ades moved twice, revealing a smooth and flexible back.

“It’s too hot.
I’m going to take a shower first.”

“Sure, I ordered takeout.
What do you feel like eating tonight?”

“Nothing too dry.
I’m thirsty.”

“Got it.”

In a short while, Rong Yuheng finished showering, changed into clean clothes, and came down.
They ate the takeout together, while Lu Mingxuan lounged on the couch, searching for information about the auditions.

“You’re really lucky.
You happened to encounter Wen Zhecheng who came to deliver the phone and danced with him.
It’s all over Weibo now.”

Rong Yuheng’s expression was shy, but his eyes were filled with shamelessness.
“It’s just a stroke of luck.
I deserve the recognition.”

Lu Mingxuan forcefully closed his eyes, not wanting to see his smug face.
“You still haven’t told me when you learned tango and how to sing opera.”

“When I was studying abroad, they taught it in music class.” Rong Yuheng felt exhausted talking about it.
“I’m really clueless.
Our school was too strict.
I couldn’t slack off in either my major courses or electives.
I chose tango and opera because they were obscure, thinking I could skip classes.”

“You foolish idiot, it’s better to skip popular courses.”

Rong Yuheng hung his head and wiped away a tear, lamenting to himself, “I was just too naive…”

The preliminary round passed, and the next day, a text message notification arrived.

In the second round of assessment, all the participants who passed the preliminary stage had to undergo a two-month training camp, where continuous elimination and selection took place.

“At least we don’t have to worry about accommodation.” Rong Yuheng turned to Lu Mingxuan and said, “I’m leaving for City C in three days.
The next time we meet will be two months later.”

Lu Mingxuan leaned over to look at the message.
“Isn’t two months the total duration?”

Rong Yuheng felt that Lu Mingxuan really didn’t understand him.
It was a waste of their many years of friendship that he was unwilling to offer even a shred of confidence.
How stingy.

“You idiot, I’m not going to be eliminated.”

“Rong Yuheng.” Lu Mingxuan suddenly called out seriously.

Rong Yuheng looked up at him.

“Wen Zhecheng has good arm strength, right?”


“You floated all the way here with just one tango.”


Rong Yuheng felt exhausted.
Not only did this guy not believe in him, but he also resorted to personal attacks.
He couldn’t be bothered to explain, so he just turned his head to pack his luggage, preparing to leave for the training camp in a few days.

After the first round of preliminary selection, Rong Yuheng had already gained a small wave of fans who were won over by him online.

After all, an artist with high looks and a playful personality was truly a gem in the entertainment industry, not to mention his audacity to twirl the waist of a film emperor.

“You’re really bold for a newcomer.” Lu Mingxuan couldn’t stand the loneliness.
Even if Rong Yuheng ignored him, he could still make his own chattering noises.
“You dare to share the stage with someone like Wen Zhecheng.
Aren’t you afraid of being torn apart by his fans?”

Rong Yuheng sighed.
“This is a society governed by law.”

At most, there would be verbal criticism.

As Lu Mingxuan said, the power of fan clubs of top-tier influencers like Wen Zhecheng should not be underestimated.

However, surprisingly, this time Wen Zhecheng was forced to operate, and except for a few people murmuring, “Did he steal our Cheng-ge’s popularity on the 13th?” the rest of the fans’ reactions were unexpectedly positive.
Some even openly thanked Rong Yuheng.

“If it weren’t for this brother, I would never have seen the breathtaking scene of our Cheng-ge dancing tango in my lifetime.”

“Although Cheng-ge didn’t arch his butt, I imagined that scene.
I laughed so hard.
Thank you.”

“No need for conspiracy theories.
The audition is already halfway through, and many people are getting aesthetically tired.
This is the time for a big surprise.
Teacher Qiao also suggested sharing the stage to lighten the mood.”

Then someone in several major fan groups spoke up as a reminder,

“Don’t attack the amateur contestants! As fans of ‘Qianceng,’ we must maintain the position of a high-quality fan club in the entertainment industry.
If the other side hasn’t done anything wrong, don’t create negative vibes.
Otherwise, it’s smearing Cheng-ge’s reputation.”


“You’re right.
The guy on the 13th is quite cute.
In our ‘Qianceng’ group, we praise but don’t criticize, so that others won’t say we have a narrow mindset.”

Wen Zhecheng’s fan club was called “Qianceng1“千层” (qiān céng) is a Chinese phrase that translates to “thousand layers” or “thousand-fold.” , to describe complexity, intricacy manly for arts.,” which sounds similar to his name.
As the main character, he gained fame early in the industry and had a good reputation.
Since he rarely interacted with fans, his popularity relied on the accumulation of his works.
The fan club also had managers to maintain order, so Wen Zhecheng’s fans were mostly rational in their idol pursuit.

The conversations within the fan club were unknown to outsiders, but there were still mixed comments on Weibo.

Rong Yuheng had never cared about online comments, but Lu Mingxuan anxiously scrolled through the hot search topics.
“You have to be careful during the training camp this time.
Although your popularity is not high among the participants who passed the preliminary stage, it’s not low either.
You might become the target of envy.”

Rong Yuheng pouted.
“Blame it on my excessive beauty.”

Lu Mingxuan choked for a moment and then spoke earnestly, “You’re asking for trouble.
Not only are you outstanding, but you also want to stand out.
I heard that some people in the industry are willing to do anything to make their debut.
If someone targets you…”

“It’s fine.” Rong Yuheng retracted his pouted lips and pulled out a smooth and warm piece of Guanyin jade from his collar.

Lu Mingxuan’s gaze sharpened.
“Are you seeking Buddha’s protection again?”

Rong Yuheng gently shook his head.
“It’s better to save oneself than to rely on others.”

As he spoke, he lifted his chin and looked into the distance.
The radiant light from the crystal chandelier above reflected on his face, revealing a hint of piety and serenity.

“I will save him.”


1“千层” (qiān céng) is a Chinese phrase that translates to “thousand layers” or “thousand-fold.” , to describe complexity, intricacy manly for arts.

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