Group.
His mind was still sharp.

The overly sumptuous dishes were placed on the table.
Carefree and slightly foolish Zhou Shubai instantly forgot his previous confusion and eagerly dove into his food.

Qiu Jianlun averted his gaze, then turned to Zhou Shubai and advised him to eat more.

Rong Yuheng glanced at Qiu Jianlun, who was almost treating his plate as a target, and for some reason, he felt like Qiu Jianlun was feeding a little piglet.

After the meal, Qiu Jianlun handed a card to Zhou Shubai and asked him to settle the bill.
Zhou Shubai took the card without suspicion and happily went to the front desk.

Once the private room door closed, only Rong Yuheng and Qiu Jianlun remained inside.
The familiar scene played out again, but the atmosphere was different.

Rong Yuheng slouched in his chair, rubbing his belly.
Qiu Jianlun rested his hand on the table, lightly tapping it.
“Aren’t you afraid I’ll do the same thing as last time, Young Master?”

Rong Yuheng rubbed his belly until he was nearly falling asleep and replied lazily, “Would you dare?”

Qiu Jianlun said, “What’s there not to dare? But direct confrontation is a last resort.
It’s unnecessary and not worth it to target you.
I won’t apologize for what happened last time.
This time, inviting you for a meal is a way of thanking you for coming to see Xiaobai.”

Rong Yuheng didn’t mind.
“You care a lot about Shubai ge.”

Qiu Jianlun said, “He’s my younger brother now that he’s in my house.
I’m the one in charge at home.
I don’t care who he listens to.”

Rong Yuheng responded with a simple “Mhm.” Qiu Jianlun’s intentions were good, and as for his methods… that was their family business, and Rong Yuheng had no right to judge.

As the two remained in silent contemplation, the door to the private room opened again.
Zhou Shubai poked his head in.
“Are we going back to the set after this?”

Rong Yuheng stood up first.
“Let’s go.”

Zhou Shubai held the gold card and glanced at Qiu Jianlun with a probing look.
“This card looks pretty good.”

Qiu Jianlun replied, “Take it.
We’re family.
You can use the money at home.”

Zhou Shubai cheerfully pocketed the card.

Rong Yuheng’s eyes turned slightly red – a blazing jealousy had ignited inside him!

I won’t be a “guest under someone’s roof”!

After dinner with Zhou Shubai, it was about time for Rong Yuheng to leave.
After bidding farewell to the two brothers, he opened the car door to get in.
Suddenly, he noticed a figure in white slowly rising in front of the car… then the figure turned around, revealing a delicate face.

Rong Yuheng paused for a moment, leaned over to interview her, and asked, “Teacher Xun Guang, are you trying to surprise me?”

Xun Guang cooperatively took off her hat, and a strand of her hair swayed in the wind.
She cupped her face and rubbed against it, transforming into a meme: “A cute little creature suddenly appears!”

At first, Rong Yuheng found it cute, but then he kindly suggested, “Next time, don’t crouch in front of cars.
Otherwise, the cute little creature might suddenly vanish.”

Xun Guang replied, “Okay, thank you.” Then she explained, “I didn’t do it on purpose.
I was a bit hypoglycemic just now.”

Rong Yuheng kindly offered, “Do you want some candy? I have some in the car.”

“No need,” Xun Guang said, leaning down to kiss her own little hand.
“I can taste the strawberry flavor myself.”

Rong Yuheng stared in disbelief.

He began to wonder just how many absurdities and jokes would be in the drama “Escape.”

“Then I won’t disturb your meal.”

After saying that, Rong Yuheng got into the car.
Xun Guang, holding her hand to her mouth, stepped aside to make way for him.
Just as the car started, she suddenly put her hand down and ran over to tap on the car window.

The car window rolled down, and Rong Yuheng looked puzzled.
“Does Teacher Xun Guang have something else to say?”

Xun Guang took out her phone.
“I’ve taken a liking to you.
Let’s exchange WeChat contacts.”

Rong Yuheng was immediately terrified and held onto himself.
“I’m sorry, you look too young.

Xun Guang interrupted his rambling.
“Stop thinking a fart.”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

How could this adorable little white puffball say such surprising things?

Xun Guang continued, “I want you to act in my next play.
The genre is comedy, and true sand-sculptures are becoming endangered species.
It’s rare to find one like you.” She handed over her phone.
“Scan me.”

Rong Yuheng hadn’t expected that a chance encounter would lead to a role in a play.
He quickly pulled out his phone and scanned the code.

Ding, verification successful.

[Climb for Grandpa] has become your friend.

*Buzzword for Fuck off.

Rong Yuheng couldn’t help but exclaim, “So this is the ancestral lineage of the Zaun region.”

By the time Rong Yuheng returned to his dorm, it was almost time for dinner.
He had been busy all day and had lost his appetite, so he simply washed up and prepared to go to bed.

He sent a WeChat message to Wen Zhecheng.
Since it was dinner time, Wen Zhecheng hadn’t replied yet.
As he waited for a response, Rong Yuheng idly scrolled through his friends’ posts on social media.

His friends’ posts mainly consisted of the daily lives of various wealthy families and the activities of his entertainment industry friends.

Today was slightly different.

One post with a completely different style caught Rong Yuheng’s attention:

[Xun Guang]: Bringing 20 million to the crew – not even enough to buy your dad a box lunch.
Refuse entry, and I’ll withdraw my investment.
I dare you to pee on your own head.

Rong Yuheng was suddenly wide awake.
The little white dumpling was an ally!

An ally even more formidable than Bian Chen – a combat-type ally!!

Author’s Note:

Rong Yuheng: Today has been quite rewarding! (Raises fist) Abdominal muscles on the rise.jpg

Wen Zhecheng: And then I was ignored for a whole day.
Love line in reverse.jpg

The focus of Shubai and his brother’s relationship is about rebuilding a family, other romantic relationships are non-existent~


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