Half an hour later, Wen Zhecheng arrived.

Just as Rong Yuheng was leaving, he happened to run into Bian Chen.
The latter frowned, “You’re not thinking of doing something foolish, are you?”

Rong Yuheng felt that Bian Chen’s mouth was created by the Creator to balance the excessively beautiful world.
He raised his head coldly, “If it’s something foolish, I’ll definitely involve you.”

After saying that, he slammed the door shut with a bang.

Inside the room, Bian Chen looked at the closed door for two seconds, then breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, and turned back to his room.

The security in this community was good, and there were quite a few small celebrities living here.
Paparazzi couldn’t enter, so there was no need to worry about being secretly photographed.

As Rong Yuheng descended the stairs, he saw Wen Zhecheng’s car parked at the entrance.
He hurriedly ran over and opened the passenger seat.

Wen Zhecheng leaned against the driver’s seat, his sleeves rolled up to his forearms, revealing his well-defined and graceful muscles, perhaps for the convenience of driving.

When he saw Rong Yuheng approaching, he initially felt quite joyful, but when he looked up and met the red, teary eyes, his heart suddenly tightened.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Rong Yuheng shook his head, closed the car door, and fastened his seatbelt.
“It’s nothing.”

Wen Zhecheng felt uncomfortable.

He had never liked anyone before and couldn’t understand what people in love meant when they said, “I feel heartbroken when I see you cry.” But now, it seemed like he could comprehend it.

Unable to resist, Wen Zhecheng leaned closer, reached out his long arm, and fastened Rong Yuheng’s seatbelt.
After fastening it, he didn’t move away, maintaining such a close distance as he carefully observed Rong Yuheng.
“Your eyes are swollen from crying.”

Rong Yuheng didn’t resist the sudden closeness between them; instead, he felt a sense of reassurance in his heart.

“I’m a water-injected hamster now.”

Wen Zhecheng couldn’t help but smile.
Since Rong Yuheng didn’t want to talk about it, he didn’t force the issue.
He simply reached out and pinched his earlobe.
“Let’s go, let’s go to my place.”

On the way, Rong Yuheng gradually emerged from the sadness of being “abandoned by his father” and suddenly felt a burning sensation in his earlobes.
He touched them with his hand and realized that it was the spot where Wen Zhecheng had pinched him.

Rong Yuheng let go of his hand and turned to look out the window.
“Do you live alone, or do you have other pets hidden from me?”

Wen Zhecheng thought of Wen Zhongyun at home and fell silent for two seconds before saying, “I don’t live alone.
I also have a goose.”

Rong Yuheng’s eyes widened in an instant—he had casually mentioned it, but he didn’t expect that Wen Zhecheng really had other pets!

He immediately narrowed his eyes warily.
“What kind of goose?”

Wen Zhecheng caught a glimpse of his expression and burst into laughter.
“I live with my dad, and he’s also at home.”

Rong Yuheng felt relieved.
He was still the one and only little pet.

But the next moment, he felt a bit nervous.
“If Uncle is at home, will I disturb him?”

Wen Zhecheng’s hand on the steering wheel paused for a moment.

The white goose really liked your square dance.
It insists on dancing along with you for ten minutes every day at home.

The journey took half an hour, and they quickly arrived at their destination.

The community where Wen Zhecheng lived was well-organized and had good security.
Although it wasn’t a villa area, many wealthy people and celebrities had bought houses here.
After parking the car in the garage, Wen Zhecheng took Rong Yuheng directly to the elevator.

Rong Yuheng clung to Wen Zhecheng’s sleeve.
“It’s my first time here, and I didn’t bring any gifts.”

Wen Zhecheng said, “No need.” He had prepared something from his own home.

Wen Zhecheng’s apartment was on the eighth floor, one unit per floor.
When they got out of the elevator, Wen Zhecheng opened the door and led Rong Yuheng inside.
“Those blue shoes are for you.”

Rong Yuheng was instantly touched: What kind of god-like master was this!

Just as he slipped his feet into the slippers, he heard a commotion coming from the living room.
An old man wearing traditional Chinese robes poked his head out from the living room.
“Er Zhe is back—eh? He even brought a little doll back!”

Wen Zhecheng stood by Rong Yuheng’s side, changing his shoes and leaning against the wall, as if he was half-circling him.
“This is my dad.”

Rong Yuheng quickly greeted, “Hello, Uncle!”

In just a few words, Wen Zhongyun had already run to the front of the entrance.
When he saw Rong Yuheng, he was stunned for two seconds, then his eyes lit up.
He reached out and pulled Rong Yuheng away from Wen Zhecheng.

“Aren’t you the little kid who dances square dance? Khekehehehe…!”

Rong Yuheng didn’t expect that Wen Zhongyun had also seen his square dance performance.
He felt overjoyed!

“It’s me! kekekekeke…!”

Wen Zhongyun said, “You look even better in person than on the computer.

Rong Yuheng replied, “Uncle, you look great too! kekekekekekhe!”

Wen Zhecheng said, “…”

For a moment, a thought flashed through his mind: People’s joys and sorrows are not the same, and he just felt noisy.

The sounds of the goose and the laughter of the hamster mixed and echoed in the living room.
Wen Zhecheng’s temples throbbed uncontrollably.
Unable to bear it any longer, he grabbed Rong Yuheng and turned towards the bedroom.
“Let’s go, don’t we want to watch a movie?”

Rong Yuheng said, “Oh, right! kekekeke!”

Wen Zhongyun said, “What kind of movie? Dad wants to watch too! khekehehe!”

Wen Zhecheng stopped in his tracks and turned his head.
“A young people’s movie.”

Wen Zhongyun said, “…”

After a while, the old artist silently retreated back to the living room.
“Then I won’t disturb you.

Wen Zhecheng pushed the bewildered Rong Yuheng into the bedroom.
Once the door was closed, the room returned to silence.

In the rare tranquility, the two owner and pet faced each other in silence for two seconds.
Wen Zhecheng was about to speak when he heard Rong Yuheng speak with a complicated expression,

“So, you’re shooting a small movie.”

Wen Zhecheng’s throat moved.

Rong Yuheng independently solved the case.
“No wonder it’s not circulated in the market.”

Author’s Note: Rong Yuheng: The path to becoming a god is indeed full of hardships.


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