d your mentors.
You will be undergoing a two-month training here—in the building behind me.”

“There are thirty of you students, three rounds of qualifying matches, with five eliminations in each round.
Fifteen will remain for the final, competing for six spots in the debut group.
This means that there will be constant departures along the way.
I hope you can stay until the end based on your abilities!”

“Alright, it seems like everyone is feeling hot.
Let’s head inside the hall first.”

As Song Tang finished speaking, the students breathed a sigh of relief.
It wasn’t just about the heat; the main issue was the sunburn! They were all delicate boys aspiring to debut, so what would they do if their skin got sunburned?

The dormitory arrangements were self-selected, with four people in each room.
As soon as Zou Yi entered the building, he found Rong Yuheng.
“Shall we sleep together?”

Rong Yuheng stared at him warily and shook his head repeatedly.
“I don’t have such a hobby, thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Zou Yi, “…”

Zou Yi, “Don’t talk dirty.
You know what I mean.”

Zhou Shubai, who was eavesdropping, was once again stunned.
Holy… Can people make such jokes when they first meet???

Pu Zaixi was very accustomed to this atmosphere.
He grabbed Rong Yuheng with one hand and his luggage with the other, heading upstairs.
“Then let’s sleep together, the four of us.”

Rong Yuheng agreed, “Sure.”

Zhou Shubai looked around in panic.
“…???” Four? Which four? What about him?

As if to confirm his suspicion, Zou Yi rested his arm on the shoulder of this young master, nearly causing him to drop the heavy suitcase he was carrying.

Rong Yuheng, with sharp eyes and keen senses, grabbed the handle of the suitcase and lifted it up with one hand, while supporting himself against the railing.
“Shubai, be careful.”

Zhou Shubai was startled and quickly held onto the luggage, still frightened.
“Thank you.” Then he muttered quietly, “Can I treat you all to Georgian cuisine…”

Zou Yi and Pu Zaixi didn’t quite catch it.
“What is it???”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

He silently pleaded for this young master to say something that ordinary people can understand.

But Pu Zaixi’s attention quickly shifted.
He freed one hand and pinched Rong Yuheng’s arm.
“Yuheng, your arm strength is impressive.
You just grabbed the suitcase like that.”

Zou Yi, “After all, Yuheng is a tango dancer.
He must often lift people and fly around.
Wow… Can you get close to girls too? I’m envious.”

Rong Yuheng recalled the scene of being lifted and flown around… He remained silent.

Zou Yi suddenly realized, “Wait, during the preliminaries, you danced with Teacher Wen, and you danced the female steps, right?”

Rong Yuheng was suddenly exposed and felt flustered for a moment.
Then he calmly shifted the blame, shamelessly saying, “Should I make Brother Cheng dance the female steps? I was being considerate to him.”

Zou Yi, “…”

Zhou Shubai believed it naively, “That’s true, otherwise, you’d have to hold onto Teacher Wen’s waist and make him fly in the air.”

Rong Yuheng imagined the scene and his eyes gradually lit up…

Pu Zaixi casually turned his head to the side and instantly felt a chill down his spine.

“Yuheng, your eyes is so scary…”

Hearing the words, Rong Yuheng quickly concealed his expression and pretended to ask calmly, “What’s wrong?”

Pu Zaixi replied, “In the TV drama I was watching a few days ago, there was a treacherous minister who wanted to seize the throne…”

“Okay, I get it.”

The four of them arrived at the dormitory and pushed open the door, finding it beautifully arranged.

There were four beds arranged in pairs, facing each other with a central aisle.
There was also a spacious area on the inner side, with a coffee table, sofa, tables, chairs, and storage cabinets.

Indeed, it was Fan Yu Entertainment, providing the highest standard dormitories for future artists.

Once they entered the room, Zhou Shubai’s habit resurfaced.
He looked around and revealed a picky yet accommodating expression.

“Although it’s not as big as the bathroom in my bedroom, it can still accommodate people.”

The tone of “Ba-zong”2The idiom, CEO character in common chinese novel was so melodious and his voice so light, as if a heavenly deity was showing mercy to the world, sprinkling sporadic drops of sweet dew.

Rong Yuheng felt that Pu Zaixi was about to go crazy.
The latter picked up a pillow from the bed and went to smash Zhou Shubai, saying, “I know you’re rich, so stop saying that! It’s annoying, aaaaah!”

Caught off guard, Zhou Shubai was hit and fell into a daze again, “…”

After causing a commotion in the dormitory and unpacking their things, the announcement came over the building’s speakers.

Qiao Tan’s voice came from inside, saying, “Please gather in the music room on the third floor, students.”

On the third-floor music room, Qiao Tan and the other two mentors were already waiting inside.
The students pushed open the door and greeted the three mentors with nods and bows.

When Rong Yuheng entered, he happened to see a tall male student talking to Qiao Tan.

The student had long and well-proportioned limbs, and his handsome side profile exuded a sense of charm.
Qiao Tan, facing him, had a smile in his eyes and even patted the student’s shoulder.

Rong Yuheng couldn’t help but feel curious.
He turned to Pu Zaixi and asked, “Who is that handsome guy?”

Pu Zaixi, with slight nearsightedness, squinted his eyes and recognized him after a few seconds.
“Oh, that’s Shan Qi, a trainee from Fan Yu Entertainment.
I heard he has some connections with the higher-ups at Fan Yu.”

Rong Yuheng nodded, indicating that he understood.

He had never set foot in the entertainment industry before and was unaware of its intricacies.
The relationship between Shan Qi and Fan Yu Entertainment still needed to be verified, but he trusted the fairness of the three mentors, including Qiao Tan.

However, even rumors that Pu Zaixi knew, not everyone present was aware of them.
It was likely that Shan Qi would receive more attention than himself after this.

Soon, all the students gathered together, and Qiao Tan clapped his hands to signal everyone to be quiet.

“Let me explain first.
The first qualifying round will take place in half a month.
It will be in the form of a solo performance, live-streamed on the internet, and the audience will vote.
Therefore, you not only need to improve your talents but also enhance your on-camera presence.
Remember, the ultimate goal you need to conquer is the audience!”

“Teacher Jin will be in charge of your vocal training, I will be responsible for your lyrics and composition, and Teacher Song Tang will oversee your stage performance.”

“Lastly, for dance, Teacher Ke Ting is quite busy.
He is preparing for a national tour, and initially, we invited him to be a mentor for this selection, but unfortunately… Teacher Ke couldn’t make it today.
So, moving forward—”

As Qiao Tan spoke, his gaze suddenly froze, and he looked towards the entrance of the classroom behind the students.

He paused for a moment, then laughed in astonishment.

“Teacher Wen, are you here to bring me another phone?”

Rong Yuheng’s heart inexplicably skipped a beat.
He turned his head along with the others and saw a tall figure standing at the classroom entrance.

The man had a handsome and cold face, exuding an aura of invincibility.
His gaze didn’t linger on anyone and his voice carried a matter-of-fact tone.

“Teacher Ke asked me to substitute for him.”


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1龙傲天 an Internet slang used to satirize some novels, comics or animations that are very strong at the beginning of the scene, do things without common sense, and can easily take out powerful enemies without thinking.2The idiom, CEO character in common chinese novel

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