etween the eccentric couple behind him.
It was to the extent that when the movie officially began, Rong Yuheng felt a bit unsatisfied:

He thought the performance behind him was even more exciting than this romantic movie.

The movie lasted for about two hours.
After the film ended, Rong Yuheng stood up and turned towards the two individuals behind him.
He was concerned that he might have caused them inconvenience and decided to greet them, showing his goodwill.

Fortunately, the tall guy’s jealousy was just a kind of playfulness, and the three of them quickly reached a harmonious atmosphere.
They chatted while walking out of the cinema.

To Rong Yuheng’s slight disappointment, the couple didn’t recognize him.
It seemed that his fame still had room for improvement.

“Meeting is fate.
Could you help me vote for me on Lime TV? The final round of Star Creator will be at the end of this month.”

Worried that they might forget, Rong Yuheng kindly provided a memory technique, “I’m in Group 2, number 13.
If you can’t remember, just remember I’m ‘2B’.”

The handsome guy seemed to choke for a moment, then kindly offered advice, “As an artist, you shouldn’t talk about yourself like that.
The media will make a big fuss about it.”

Rong Yuheng appreciated his kindness and reassured him in a warm voice, “Don’t worry, I have a strong backing.”

The handsome guy, “…”

The tall guy, not knowing how to interpret the silence, suddenly reached out and hugged the other guy tightly, trying to convey strength.

“Don’t be insecure.
Your backing is also strong!”

He pounded his chest loudly, exclaiming, “You’re a top, and it’s big!”

Rong Yuheng & the handsome guy, “…”

Rong Yuheng felt that he wasn’t suitable to stay here any longer and gave a look of admiration before quickly leaving.

He still had tasks to complete, and the little paparazzi were waiting for him to arrive.

It was approaching noon.
As it was mealtime, the flow of people in the commercial center increased.
Rong Yuheng, wearing sunglasses and a hat, swiftly made his way into the bustling crowd, hands in his pockets.

The paparazzi, who had been squatting for two hours, immediately stood up and hurriedly followed.
Their bodies were stiff from squatting for too long, and they almost lost track of Rong Yuheng.

Then, they saw Rong Yuheng dart into a small alley, making a turn and entering a desolate convenience store.

The paparazzi’s excitement surged! They had a feeling of unexpected joy.

They raised their cameras, waiting for Rong Yuheng to play out a destitute scene.

True to their expectations, Rong Yuheng took a pack of instant noodles from the shelf.
The cameras of the paparazzi at the distant street corner gradually focused…

He took the instant noodles and walked to the cashier, asking, “Can I pay with a card?”

The cashier glanced at the five-yuan price of the instant noodles and said, “Well, you can…”

The paparazzi in the distance had already pressed their fingers on the camera shutter.
Through the clear lens, they saw Rong Yuheng took out a black and gold card from his pocket.

“I’ll use this to pay.”


The cashier’s lips trembled, countless thoughts gathering in her mind, swirling around before she swallowed them back.

After a moment, she spoke with complicated emotions, “Sir, we’ve never used this card in our store before.
You can also pay with Alipay if you have it.”

Rong Yuheng thought about the paparazzi secretly taking pictures and was about to insist, but then he heard the cashier sigh, “Why use a sledgehammer to kill a chicken?”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

At this moment, the paparazzi had completely lost their desire to secretly photograph.

They were all captivated by that black and gold card!

The black and gold card was positioned for the elite, not something that anyone could obtain just because they had some money! Why would someone with this kind of card still portray themselves as a “poor little soul”?

Was Xu Sun’s standard for character setting all about challenging difficulty and impossibility?

The paparazzi felt like they were being played–

Buying instant noodles in a cold and empty convenience store, what great material.
But who would have thought that when the person went to pay, they casually pulled out a black and gold card? Could they even use such a photo?

Regardless of the chaos among the paparazzi, Rong Yuheng had already settled the bill.
He pulled out his card just for show, but when he saw the cashier struggling, he ended up paying with Alipay.

After buying the instant noodles, Rong Yuheng left the store and headed towards the corner where the paparazzi were lurking.

The paparazzi, who had just been struck, had their pupils contract.
He was coming, and he had the black and gold card with him!

Rong Yuheng walked straight to the three of them, and in their vigilant and awestruck gazes, he handed them the instant noodles and humbly sought their guidance, “It’s my first time eating this kind of thing, and I’m not really sure.
Can you guide me on how to pose for the shot?”

The paparazzi quickly waved their hands, “No, no, no… We don’t dare…”

One of them still couldn’t believe it and cautiously poked his head forward, “The black and gold card… Is it real?”

Rong Yuheng nodded, “It’s a gift I received.”

The card was given to him by Rong Tianshen on his coming-of-age ceremony.
Because it was a gift from Rong Tianshen, he couldn’t use it—on one hand, he was defying his father, and on the other hand, it would be too shameless to spend his money outside.

In Rong Yuheng’s view, even if he was kicked out of the house, he would rely on his own work to support himself.
Therefore, he had never intended to use that card.

But the current situation was special, and it could be used to scare the paparazzi a little.

The paparazzi exchanged glances and felt a bit apprehensive, “Should we still take the shot?”

Rong Yuheng smiled, “Of course, why not? It’s the task given by Xu Sun.
We all need to work together to complete it.”

The paparazzi: …Damn Xu Sun.

With the assistance of the paparazzi, Rong Yuheng successfully posed with the instant noodles.
However, he still held the shiny black and gold card in his hand.

Rong Yuheng, like a hamster, filled his cheeks, and he didn’t forget to show his concern for the paparazzi, “Are you done taking the photos? Should I shed a few tears for a more dramatic effect?”

The paparazzi, “No need, no need…”

After finishing his meal, Rong Yuheng wiped his mouth and waved his hand at the others, exuding a leader-like aura, “Let’s go, next stop!”

The paparazzi were in tears: When will it end?!

Rong Yuheng’s next destination was a fountain square.
Water would spray up from the ground whenever someone passed by.
He had done some research in advance and assured everyone that the fountain was very safe, so they didn’t need to worry about electric shocks.

Rong Yuheng got out of the car and patiently waited for the paparazzi who arrived later.
He instructed them, “Remember to capture the moment when the fountain water falls on my head.
I’ll try to tilt my head back and show a bewildered expression.”

The paparazzi nodded in unison, but deep down, they felt that things were taking a strange turn.

Rong Yuheng slowly strolled into the square.
As soon as he stepped in, water gushed up from the ground, soaring into the air before falling on him.

He closed his eyes, tilted his head back at a 45-degree angle, and waited for the pouring water.
He imagined himself in a tumultuous storm, with heavy rain drenching his pride, extinguishing his enthusiasm, and freezing his soul along with his aspirations in the icy winter…

Not far away, the three paparazzi squatted or stood, their bodies contorted at various angles, frantically taking pictures of Rong Yuheng immersed in his scripted scene amidst the fountain.

Several young girls passing by couldn’t help but stop in their tracks, blushing and whispering to each other:

“Oh my! Look at that handsome guy!”

“Seriously, he looks like a melancholic prince…”

“And there’s even a professional photography team with him.
Are they shooting a photo shoot?”

The paparazzi cursed inwardly: Screw the professional photography team! We’re paparazzi!

Although they grumbled in their hearts, their hands never stopped.
One person even became so absorbed in taking photos that they boldly approached Rong Yuheng, instructing him on his posture.

“Turn your body slightly to the side… Ah, yes, now bring your chin back! Perfect!”

It was truly a scene from a star photoshoot.

The shooting lasted for half an hour, and Rong Yuheng’s clothes were already soaked through.
Worried about catching a cold, he signaled the paparazzi to stop shooting and walked down from the square.
He took a glance at the photos and said, “You guys did a great job! Come on, give me five!”

*Clap!* The previous animosity between them disappeared, and they high-fived each other with excitement, celebrating joyfully and harmoniously.

Rong Yuheng once again radiated his wisdom, “With your photography skills, you could become photographers instead of paparazzi.
Why go through the hardships? You would earn the respect of many celebrities and have a higher salary.
After all these years in the industry, you should have your own connections.
Improve your photography skills and become professional photographers in the future.”

After Rong Yuheng finished speaking, he noticed the gradually brightening eyes of the three people in front of him, revealing a hopeful expression.

In his heart, he smiled with contentment and gently touched the Guanyin jade pendant on his chest, “May your paths lead to righteousness in this world, and may your future be filled with brightness.”

1Grassland, Idiom for cheating

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