It was tiring, but he believed in the principle of hard work paying off.

Yu Fu in the team was a rap and composition contestant, and the dance routine Shan Qi arranged for them was quite challenging.
After a while, Yu Fu couldn’t keep up.

“Qi Ge, I can’t do it.
Can you simplify my moves?” Yu Fu asked, his brows furrowed.

Shan Qi frowned.
“That will affect the overall dance performance of the team.”

Yu Fu wanted to say something, but Rong Yuheng solemnly interrupted, “A man can’t say ‘I can’t do it’! Yu Fu, you can do it!”

Yu Fu choked for a moment.
No, he wasn’t saying that he couldn’t do it.

Rong Yuheng reached out and placed his hand in the middle of the group, as if to gather their spirits.
“Come on, let’s all cheer for Yu Fu—”

Several hands clapped together, and Yu Fu was forced to join in, following Rong Yuheng’s lead and waving his arms up and down.
“Yu Fu, you can do it!”

Everyone shouted together, “Yu Fu, you can do it!!”

Rong Yuheng smiled affectionately.
What a harmonious group.

Yu Fu wiped away tears and clenched his teeth secretly.
Rong Yuheng, I really thank you!

After achieving plastic harmony within the team, they entered into another intensive training session.

Street dance was also a weak point for Rong Yuheng, but fortunately, he had some foundation, so it wasn’t too difficult for him.

Shan Qi moved behind him, supporting his waist.
“Bring your center of gravity up a bit.
Let’s see if we can add a jumping move for you.”

Rong Yuheng took a deep breath—super deep breath!

“…Your center of gravity doesn’t rise just by inhaling.
You have to lift your whole body up, like pulling out a radish,” Shan Qi laughed.

Rong Yuheng focused on a different aspect.
“But won’t my head turn green?”

Shan Qi chuckled and changed his wording, “Then think back to the feeling of holding onto Teacher Wen’s waist and spinning around.
It’s that kind of flying sensation.”

Rong Yuheng dug up that faint inspiration from his memories and felt a slight sense of floating.
“Lift me up quickly!”

Shan Qi lifted him by grabbing his waist.
However, it was fine when they stayed still, but just as Rong Yuheng was about to somersault in mid-air, Shan Qi exclaimed, “Oops!” and quickly put him back down.

“It’s a bit challenging, I’m afraid I’ll drop you,” Shan Qi shook his hand, looking up and down at Rong Yuheng.
“You look skinny, but you’re a bit heavier than I imagined.”

Rong Yuheng tilted his head and said shamelessly, “There’s too much capacity here.”

Shan Qi couldn’t help but laugh.
He changed his approach and said, “Let’s try a few more times.
If it doesn’t work, we’ll skip that move.
By the way, Teacher Wen’s arm strength is truly amazing.
He can handle you so easily.”

Suddenly, Pu Zaixi turned his head around with an expression that seemed to say, “You’ve crossed the line,” and reproached Shan Qi.

Rong Yuheng and Shan Qi, “?”

Pu Zaixi stared at them for a moment, then sighed and withdrew his gaze.

When Rong Yuheng returned to the dormitory and lay down on his bed to rest, Pu Zaixi peeked his head out and said, “Yuheng, are you still in contact with Teacher Wen?”

When he heard about their private contact before, Pu Zaixi’s keen radar had immediately picked up on it.
However, after such a long time had passed and nobody mentioned it again, he had gradually forgotten about it.

Today, when Shan Qi made an inexplicable comment, it rekindled Pu Zaixi’s dormant curiosity.
He couldn’t resist the urge for some gossip.

Rong Yuheng was watching dance videos and didn’t pay much attention to the question.
“We sometimes contact each other.”

Pu Zaixi simply said, “Oh.”

Seeing this, Zhou Shubai, who was nearby, successfully intercepted the brainwaves of the former.
He suddenly became excited—apparently, he wasn’t the only one who felt that there was something strange between Wen Zhecheng and Rong Yuheng!

Zhou Shubai joined in and casually said, “I haven’t seen Teacher Wen lately.”

Rong Yuheng, still focused on studying the “lift,” didn’t even raise his head.
“Teacher Wen probably won’t come anymore.
He joined another project.”

Hiss…! Pu Zaixi and Zhou Shubai exchanged a glance, their eyes conveying a tacit understanding: We understand!

The gossip between friends reached its limit, and they didn’t ask any further questions.

But Rong Yuheng was reminded of Shan Qi’s exclamation earlier.
He remembered the comment: “Teacher Wen’s arm strength is truly amazing.”

Thinking about it, he sent a text message to Wen Zhecheng.

【Rong Yuheng】: During practice today, Xiao Qi said I felt heavy when he lifted me.
Did you not feel that?

It was already 11 PM, and half an hour had passed without a reply.
Rong Yuheng thought Wen Zhecheng had already gone to bed, so he was about to go wash up when he received a WeChat response.

【Wen Zhecheng】: I just finished shooting and I’m on my way back.
I didn’t feel you were heavy.
Don’t try to lose weight.

【Rong Yuheng】: You all work so hard.
[Otter hug.jpg] I must be a bit heavy.
Today, Xiao Qi even praised you, saying your arm strength is really good and that you can handle me easily.

Wen Zhecheng had been filming all day and was exhausted.
He was now sitting in the back seat of the car, swaying drowsily.
Qu Youhe, sitting in the front seat, glanced at him through the rearview mirror and said, “Zhecheng, take a nap for a while.
I’ll wake you up when we arrive at the hotel.”

Wen Zhecheng was hesitant, but then he received a message from Rong Yuheng.
He opened the chat window, and his gaze immediately locked onto the last sentence:

“Your arm strength is really good, you can handle me easily.”


Wen Zhecheng instantly became wide awake.

Not only was he awake, but his heart was also pounding, and he felt a surge of excitement coursing through his body.

Qu Youhe, in the front seat, didn’t receive a response from Wen Zhecheng.
He was about to check if he had fallen asleep when he saw Wen Zhecheng sitting up straight, looking alert and energetic.
“Damn it! Zhecheng ge, why are you sitting upright? Why are your eyes so wide open? Did something happen?”

Wen Zhecheng pursed his lips and shook his head, burying himself in his phone, typing away.

The natural instincts of a man were stirring in his heart, as if breaking open a dam that had held back his desires for more than twenty years.
The urge to speak vulgar words was unstoppable, ready to burst out.

【Wen Zhecheng】: My stamina is also good.
You can do whatever you want to me.

After sending the message, his face flushed with heat.

He had never spoken such explicit words before.

Half a minute later, his phone vibrated.
Wen Zhecheng calmed himself down for a moment and solemnly opened WeChat, only to find the chat filled with Rong Yuheng’s usual sweet talk.

【Rong Yuheng】: I know, you’re getting stronger and stronger, grandma.

Author’s note: Wen Zhecheng: I need to find a way to end this script quickly.

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