The recording first episode of “Treasure Hunt Contest” still with five guests.

When Rong Yuheng arrived, he saw Su Yuyin and Yang Wen in the rest area.

Su Yuyin was also considered a top host in the variety show industry.
He had taken on three or four shows at the same time, and most of them were regular appearances.
Rong Yuheng didn’t expect him to arrive so early each time.
He really didn’t put an airs at all.

“Hello, Director Yang.
Hello, Brother Su!” Rong Yuheng greeted them with joy.

Hearing his voice, Su Yuyin and Yang Wen turned around, “Little Rong is here?”

Rong Yuheng playfully imitated AI’s voice, “Little Rong is here, Little Rong is here!”

After the noise-making ended, someone chuckled, and Rong Yuheng noticed that there was another person sitting on the sofa.

Yang Wen pulled Rong Yuheng over to introduce them, “This is Ji Yanchu, Teacher Ji.
He starred in the popular TV series ‘Bu Lingchuan’ recently.”

Ji Yanchu appeared to be around twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, and he smiled, “Just call me Ji.”

“Hello, Ji-ge, I’m Rong Yuheng.” Rong Yuheng shook hands with him, exchanging greetings.

Ji Yanchu came this time to ride the popularity of the TV series “Bu Lingchuan.” The female lead of the drama, Wen Ying, also arrived later, a tall and slender girl who looked very capable.

When she saw Rong Yuheng, she laughed, “Hey, our program also invited a comedian!”


Rong Yuheng humbly lowered his head, “Not funny enough to be called a comedian, not yet a star.”

The last guest arrived just before the recording—rising young actress Fang Zhixu.
She had a beautiful appearance and delicate makeup; when she entered, her chin was slightly raised, and her back was straight.

“Sorry, got stuck in traffic on the way.”

Yang Wen waved his hand, “No worries.” After the guests exchanged greetings, they were ready for the formal recording.

The formal version was different from the trial version.
To increase the show’s entertainment value, there was an interactive segment before the entrance.

Yang Wen was skilled in variety show production and knew what the audience liked to see.
He deliberately added this segment to reveal the unknown side of the celebrities’ lives.

The host for this segment was Liu Wanjing.
When Rong Yuheng got on stage, he naturally positioned himself at the end, like a little tail.

Liu Wanjing introduced each guest one by one and then entered the interactive segment.
In this segment, each guest had to say something unique that only they had at home, and the others on stage were guaranteed not to have it.


Ji Yanchu thought for a moment and raised his hand, “I have a Labrador at home named Xuebing.”

Wen Ying followed, “I have a porcelain bowl from the Qing Dynasty.”

Fang Zhixu said, “During the New Year, I attended an overseas event, and the organizers specially gave me a custom-made necklace.”

As Rong Yuheng was about to join the others in exclaiming and applauding like a sea otter, Liu Wanjing cued him, “Actually, this question should be easy for Yuheng to answer.
For example, a coal stove or firewood? I believe the other guests don’t have these things, hahaha…”

Rong Yuheng’s clapping motion paused for a moment… Why did he feel like Liu Wanjing was making fun of him for being poor?

Su Yuyin’s eyes narrowed slightly, but before he could speak up to save the situation, Rong Yuheng responded, “Actually, I don’t have those.
We’ve been promoting environmental protection in recent years, and we all use natural gas now.”

Su Yuyin was stunned for a second but then burst into laughter.

Rong Yuheng continued with a serious expression, “After all, we need to comply with the country’s policies.”

This time, Liu Wanjing felt awkward.
He felt like he was acting wise.

After playfully hitting him back, Rong Yuheng considerately warmed up the atmosphere, “So, I have a wind turbine at home.”


A large windmill in the backyard pond, used purely for decoration, but powered by love.

Laughter erupted on stage, and Wen Ying even praised, “Quite unique.”

Su Yuyin was the last to speak, and like Ji Yanchu, he used his adorable pet as a shield, concluding the interactive segment.
After Su Yuyin finished, he turned to Rong Yuheng and asked, “Have you ever raised a cute pet at home, Xiao Rong?”

Rong Yuheng’s expression had a moment of complexity but soon returned to calm, “We can count it as having raised one.”

He was the beloved pet raised at home.

After the interactive segment, the group prepared to enter the venue and start the “treasure hunt.”

Before entering, Su Yuyin walked behind and quietly asked Rong Yuheng, “What about you and Liu Wanjing…?”

Rong Yuheng’s footsteps paused—indeed, he was not overthinking.

“First time meeting him,” he replied.

Su Yuyin nodded, reached out and patted Rong Yuheng, “No worries, let’s focus on recording the show.”

The five of them entered the venue, and the gate behind them closed with a “bang.”

Having experienced the trial version, they were all much calmer this time.

The surroundings looked like a blue ocean, with the walls painted with wavy patterns.
Underfoot was fine white sand, with stones and seashells scattered among it.

Su Yuyin looked around, “It seems like the theme is the ocean this time.”


Wen Ying tentatively stepped on the fine sand, “It feels solid.”

Su Yuyin followed suit and stepped on it.
The sand was somewhat soft, but it was solid enough to walk on.
The main concern was not knowing how deep it was, so they didn’t dare to dig around easily.

Seeing this, Fang Zhixu exclaimed, “Oh no, how can I walk in high heels?”

Before anyone could respond, Su Yuyin’s gaze wasn’t full of concern for her but rather turned warily to Rong Yuheng!

Rong Yuheng’s lips moved, and he was about to say something when Su Yuyin issued a light warning, “Don’t you dare say ‘crawl forward’ again…”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

Su Yuyin silenced him!

Feeling somewhat neglected, Fang Zhixu stomped her foot again to regain everyone’s attention, “What should I do?”

Beside her, Ji Yanchu was bothered by the sound of her high heels clattering and suggested, “How about taking off your shoes and walking?”

Fang Zhixu replied, “No way, it will hurt my feet.”

Ji Yanchu said, “Then find something to wrap your feet with?”

Fang Zhixu frowned, “Huh? That would be too ugly!”

Everyone, “…”

Rong Yuheng almost suspected that Fang Zhixu was the boss of this challenge, specifically sent to increase the difficulty for them.

He said, “How about this? I’ll go to the back room and see if there are any flat shoes.”

Fang Zhixu still felt a bit reluctant, “Oh, make sure to find me a pair that fits well.”

Rong Yuheng, “…You have quite a few demands.”

The sandy area was only as big as the first room, and the remaining four guests stayed there to look for clues.
Rong Yuheng stepped across the sand to go to the room behind to help “hidden boss” Fang Zhixu find flat shoes.

After circling around, he realized that currently, only three rooms were accessible, and further ahead, they would likely need to trigger mechanisms.

Rong Yuheng looked left and right, surveyed the area, and finally, his eyes settled on the corner of the third room.

Rong Yuheng almost wanted to applaud the production team.
This adventure with an ocean theme truly had the perfect pair of shoes.
He picked up the shoes and turned back to the first room.

In the first room, Su Yuyin and the others were cautiously searching the sandy area.
Wen Ying dug out a seashell and carefully opened it to see if there were any clues.

Fang Zhixu looked like a stranded little mermaid, unable to move and stood by the sandy shore, pointing out directions, “Hey, look over there, and there!”

“… “

Fang Zhixu’s commanding career came to an end with the return of Rong Yuheng.

“I found it,” Rong Yuheng said, crossing the sandy beach with happiness on his face, and placed the “flat shoes” he found in front of Fang Zhixu.

“Zhixu, try these on.
They should fit you well,” Rong Yuheng said.

For a moment, Fang Zhixu’s face contorted, and her expression was out of control.

As Ji Yanchu let out an uncontrollable chuckle, Fang Zhixu finally let out a sharp question, “You want me to wear flippers!?”

Su Yuyin couldn’t contain himself either and snorted, “Pfff… Hahaha!”

Rong Yuheng said, “There’s nothing else; these should fit well, and the soles are flat…”

Fang Zhixu exclaimed, “I’m a girl!”

Rong Yuheng comforted her gently, “I know, that’s why I picked the female flippers.” He then handed her the green flippers and said, “See, am I thoughtful?”


The beginning of the show seemed like a farce, and with everyone’s encouragement, Fang Zhixu reluctantly put aside her idol burden and unwillingly put on the flippers.

The key was that they really fit well, she had nothing to complain about.

Su Yuyin supported her arm and said, “Take it slowly, Zhixu.
You look great, and it’s not ugly at all.”

Rong Yuheng clapped his hands from the side, “Yeah, you look like a little mermaid~”

Fang Zhixu’s expression changed completely, “I feel more like a frog princess.”

Rong Yuheng exclaimed, “Wow~ no wonder your temperament is so aristocratic!”

Fang Zhixu, “…”

That was not something to be proud of, thank you.

After crossing the sandy area, Fang Zhixu’s first action was to change back into her elegant high heels and request the show to cut the previous segment.

Behind the camera, Yang Wen was laughing so hard that his face was full of wrinkles, and he turned to discuss with the post-production team about adding special effects.

In the camera, the group had already started searching the second room.
Yang Wen was holding his chin, watching the recording when his assistant called him, “Director Yang, there’s a call for you.”

Yang Wen turned around, “Whose call?”

“It’s from Wen Teacher’s agent, Qu Youhe.”

“Wen Teacher… Wen Zhecheng!?” Yang Wen was shocked; they didn’t have much of a connection.
He couldn’t afford to be careless and quickly picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is Yang Wen.”

On the other end of the line, Qu Youhe’s voice sounded quite awkward, “Director Yang, sorry to bother you.
I wanted to ask… do you still need people for your show?”

Yang Wen’s heart skipped a beat, “What do you mean?”

Qu Youhe replied, “It doesn’t have to be a regular role, just as a guest for one episode is fine.
Our Zhecheng wants to appear on a variety show, and I was wondering if you…?”

Yang Wen could hardly believe his ears – Wen Zhecheng wanted to be on his show!?

“Of course! We’re very welcome!” Yang Wen couldn’t care about anything else.
Wen Zhecheng’s popularity was something not ordinary stars could compare to.
Moreover, he had never appeared on any variety show before, so if his first appearance on a variety show was on Yang Wen’s show, wouldn’t that cause a sensation?

After Yang Wen agreed, Qu Youhe breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you, Director Yang.
The payment won’t be a problem, just arrange it as soon as possible.”

“Of course, it’s our honor that Wen Teacher can come to our show.”

After a round of mutual compliments, they hung up the phone.

After ending the call, Qu Youhe looked at Wen Zhecheng with a helpless expression.

“Are you satisfied now, Zhecheng?”

Wen Zhecheng lowered his head and softly replied with a timid voice, “Mmm,” entering his primary school student’s mode of guilt once again.

Qu Youhe sighed, “I really can’t figure you out, Zhecheng.
You know not everyone can appear on variety shows.
It requires a sense of variety, but you…”

Wen Zhecheng quickly found someone to back him up, “Xiao Tang said my sense of variety has gotten stronger recently.”

Qu Youhe could only think to himself, “Heh, sure.”

“Maybe she couldn’t find a place to blow rainbows, that’s why she praised something so random.
Who would compliment you for having ‘variety sense’?” Qu Youhe said.

Wen Zhecheng, unable to use Xiao Tang as an excuse.
Shifted the target, “You also said it.”

Qu Youhe asked, “I said what?”

Wen Zhecheng pursed his lips, took a small step back against the wall, trying to sound more confident, “You said I’ve become more interesting recently.”

Qu Youhe was momentarily choked, then explained to Wen Zhecheng in simple terms, “The ‘interesting’ I meant is not the same ‘interesting’ you understand.
It’s like when in the show, Guo Li said Rong Yuheng looks quite ‘wise,’ it’s a similar concept.”

After Qu Youhe’s explanation, he eagerly leaned forward, “Do you understand now, Brother Cheng?”

Wen Zhecheng furrowed his brows and pondered for two seconds, “You mean my ‘interesting’ and Rong Rong’s ‘wise’ are in the same category?”

Qu Youhe nodded reassuringly, glad that he finally got it.

The next second, Qu Youhe saw Wen Zhecheng’s ears slowly turning red, with a hint of happiness in the corners of his eyes and brows, “So, you mean we are truly a perfect match!”


Qu Youhe was dumbfounded, his expression frozen, “Yes, yes, you two are the perfect match, a natural pair.”

Author’s note: Wen Zhecheng: Hey, it rhymes!


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