was full of holes.
Even someone as talkative as Wen Zhongyun fell into silence, unsure how to respond.

After a moment of silence, Wen Zhecheng couldn’t help but break it, “If your aunt goes out alone, can your uncle rest assured?”

Hearing this, Rong Yuheng’s action of eating a meatball paused for a moment.
Then, he pouted, “He won’t… hmph.”

Trying to sound calm and light, he continued, “After their fight, they got divorced.
My dad can’t control my mom.”


Wen Zhecheng didn’t know why, but he suddenly thought of the video from the audition—Rong Yuheng mentioned he had been in college but came back due to family matters.

It was probably because of his parents’ divorce.

Wen Zhecheng didn’t believe that a quarrel, like the playful one they just had, could lead to the end of a marriage.
There were many reasons for two people to separate, and he knew Rong Yuheng had just mentioned the simplest one.

Feeling uncomfortable, Wen Zhecheng wanted to hold Rong Yuheng and comfort him, as if he could soothe away all the negativity and help him digest the pain.

Wen Zhongyun kicked Wen Zhecheng under the table, his gaze accusing: See, you stepped on a landmine.
Hurry up and coax him.

Wen Zhecheng immediately reached out to tousle Rong Yuheng’s hair, attempting to smooth over the wounds in his heart.

Before he could tousle it a couple of times, Rong Yuheng lifted his head.
His gaze showed no suppressed pain or fragile pretense.
Instead, there was only a hint of hesitation.

“Do you mind washing your hands first…? You just scooped soup, and your fingers might get oily and touch my fur.”

Wen Zhecheng’s hand froze.
“…Sorry, I didn’t think of that.”

After finishing lunch, Wen Zhecheng put Rong the hamster back in its nest and took him to see his bookshelf.

His bookshelf was filled with trophies, limited edition records, and some opera DVDs.
Rong Yuheng flipped through them and found some that belonged to Wen Zhongyun.

“Uncle is truly a precious senior artist.”

“Artists from that era had it tough,” Wen Zhecheng said.
“They took step by step to achieve what they did.
Back then, it was called the art world, and it’s different from the entertainment industry now.”

Rong Yuheng nodded.
He was about to take out a DVD to listen to when he felt his phone vibrate.

Opening it, he saw a message from Zhou Shubai.

It was a message he sent yesterday after recording the program.
Zhou Shubai was probably busy, as he only replied now.

[Zhou Shubai]: Little Rong! This young master is filming.
I’ve just seen your message now.

Wen Zhecheng turned to look at Rong Yuheng.
“Got work?”

Rong Yuheng shook his head, “It’s Shubai ge.
We haven’t seen each other in a long time.
I said I’d visit him sometime.”

【Rong Yuheng】: Where are you filming? Do you have time to have a meal together? Miss you so much!

【Zhou Shubai】: In City N.
Are you coming to visit me on set?

【Rong Yuheng】: I happen to be free the day after tomorrow.
I’ll come see you [Cat peeking out.jpg].

【Zhou Shubai】: Come quickly! I’ll have my brother treat you to a meal.

… Rong Yuheng’s movements paused for a moment.

【Rong Yuheng】: Your brother? Is he also visiting you on set?

【Zhou Shubai】: No, he auditioned and got the role of the fifth male lead, so we’re filming together on the same set.

Rong Yuheng furrowed his eyebrows: Subway, old man, look at your phone.

【Rong Yuheng】: So, what role are you playing now?

【Zhou Shubai】: Second male lead.

Rong Yuheng: …

He felt like Qu Jianlun was more like Zhou Shubai’s launching pad to fame.

Wen Zhecheng noticed that Rong Yuheng’s expression wasn’t right and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Rong Yuheng closed his phone and pressed his temple, “It’s nothing… Can you play a record for me? I want to soothe my frazzled nerves.”

Wen Zhecheng responded with great tenderness, “Of course.”

Because he would be visiting City N the next day, Rong Yuheng didn’t stay overnight at Wen Zhecheng’s place tonight.
This time, Wen Zhecheng gave him a scarf to take with him, saying it was brought back from Country F and had never been used.

The off-white scarf was warm and soft, and Rong Yuheng was almost burying his entire face in it, looking very adorable.

Wen Zhecheng was very satisfied.
He finally understood the joy that girls found in playing dress-up games.

“It suits you, looks great on you,” he praised.

Holding the scarf to his face, Rong Yuheng poked his head out, “That’s because my feeder has good taste.”

Wen Zhecheng’s gaze lingered on his bright eyes for two seconds, “I think so too.”

Well, that’s why I’ve taken a liking to you.

As Wen Zhecheng’s car arrived back at the apartment building, Rong Yuheng didn’t immediately get out of the car.
He held onto the large scarf around his neck, lost in thought… Every time he came to Wen Zhecheng’s place, he ended up eating and leaving wrapped up, like having feathers plucked from a goose.

Thinking about this, Rong Yuheng turned to glance at Wen Zhecheng.

The sky had already darkened, and the view outside the car window was shrouded in darkness, pitch black.
One of Wen Zhecheng’s hands rested on the steering wheel.
With broad shoulders and a sturdy build, he unbuttoned the top button of his collar, revealing the movement of his Adam’s apple sliding up and down.

There was a mature man’s masculine allure emanating from him.

Rong Yuheng looked at him for a moment and thought, why not buy Wen Zhecheng a tie next time? It would look great tied just below his Adam’s apple.

“What are you thinking?” Wen Zhecheng suddenly asked.
The car was quiet, with only the reading light above them casting a warm, orange glow.

Rong Yuheng snapped out of his reverie and saw Wen Zhecheng leaning a bit closer.
His voice was low as he asked, “Are you reluctant to part with me?”

Rong Yuheng’s heart skipped a beat, and he withdrew slightly, touching his chest as he answered honestly, “A bit, after all, I’m a clingy hamster.”

Wen Zhecheng chuckled and reached out to tousle his hair, “Whenever you want to meet, just send me a message.
I’ll come pick you up.”

Rong Yuheng’s back tingled as he was tousled, “Aren’t you busy?”

Wen Zhecheng took the opportunity to spread his tail feathers a bit and shook them twice, “I’m taking care of the household.”

Author’s Note: Rong the hamster: I think I got electrocuted…!

Wen the peacock raised his head and took a confident stride, fanning his tail feathers: Wind power generation is within my capabilities too.

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