tance from others in the future.

As the bowl of noodles was placed on the table, before Rong Yuheng could take a bite, the aroma attracted the secretly waiting White Goose.

Wen Zhongyun stealthily approached from the dark living room and appeared soundlessly at the dining table, his sharp eyes shining as if he were a walking emoticon:

[Your cutie suddenly appears.jpg]

Wen Zhongyun sighed with admiration, “Smells so good…”

Rong Yuheng was startled by Wen Zhongyun, and his hand with the chopsticks trembled, almost flinging the bacon into the air.

He regained his composure and tested the waters, “Uncle, do you want some?”

Wen Zhongyun waved his hand, “Oh, no, no… I’ve already had dinner.
I’m old, and eating too much at night will keep me awake.”

Wen Zhecheng was exhausted, “Dad, don’t suddenly appear like that; it’s scary.”

Wen Zhongyun tried to defend himself, “I didn’t suddenly appear; I slowly emerged from the darkness.”

Wen Zhecheng and Rong Yuheng, “…Isn’t that even scarier!”

Rong Yuheng felt a little embarrassed, getting Wen Zhecheng to cook for him at this hour and getting caught by Wen Zhongyun.

Even someone as shameless as him felt bashful.
Holding the large bowl of noodles, he almost buried his head in it, “I was a little hungry, so… Teacher Wen cooked noodles for me.
After I finish eating, I’ll clean up the kitchen.
Thank you for the hospitality.”

Whenever he saw Rong Yuheng acting so polite, Wen Zhecheng couldn’t help but find it amusing, “You haven’t had dinner yet.
If you don’t eat something now, you’ll starve.
You don’t have to clean the kitchen; I’ll do it later.”

Wen Zhongyun immediately reprimanded Wen Zhecheng, “How could you let this child starve until now? Since you brought him home, you should take responsibility for taking care of him.
That’s how you treat guests!”

Rong Yuheng quickly defended Wen Zhecheng, “No, no, I was just hungry! I got hungry too late, and I bothered Teacher Wen to cook for me.”

Wen Zhongyun’s expression finally eased, and he rubbed Rong Yuheng’s head, “Oh, then quickly eat more.
Such a little child, there’s no flesh on his body, and his clothes are empty.”


Wen Zhecheng quickly rescued Rong Yuheng when he saw his fur being ruffled up, “Dad, let him eat well.”

“Good khakk, good khakah~” The veteran artist walked away reluctantly…

When Wen Zhongyun reached the doorway of the dining room, he suddenly turned back.
Under the warm orange light of the dining table, a steaming bowl of noodles emitted white steam, blurring Rong Yuheng’s delicate facial features as he munched on the noodles.
Wen Zhecheng leaned on the table, gazing down at him with a warm and attentive expression, a rare hint of contentment on his lips.

A twinge in Wen Zhongyun’s heart caused his eyes to become moist.
He wasn’t suffering from senile dementia, casually bringing a beautiful child home whenever he pleased.
Wen Zhongyun was grateful to Rong Yuheng; he felt that having his son stand beside Rong Yuheng gave him a sense of youthful energy.

Being busy with drama in his early years, he didn’t take good care of Wen Zhecheng.
In the blink of an eye, his son had grown up.
Despite being in his twenties, he seemed more mature than himself.

Whenever Wen Zhongyun saw Wen Zhecheng like this, he felt a sense of guilt and discomfort.
He sometimes deliberately made a fuss, but it didn’t seem to make Wen Zhecheng more lively.

Wen Zhongyun turned back and reentered the room.

Regardless of Wen Zhecheng’s feelings, it didn’t matter.
As one aged, all they wished for was their children’s happiness.

On the other side, Rong Yuheng was still eating the noodles heartily.

In his mind, he fervently praised Wen Zhecheng—Outstanding divine owner, outstanding food! Love it, love it.

Wen Zhecheng looked at him for a moment and asked, “Is it delicious?”

Rong Yuheng lifted his face with noodles still in his mouth, resembling a waterfall, “So good!”

Wen Zhecheng thought he couldn’t speak clearly with his face raised like that, so he pulled out a chair and sat down, propping his chin to observe Rong Yuheng eating.
His eyes were gentle and focused, and there was a rare hint of satisfaction at the corners of his mouth.

Suddenly, Wen Zhecheng thought of Xiaotang’s words, “beautiful and delicious” and felt a tickling sensation in his heart.

Rong Yuheng had almost finished eating most of the bowl of noodles.
However, he felt embarrassed to throw away the leftovers, so he could only eat them slowly.

Wen Zhecheng asked, “Are you full?”

Rong Yuheng paused his noodle-slurping motion and carefully gauged Wen Zhecheng’s expression.

Wen Zhecheng smiled, “If you can’t finish it, don’t force yourself.
I cooked a lot in the first place.”

Rong Yuheng cradled the bowl with a heartache, “Divine food, I can’t bear to waste it!”

Hearing that, Wen Zhecheng reached out and pulled the bowl toward himself, “I’ll eat the rest; it won’t go to waste.”

…Rong Yuheng was shocked!

He held his chopsticks and looked at this scene, feeling as if he were in a fantasy—Wen Zhecheng was going to eat the noodles he left!

“Owner, this is too much… You could have told me; we could have shared it.”

Wen Zhecheng took the chopsticks from him and picked up a piece of noodle from the bowl, bringing it to his own mouth casually, “I’m not hungry.
Seeing you enjoy it makes me want some too.”

Rong Yuheng’s brain was still lagging, and he muttered, “Oh,” in his heart, thinking: Damn, Wen Zhecheng is actually eating the noodles I left!

On the side, Wen Zhecheng quietly savored the noodles, also thinking: Damn, in a roundabout way, this is an indirect kiss!

Both of them finished the noodles with their thoughts swirling, and then they cleaned up the kitchen.

It was already past ten o’clock, and it was pitch-black outside.
Rong Yuheng glanced at the time and said, “I’ll take a taxi back.
Don’t bother sending me; it’ll take an hour round trip.”

Wen Zhecheng took off his apron and hung it on the rack, pausing at his words.
His throat moved, and he casually said, “It’s too late, and it’s unsafe for you to go back now.
Just stay here and sleep.”

Rong Yuheng fell silent for two seconds, then shamelessly wavered, “But I didn’t bring any toiletries or spare clothes.”

Wen Zhecheng said, “There are new toothbrushes and cups in the house.
As for pants, I’ll go downstairs and buy for you.
As for clothes… you can wear mine.”

Rong Yuheng licked his lips, bashfully lowering his head, “It’s too much trouble, isn’t it…”

Seeing his embarrassed expression, Wen Zhecheng knew he was being polite again and couldn’t help but smile, “No trouble at all.
There’s a convenience store in the community.
You go wash up first, and I’ll go downstairs to buy.”

He paused and coughed softly, “… What size do you wear?”

Rong Yuheng’s mind raced for a few seconds, but he couldn’t figure it out, so he gave up.
His clothes and pants were all bought by the house staff before, and he hadn’t paid attention to the sizes.

He unbuttoned the back of his pants and leaned forward to Wen Zhecheng, “Take a look.
Is there a label at the back?”

Damn it.

Wen Zhecheng’s face instantly turned hot!

Rong Yuheng’s waist was slim, but his hips were full and round.

Now, with his back arched, as he pulled down his pants, Wen Zhecheng could catch a glimpse of the faint valley…

Wen Zhecheng quickly glanced at it and looked away, feeling a subtle heat in his lower abdomen, “Alright, I got it.”

Rong Yuheng asked, “Then I’ll go take a shower.
Where’s the bathroom?”

Wen Zhecheng led him into the en-suite bathroom in the bedroom, “You can use the one in my room.
This is the laundry basket, and the row of wash and care products there are all available for use.
There are new towels in the cabinet, you can use any of them.”

After giving the instructions, Wen Zhecheng stepped out, “I’ll go downstairs now.
It’ll take about ten minutes to get back.
Don’t rush with your shower.”

Rong Yuheng stood in the bathroom, making a “hehe” gesture with his hand, “I know, I know, or else I’ll get too excited!”

Wen Zhecheng, “…”

The anger that had just flared up in Wen Zhecheng hadn’t subsided yet, and now he warned Rong Yuheng with a stern look, “No more teasing.”

Rong Yuheng seemed like he had been deprived of a great pleasure, “Why not!”

The bathroom door “click” shut, leaving only Wen Zhecheng’s words, with an inexplicable meaning:

“Harm others, harm yourself.”

Author’s note: 

Now—Wen Zhecheng: I’m going to die.

Later—Rong Yuheng: I’m going to die…

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