in, who was not agile on his feet, couldn’t escape the fate of being laughed at:

– “Hahaha, congratulations to Su Ge for entering old age ahead of time.”

– “Hahaha, forget it, forget it…”

The overwhelming laughter came to an end when Rong Yuheng picked up his dress and adjusted his clothes.

The screen fell silent as if all the “hahaha” had been cleared away, and it instantly became quiet.

Song Tang’s judgment was spot-on: Rong Yuheng was a natural camera favorite.
Not to mention his face, even his slim waist, perky buttocks, and long legs were accentuated when he adjusted his clothes.

After three seconds of silence, words full of curiosity emerged:

– “I have a daring idea…”

– “No, you don’t want to.”

– “No, the one before, you want! I want too…”

– “Lalala, grow the sun~! Lalala, grow the sun~!”

Following that, everyone saw Gou Li, like a little fool, happily rushing over and slapping Rong Yuheng’s perky buttocks with a loud “smack!” His buttocks even bounced with elasticity.


Everyone: Ahhhhhhhhh! Let him go! Let me do it too, ahhhhhhh!!

Wen Zhecheng’s eyes widened in front of the screen, and his inner voice roared: Let him go, ahhhhh…!

Rong Yuheng caught sight of Wen Zhecheng’s wide eyes.
He hesitated for two seconds and slowly asked, “Grandma, you seem unable to accept it?”

Wen Zhecheng’s mind was jolted, and he quickly regained his senses.
Following the thread of Rong Yuheng’s words, he handed in a perfect answer, “I won’t allow others to take advantage of my grandson.”

Rong Yuheng felt grateful and said, “You’re really concerned about me.”

Wen Zhecheng spoke gently, “Of course, you’re the only heir of the family.”

Amidst the joyous “family atmosphere,” the program finally approached its end.

After Su Yuyin’s heartfelt expression of “paternal love,” the five guests who successfully found the treasure cheered and embraced each other, bringing the treasure hunt episode to a perfect conclusion.

After the main part, there were individual heartfelt messages filmed by Director Yang Wen for each guest.

Finally, it was Rong Yuheng’s turn.
He said, “When us girls are looking for boyfriends, we must keep eyes open.
Only by marrying into a good family can they put their parents’ hearts at ease.”

Wen Zhecheng, “……” He didn’t blame Ke Ting anymore.
Rong Yuheng’s words were indeed misleading.

The barrage was filled with question marks and “hahaha”:

– “What about us girls???”

– “Marry into a good family??? Rong Ge, do you want to marry me?~ [Shy]”

– “Hahaha, a poisonous mushroom mixed into a pot of spiritual chicken soup.”

– “Tears that were just moved suddenly retracted.”

The first episode ended with a screen full of question marks, which Yang Wen probably never expected.

After closing the media player, Wen Zhecheng asked, “What kind of good family do you want to marry into?”

Thinking that Wen Zhecheng was joking, Rong Yuheng didn’t take it seriously and replied, “I’m not asking for much.
Just someone who can get up on a cold winter morning and steam some buns for me.”

Wen Zhecheng nodded, “Got it.”

It was already late, and both of them had things to do the next day.
They chatted briefly on the video call and then hung up, preparing to rest.

When Rong Yuheng returned to the dormitory, Zou Yi had just finished showering and was surprised to see him.
“Why are you only coming back now? Were you training?”

Rong Yuheng shook his head, “I was talking on the phone with my family.”

Zou Yi nodded in understanding, thinking to himself, “Rong Yuheng’s family can stay up late.
They must be in good health.”

Thinking this, he reached out and patted Rong Yuheng’s shoulder, congratulating him, “As a filial child like you, you are truly blessed.”

Rong Yuheng was caught off guard by the congratulations, “…”

The team’s training had been ongoing for several days since the elimination round.
After discussing with the members, Shan Qi and the others decided to have their first day off on Sunday.

No matter how intense the training was, there needed to be a proper balance between work and rest.

Coincidentally, Xu Sun gave Rong Yuheng a “character setting” task, asking him to go out for a walk and play the “poor little me” role.

Since Rong Yuheng hadn’t officially debuted yet and didn’t have many fans, he didn’t have to worry about being surrounded by fans when he went out wearing sunglasses.

Xu Sun instructed, “You don’t have training on Sunday.
You can stay outside a bit longer.
I’ve arranged for the dog… I mean, the photography team, to follow you the whole time.”

Rong Yuheng: …I can tell you mean paparazzi.

He thought for two seconds and agreed, “Got it, but it might be hard for them.”

Xu Sun thought to himself that Rong Yuheng was quite considerate and spoke politely.
He felt relieved and became more amiable in his attitude.
“Take care of yourself.
If you happen to encounter fans who recognize you, also ensure your own safety.”

Rong Yuheng said, “Thank you, Sun-ge.
Just letting you know that I might leave early on Sunday.
Please inform the team.”

Xu Sun was taken aback, “How early?”

Rong Yuheng replied, “6 o’clock in the morning.”

“6 o’clock!?” Xu Sun exclaimed.
If Rong Yuheng left at 6 o’clock, it meant the paparazzi had to wake up even earlier – preparing their equipment, rushing from home to the training location for early surveillance.
They would have to get up at 5 o’clock!

Rong Yuheng asked gently, “Is there a problem?”

Xu Sun paused for two seconds and said, “Never mind… 6 o’clock it is.” Since it wasn’t him who had to wake up early, the sooner the photoshoot finished, the better.

With Xu Sun’s agreement, Rong Yuheng regained his vitality.

Personally, he didn’t like the fake atmosphere in the entertainment industry, and he held a compassionate attitude towards the so-called “paparazzi.” Although stakeouts were hard work, who in their job didn’t experience hardship?

There were so many ways to make money, so why rely on digging up secrets and fabricating facts to make a living? Not to mention some people who could completely overturn others’ lives with just a photo and a pen.

Rong Yuheng placed his hand on his chest and gazed at the distant sky, where the bright sunlight pierced through the clouds, illuminating the earth.

With the sunlight reflected in his eyes, he thought:

It’s time for the light of the Morning Star to purify this polluted soil.

He wanted the paparazzi to understand that every word and every sentence was not easily pondered, and he wanted Xu Sun to know that a false persona couldn’t be established overnight!

Author’s Note: Kek, kek, kek… Don’t worry about the laughing hamster, hamsters don’t laugh with a kek, they don’t laugh at all.

You can refer back to Chapter 15: The sound of a hamster munching on food, kek, kek, kek… It’s that kek, kek, kek…

In short, be happy with kek, kek, kek~

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