>“Rongbao, tell us quickly, it’s not what we think, right?”

Rong Yuheng: “…”

Rong Yuheng was speechless.
His innocent little heart was about to be corrupted by this group of teammates!

“I stayed at a friend’s place.
We watched a movie till late, so I slept over at his place.”

Huang Jianing exclaimed in horror, “How did you sleep?”

Rong Yuheng replied, “He slept on the bed, and I slept on the floor.”


Everyone fell silent for two seconds and then collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

Bian Chen yawned and turned back to his room, “Then it’s all good.”

Huang Jianing patted him with pity, speaking gently, “Your friend… is quite straightforward.”

Rong Yuheng hurriedly defended Wen Zhecheng, “Actually, I slept on the bed in the first half of the night, and later I moved to the floor.”

“…” Huang Jianing’s expression became more complex.
“I’m telling you, your choice of friends might be a bit questionable.”

Rong Yuheng fell silent, realizing that he seemed to have a talent for making things sound worse than they were.

The recording of STAR—T’s album was scheduled for the next week, and after a few days of rest, the members would be busy again with the recording work.

During this period, Lu Mingxuan informed Rong Yuheng through messages that the recording for the first episode of “Treasure Hunt Contest” was about to begin, telling him to prepare well.

Rong Yuheng agreed and remembered that Xu Sun had not told him about it.
He wasn’t sure whether Xu Sun hadn’t received the notification or for some other reason.

When Shan Qi came to find Rong Yuheng, he saw him sitting upright at the head of the bed, solemnly flipping through an old almanac.

He trembled slightly when holding the music score, asking, “What are you doing, Rongbao?”

Rong Yuheng looked up and smiled gently, “Nothing, just picking an auspicious day.”

Sending off an old acquaintance.

Shan Qi didn’t quite understand but suppressed the feeling of discomfort in his heart.
He discussed the recording of the album with Rong Yuheng, “Can you and Tang Tang handle this part? Your voices complement each other well.
I’ve wanted to have you two perform together for a long time.”

Rong Yuheng glanced at the music score and replied, “No problem.”

Shan Qi smiled and playfully rubbed his head, “Okay, then practice well.”

He felt that someone like Rong Yuheng was well-suited to be a companion—honest and straightforward, never shy or ingratiating.

The album recording took place in the building of Fan Yu Company.
Li Jiao led the STAR—T members to the third-floor recording studio.
The floor was tiled with white porcelain, and the sound of footsteps echoed in the room.

As they walked, they met two people coming from the opposite direction.

At first, Rong Yuheng didn’t pay much attention until Zou Yi pulled him aside and into the aisle.

Confused, Rong Yuheng looked up and followed Zou Yi’s gaze to see a guy approaching them.
His first reaction was that the person seemed familiar, but he soon felt the unfriendly look from the guy.

Shan Qi wasn’t aware of any grudges between the two, so he greeted the former teammate they had trained together, “Long time no see, Yu Rao.”

Yu Rao nodded, “Hello.”

Yu Rao’s manager also exchanged greetings with Li Jiao, and they quickly passed by each other.

Rong Yuheng then searched his memory and found that this person had been eliminated during a competition, and he had blamed Rong Yuheng for his elimination.

Zou Yi whispered, “Why is he here? Could it be that he also signed with Fan Yu?”

Rong Yuheng shook his head, “I’m not sure.”

Zou Yi cautioned, “It seems like he still holds a grudge against you.
Be careful.
I think he’s a bit unstable, and he might do something crazy.”

Rong Yuheng sighed deeply, “Our friendship is so fragile.”

It has been almost half a year, but how come they still don’t understand me?

The recording of the album couldn’t be completed overnight.
Fan Yu gave them half a year to complete it, during which they could take on individual jobs or attend team activities.

After a week of recording, Rong Yuheng finally received a notification from Xu Sun.

“Yuheng, you’re invited as a regular on ‘Treasure Hunt Contest.’ The formal recording will start next week, so be prepared.” Xu Sun sounded excited, as he probably hadn’t brought such an easy-going artist for a long time.
“Yang Director thinks you have great variety show potential and is impressed with your talent.
Don’t disappoint his expectations!”

“I understand.
Thank you, Brother Sun, and thank Yang Director for the recognition.”

After hanging up the phone, Rong Yuheng noted Yang Wen’s good intentions.

Regardless of whether Yang Wen valued him due to his connections or because of genuine care, not revealing all his cards to Xu Sun was a favor.

Xu Sun was not a bad person, just a bit money-minded.
Besides, Rong Yuheng had already put replacing Xu Sun on his agenda.
There was no way he would casually expose his resources to an agent who wouldn’t know how to use them and end up ruining a good hand.

The day of the formal recording of “Treasure Hunt Contest” arrived quickly.

Rong Yuheng stayed true to his original intentions, posted on his social media, and tagged Zai An, bantering with him back and forth.

Xu Sun drove him to the recording location.
On the way, Rong Yuheng continued their friendly banter with Zai An through social media.

Xu Sun reminded him while driving, “Don’t look at your phone if you get motion sick.
We’ll arrive soon.
Check it when we get off.”

Rong Yuheng obediently put away his phone, “I was just exchanging feelings with Zai An gege.”

Xu Sun was pleased, “Hey, it’s just that if you don’t fight, you don’t know each other.”

Rong Yuheng looked at the program’s logo gradually becoming clearer ahead and leaned back in his seat, “It’s about the same.”

Xu Sun asked casually, “Where is the difference?”

Rong Yuheng didn’t answer but smiled warmly.

It should be “Do not fight without understanding.”

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But I’ll try my best to update everyday.

Remember to remind me if you find mistake.
Happy reading.

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