ontinued, “In the future, even after debuting, you will face these kinds of issues.
You need to understand the meaning of teamwork in advance.
Even if you have great talent, if you can’t harmoniously coexist with the team, then the team will have no soul.”

The director’s team was highly efficient and assigned the groups according to the contestants’ characteristics on the same night that the rules were announced.

Rong Yuheng was assigned to the second group, along with Shan Qi, Pu Zaixi, Nan Minshan, and Yu Fu.

When Rong Yuheng saw the name “Yu Fu” on the list, he fell into a silence that lasted for a full ten seconds.
After ten seconds, he reached out and…

Rubbing the Guanyin jade pendant on his chest, Rong Yuheng exhaled a breath of stale air:

Harmony… Team spirit… Friendly gazes.

In the second group, Shan Qi had the strongest abilities, and no one had any objections to him leading the group in composition and training.

After the groups were formed, each group began their respective training.

In the midst of the intense collaboration and practice day after day, Xu Sun’s call disrupted the tranquility once again.

But this time, he was just reminding Rong Yuheng to pay attention to the upcoming trial version of “Treasure Hunt Competition” that would air in a few days and to think about how to interpret his character after the show’s broadcast.

It was only then that Rong Yuheng remembered “Treasure Hunt Competition.”

As for his character… he had a sense of measure.
He put it aside for now.

“Treasure Hunt Competition” was going to premiere, and the “sponsor daddies” naturally couldn’t miss it.
After notifying each of them, Rong Yuheng suddenly caught sight of “Wen Zhecheng” on the communication page, second to last.

It seemed that Wen Zhecheng was quite concerned about his variety show.
Rong Yuheng thought that even though the big film emperor might not have time to watch, he should at least inform him.

He composed a message.

[Rong Yuheng]: Grandma, your grandson’s “Treasure Hunt Competition” will be airing on Thursday~ [Sea Otter Cheers.jpg]

Wen Zhecheng had already joined the cast, so he was probably filming at the moment.
It wasn’t until Rong Yuheng finished his training in the evening and returned to his dormitory that he received a reply from Wen Zhecheng.

[Wen Zhecheng]: Filming now.
I’ll call you later, be good.

Rong Yuheng stared at the word “good” for a while, thinking that Wen Zhecheng was deeply immersed in the “grandma-grandson script,” which was not only in-character but also quite long-lasting.
Truly worthy of being a film emperor.

[Rong Yuheng]: [Sea Otter Cute.jpg]

Due to the intense training during the day and the need to maintain a friendly mood to foster team spirit, he was already feeling a bit tired.

Rong Yuheng tossed his phone on the bedside and prepared to take a shower before collapsing on the bed to rest.

When he finished his shower and came out, steam still rising from his body, he heard Pu Zaixi calling him.
“Your phone rang just now.”

Rong Yuheng thanked him and, wearing slippers, walked to the bedside where he saw a missed call invitation on the phone screen.

[Missed Call: Wen Zhecheng]

The call was from twenty minutes ago, and now it was already half past ten in the evening.
Rong Yuheng didn’t know if Wen Zhecheng was resting, so he sent a message:

—Just finished showering, are you resting?

Not even a minute passed before he received a call invitation.
Rong Yuheng walked outside and answered the call, hearing a calm exhale from the other end, along with faint sounds of equipment operating in the distant filming location.

Rong Yuheng was taken aback.
“Are you still filming?”

Wen Zhecheng’s breathing had calmed down by now.
It was very quiet around him, and his voice was exceptionally clear, with a deliberately lowered magnetic quality that vibrated through the earpiece.

“No, I finished filming my scenes for today.
I stayed behind to watch their scenes so that it’ll be easier to match up tomorrow.”

“You are very hardworking.” Rong Yuheng exclaimed, then resumed the “grandma-grandson script,” “When you get older, you should rest early.
Otherwise, your grandson will worry about you.”

Wen Zhecheng seemed to let out a stifled laugh on the other end, but it was very soft, and Rong Yuheng almost thought he had imagined it.

Wen Zhecheng said, “I understand.
Thank you for caring about me.
What time does ‘Treasure Hunt Competition’ air on Thursday?”

“At 6:30 PM.
I want to watch it live,” Rong Yuheng said.
“I just wanted to inform you.”

“Mhm, wait a moment,” Wen Zhecheng said, and there were rustling sounds on his end, as if he was searching for something.
After a while, the phone came closer to his cheek, “I have scenes all day on Thursday, but I’m free on Friday night.”

Rong Yuheng hesitated, thinking he might have misheard, “You also want to watch?”

Even though he was so busy with filming, Wen Zhecheng could still find time to watch his variety show!

Wen Zhecheng’s voice was filled with an affectionate tone, “After all, it’s your first variety show as a grandson.
We should have a sense of ceremony.”

Damn! Wen Zhecheng even called him “grandson”!

Rong Yuheng was successfully persuaded—after all, variety shows were more enjoyable when watched together with others.

“Then let’s watch it together on Friday.
But if you’re busy or have something come up, just let me know.
I don’t want to delay your important matters.”

“Okay,” Wen Zhecheng responded, and added, “I might be a bit late, but it won’t affect your rest.
You wait for me.”

Rong Yuheng dutifully agreed, “I’ll wait for you no matter how late.”

Upon hearing those words, Wen Zhecheng’s heart was instantly filled with sweetness.
He seemed to have completely forgotten what kind of script this was.
All he could think about was connecting online and watching the variety show together.

And since a single episode of a variety show would last for at least an hour, it was essentially a more than one-hour long online connection between them!

Wen Zhecheng made up his mind.
Over the next few days, he would thoroughly familiarize himself with the script and supervise the rest of the cast to do the same—no one should slow down the filming progress and jeopardize their online date!

After ending the call, Wen Zhecheng returned to the filming location.
As soon as he entered, the crew keenly sensed a shift in the atmosphere.

Wen Zhecheng’s usually calm eyes now emitted sharp and intense gleams, fixedly staring at the two lead actors on set with scrutiny and criticism!

The crew members felt a surge of tension: What’s going on!

Pan Siyi, who played the female lead, was holding a copper basin to hand it over to Wei Xintian, the male lead on the other side.
But as she turned her head, she collided with the substantial gaze from outside the scene.
Startled, her hand trembled, and the copper basin fell to the ground with a “clang,” narrowly missing Wei Xintian’s foot.

Director Long Zheng furrowed his brows, about to stand up and give guidance, but before he could speak, a voice from beside him spoke faster than him.

Wen Zhecheng’s solemn voice pierced through half of the set, descending upon everyone, giving the impression that his words were not just for Pan Siyi to hear but for everyone present:

“Focus on acting, don’t get distracted.
The progress of the production needs to be maintained by us together!”

Author’s note: Crew: This situation looks more like you’re single-handedly taking it upon yourself to maintain it!


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