heng’s voice suddenly became melodious, with a hint of recitation, “Finally, I transformed into a human! On that day, the sky was high and the weather was clear.
I broke free from the shell that had weighed me down for decades, standing on this vast land…”

Both of them: …

They could hardly tell whether this was a stand-up comedy or a recitation.

Coincidentally, the characters on the wall had been decoded.
Ji Yanchu turned his head to twist the ship’s rudder, rotating it three and a half times clockwise and one turn counterclockwise.

A series of mechanical sounds followed, and the shells on the ground suddenly emitted different colored lights.
The shell containing Rong Yuheng slowly opened, bursting with a silvery glow.
Rong Yuheng seemed like a scallop spirit that had transformed into a human, elegantly awakening from it.

As Wen Ying and Ji Yanchu tried to stuff him back into the shell with their eyes, Rong Yuheng slowly stood up, stepping onto the ground covered in white feathers, adding an ending to his story.

Looking emotionally at the two, Rong Yuheng said, “I’ve transformed and come to repay your kindness, two lords.”


Upon hearing the term “恩公” (Pronounce, En Gong.
A polite way of addressing someone), Wenying almost spewed out her saliva in surprise! Ji Yanchu appeared indifferent and asked, “Oh, how do you plan to repay your debt, little scallop?”

Rong Yuheng raised his little finger and gently shook it, “Oh… no, my lord, I am no longer a little scallop.”

Ji Yanchu’s eyebrow twitched, “Then what are you?”

“I have transformed into a human,” Rong Yuheng said with a slight smile, tilting his chin, his handsome cheeks reflecting the light above, appearing pure and flawless.
“Now I am a big scallop person.”

Ji Yanchu, “…”

What a virtuous person!

Su Yuyin and Fang Zhixu had just deciphered the clues in the third room when Rong Yuheng and the other two entered from the second room.

“Hey, you guys are here?” Su Yuyin asked, noticing their different expressions.

Especially Rong Yuheng, who spent some time in the shell but didn’t show any signs of fatigue.
On the contrary, he looked lively and energetic, like an elf full of vitality.
In contrast, Wenying and Ji Yanchu looked like they had suffered a double blow to their body and spirit, dragging their heavy steps with their backs already bent by the burden of life.

Su Yuyin had a big question mark over his head:?

Ji Yanchu had already recovered, and he adjusted his posture as he said, “Based on the clues, we closed the shells in the order of colors, and then an induction box in the corner of the room automatically opened, revealing a piece of paper inside.”

He unfolded the paper for everyone to see.

A few simple wave lines, a cargo ship emitting thick smoke, and below were barrels and fish bones slowly sinking to the seabed.

Fang Zhixu speculated, “Could the treasure be these barrels that fell from the ship? What are these fish bones depicted?”

Su Yuyin said, “Let’s keep this for now, Teacher Ji, until we have more clues to decipher together.”

The fourth room had already been opened, and the five of them arrived at the entrance, only to find a smooth slope ahead.

To reach the next location, they had to climb up from here.

Wen Ying exclaimed, “There’s no foothold, and it’s so steep!”

Ji Yanchu took off his shoes first, “Let me try.” He took a few steps back, then ran up to use the friction on the soles of his feet to climb up.

However, the slope was too long, and Ji Yanchu slipped halfway, falling back to the flat ground below.

He shook his head, “It’s not possible; it’s too steep.”

Su Yuyin was tempted, “Why don’t I try? With the experience from the previous recording, I’ve changed into sports shoes with non-slip soles, so it’s worth a try.”

Rong Yuheng looked worried, “Su-ge, weren’t you tripped on level ground?”

Su Yuyin cleverly replied, “It’s fine.
This is a slope.”

Wen Ying, having been through this before, smoothly chimed in, “So negative times negative is positive, right?”

Rong Yuheng joined in with a cheerful laugh, “Hehehe…”

The joyous atmosphere ended abruptly when Su Yuyin’s attempt to climb failed.

Su Yuyin rolled down like a wheel, and even the non-slip sports shoes couldn’t prevent his fall.

Seeing Su Yuyin rolling down, Rong Yuheng was suddenly alarmed, afraid that he might crash into the back wall, and quickly reached out to stop him!

In an instant, Rong Yuheng was pulled by a strong force and tumbled in the same direction as Su Yuyin—

“Teacher Su, Little Rong!”

With a muffled sound, luckily, the program crew had made good safety precautions, and the ground wasn’t too hard.
Rong Yuheng and Su Yuyin fell together, a little dazed but not seriously injured.

Rong Yuheng’s head was still stuck under Su Yunyin’s armpit, his furry head wriggling as he tried to break free.

Su Yuyin came to his senses and quickly got up, releasing Rong Yuheng, “Rong Bao, did I crush you?”

The remaining three teammates came over, concerned and checking their condition, “Are you both okay?”

Rong Yuheng shook his head, “I’m fine, how about Su-ge?”

Su Yuyin said, “I’m fine too.
Luckily, you stopped me.
Otherwise, I might have rolled too far.”

Fang Zhixu sighed, “You really scared me just now, especially when Rong Yuheng and you were tangled together, I thought you might get hurt.”

The fall happened so suddenly, Rong Yuheng was too shocked to notice their condition, and when he heard “tangled together,” he inexplicably felt a subtle sense of embarrassment in his heart.

He asked, “How were we tangled together?”

Fang Zhixu demonstrated vividly, intertwining his hands, “Your hand was wrapped around Su-teacher’s waist, your head was stuck in his armpit, and Su-teacher’s hand went around your neck from behind, and your legs were twisted like a braid…”

Su Yunyin & Rong Yuheng, “…”

Rong Yuheng’s thoughts about rhyming suddenly disappeared.

He pondered for two seconds and cautiously asked, “Will this part be edited out?”

Su Yuyin thought that Rong Yuheng was concerned about his image and, knowing Yang Wen’s style, he calmly replied, “No, it will even be enhanced in post-production.”

A sense of crisis instantly surged up Rong Yuheng’s spine! Long-term experience of playing cute pets had given him an animal-like intuition—

For some unknown reason, Rong Yuheng straightened his posture and started a low-budget version of rap in front of the camera:

“Who would have thought it would develop to this point~

Kind-hearted me, helping out wasn’t wrong,

In that moment of falling, I was still worried about protecting my fur~

I’m just afraid that one day I’ll be neglected by my owner, yo~”

Author’s Note: The current crowd: No clue what just happened.

Future CP fans: This is all sweetness!!

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