, the members collectively removed their makeup and changed clothes.
They were going to have a dinner to celebrate the end of their tour.

Rong Yuheng was changing clothes when Zou Yi turned his head and exclaimed, “Hey, have you lost weight?”

“What?” Rong Yuheng and Zou Yi had been roommates during their training period, so they were quite familiar with each other’s weight.
When Zou Yi looked at Rong Yuheng’s side waist, he felt that something was off.

“Your pants are loose,” Zou Yi reached out and pulled them, “Damn, you already have a slim waist.
If you lose more weight, your future girlfriend will find you weak.”

Huang Jianing burst into laughter upon hearing this, “Rong Bao said that their girls want to marry into good families, so there’s no need to worry about that.”

Rong Yuheng silently stared at the two of them, making a mental note of their names, then turned to put on his clothes, saying, “It must be an illusion.
The pants probably got stretched out in the washing machine.”

Bian Chen saw an opportunity to tease him and immediately spoke up, “Nonsense.”

Rong Yuheng retaliated like a boiling kettle, “Bullshit.”

Apart from the gathering among the group members, the company had given them two days off to rest before returning to the city for other arrangements.

Upon learning this, You Tianyu unceremoniously took away a whole day from Rong Yuheng, claiming that it would “maximize efficiency.”

The agreed meeting place was a high-end restaurant with excellent privacy, so they didn’t have to worry about paparazzi.
You Tianyu had dressed up for this meeting, donning luxury brand clothing, fully embodying the role of a “wealthy father.”

“In the afternoon, I’ll take you for a ride.
It’s rare to meet, so let’s just have a meal,” You Tianyu said with a straight face.

Rong Yuheng applauded him without any expression, “You have a good business mind.”

You Tianyu lamented, “Don’t you want to spend more time with your wealthy father? This is an opportunity that many people can’t get.”

Rong Yuheng became even more spirited upon hearing this.
He proudly puffed out his chest, “I have more than one wealthy father, and besides, I also have a pet owner now.
You can only stand in line behind, holding a number plate of love.”

The so-called “wealthy fathers” were just acquaintances, but the term “pet owner” was something You Tianyu had never heard before.
He couldn’t help but feel doubtful.

“What pet owner? Are you being sold and still paying someone?” You Tianyu questioned.

Rong Yuheng defended his big angel, “He’s not that kind of person!”

You Tianyu asked, “Him? Who?? Besides the big angel, there are others who feed you?”

Rong Yuheng got angry! He picked up a small fork from the table and gestured towards You Tianyu, “You guys only know how to tease me.
He’s not just a big angel; he’s also my pet owner.
He praises me in various ways every day!”

You Tianyu… The subtle feeling intensified!

To think that Rong Yuheng could praise himself like this.
Either he had an unconventional mind, or he had ulterior motives!

You Tianyu felt like his heart was about to break, “Xiao Heng, listen to your brother.
Don’t trust others so easily.
The entertainment industry is messy, and if you encounter the unspoken rules…”

Rong Yuheng shook his head, cutting off his words, “The pet owner said he will take care of it for me.”

You Tianyu… It seemed that Rong Yuheng’s mind was indeed unconventional.

The meal ended amidst banter and laughter.
You Tianyu stuffed Rong Yuheng, who was still boxing, into the car.
“Alright, alright, stop messing around… It’s rare to meet, can we temporarily achieve peace?”

Rong Yuheng, true to his spoiled nature, hummed softly.

The two sat in the car and drove to the outskirts of the city.
Rong Yuheng leaned against the window, watching the scenery.
His breath fogged up the expensive car window.

You Tianyu sighed, gaining a deep understanding of Rong Yuheng’s immense resilience.

While Rong Yuheng was breathing heavily, his phone rang.
It wasn’t a text message but a call invitation, and the caller was Wen Zhecheng.

He glanced at You Tianyu and said, “I’ll take this call.”

“Go ahead,” You Tianyu replied.

Rong Yuheng answered the call, still breathing heavily.

Whether it was an illusion or not, he felt that Wen Zhecheng’s voice carried a hint of joy.
“I’ve wrapped up filming.
I’ll be returning to the city the day after tomorrow.
What are you up to right now?”

Thinking of the bitter “shared hamster” comment, Rong Yuheng immediately swallowed the words “meet the wealthy father” that were about to slip out and said, “I’m thinking of you!”

“Beep!” You Tianyu’s hand trembled, and the horn blared, his expression showing signs of the world collapsing.

Rong Yuheng quickly turned his head and gestured with his eyes, signaling for silence.

Wen Zhecheng completely ignored the sound of the horn.
His mind was filled with the phrase “I’m thinking of you”! He found Rong Yuheng so sweet.
They hadn’t even officially started dating, yet how could he be so sweet?

Wen Zhecheng struggled to suppress his smile and maintained his crumbling image.
“Hmm, your tour has also ended, right? Let’s meet up when you come back…”

Rong Yuheng said, “Sure, and I want to go to your place to watch movies.”

“You son of a…!” You Tianyu exclaimed.

Rong Yuheng and Wen Zhecheng chatted affectionately for a while, reading through the main pet script, before finally hanging up the phone amidst You Tianyu’s continuous “beep beep” horn honking.

As soon as Rong Yuheng hung up the phone, he furrowed his brows unhappily.
“What’s going on, Tianyu? Did you encounter millions of armored vehicles blocking the road or something?”

You Tianyu glanced at Rong Yuheng sideways, the light from the window reflecting in his eyes with a meaningful gaze.
“This is a warning bell ringing…”

Author’s Note: You Tianyu called Rong Congyan: Hey, are you there? Your little brother is going to a man’s house to watch movies.

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