anana,’ Yuheng’s fan chant is ‘nanana’!”

Five seconds later –

Rong Congyan: Nanana nanana nanana…!

Rong Tianshen: Nanana nanana nanana…!

On the stage, Rong Yuheng and Zhou Shubai had already finished their performance.
Despite the air conditioning in the venue, the two of them were still sweating under their bodysuits in the scorching weather.

After they stepped down from the stage, Song Tang, sitting in the judges’ seat, was still giggling.

Qiao Tan’s emotions remained unsettled for a long time, and he finally understood Jin Zhiyao’s earlier excitement – this wasn’t just some second-dimensional magic, it was empathy!

Qiao Tan turned to look at Jin Zhiyao beside him and said, “Jin Laoshi, you didn’t seem particularly excited today.”

Jin Zhiyao replied, “I haven’t seen this before.
What is Kamen Rider? Is it also an anime?”

Qiao Tan chuckled.
The next performance was about to begin, and the stage lights had dimmed, returning the atmosphere to calmness.

He turned towards the stage, his eyes reflecting the faint glow of the floor lamps in the darkness, warm and translucent.

“Oh… then I recommend you catch up on it, Jin Laoshi.
It’s an era.”

Rong Yuheng and Zhou Shubai returned to the backstage area and immediately took off their armored bodysuits.
As the cold air rushed in, they both exhaled a long breath simultaneously.

Pu Zaixi and Zou Yi rushed over to help them remove their clothes.
The “peeled eggs” duo now resembled two boiled eggs, smooth and lively.

Rong Yuheng pulled his hand out from his sleeve and wiped his forehead, flicking away the damp sweat.

Ke Ting walked towards them, followed by Wen Zhecheng.

Ke Ting approached with a concerned expression, resembling a worried mother.
“Go to the changing room and change into fresh clothes.
Sweating and being exposed to the cold breeze can easily lead to catching a cold!”

“Okay, thank you, Ke Laoshi.”

Rong Yuheng was about to follow Zhou Shubai towards the changing room when Ke Ting called out to him again, “Wait a moment…”

Rong Yuheng stopped and looked at Ke Ting with confusion.
Ke Ting hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Um… Do you want to find a separate room?”

At that moment, the four people on the scene were shocked at the same time: He was still in the script of cross-dressing and giving birth to a child!

Wen Zhecheng, who was behind Ke Ting, only understood the meaning of that phone call at this moment.
He looked at Ke Ting with a complex gaze:

Perhaps his judgment in choosing friends was indeed flawed.

Rong Yuheng felt tired in his heart.
“No need, Ke Laoshi.
Shubai ge and I will change together.”

Wen Zhecheng said, “…”

He blinked his eyelashes.
In the previous second, he was questioning Ke Ting, but in an instant, he switched sides.
“I’ll take you there.”

Zhou Shubai, relying on his animal-like intuition, sensed the danger and moved slightly away from Rong Yuheng.
He politely said to Wen Zhecheng, “Thank you, Wen Laoshi.”

Wen Zhecheng’s gaze instantly softened several degrees as he nodded, revealing a hint of understanding.

Rong Yuheng and Zhou Shubai followed behind Wen Zhecheng, carrying their armored bodysuits, as they walked towards the changing room.
Sweat continued to drip down along the way.

A few drops slid down Rong Yuheng’s jawline, directly disappearing into the neckline of his undershirt, leaving behind a dark water stain.

Wen Zhecheng, who was ahead, turned his head and saw it, slowing down his steps.

Then he reached out and wiped the side of Rong Yuheng’s cheek with his hand.
“You’re all wet.”

Rong Yuheng instantly stiffened.

The touch of Wen Zhecheng’s palm on his skin felt like an electric current passing through.
Suddenly, a line from Bian Chen popped into his mind:

“Teacher Wen also has a CP, and it’s you.”


He shivered all over, quickly turned his head, and dodged Wen Zhecheng’s hand, his heart pounding!

Zhou Shubai beside him was also affected by the aftermath.
He wished he could crawl back into his bodysuit and sew himself in again…

What kind of ambiguous atmosphere was this! And what terrible words were exchanged!

Even as a bystander, he blushed and his heart raced.
He didn’t know how his “peeled egg” persona could withstand such a shock.

Wen Zhecheng felt a moment of disappointment as Rong Yuheng evaded him, but then encouraged himself: At least I managed to touch him a little bit, Wen Zhecheng, keep it up! Next time, try to touch him more!

Casually, he withdrew his hand and asked, “Is it heavy? Can I help you?”

Rong Yuheng glanced at Zhou Shubai, who pretended to be oblivious beside him.
He felt a slight heat on his face.
“No need, it’s okay…”

Seeing his reaction, Wen Zhecheng no longer insisted.
Being friendly was an art, and there’s a limit to everything.

The three of them reached the entrance of the changing room.
Zhou Shubai went in first, and just as Rong Yuheng was about to follow, Wen Zhecheng stopped him.

“The adjacent room is also available.
I’ll take you there.”

Zhou Shubai, “…”, he knew it.

Rong Yuheng, “…”, Wen Zhecheng has been acting strange since earlier!

But in truth, Wen Zhecheng didn’t mean it.

He really couldn’t control himself anymore.
He shouldn’t have come to the competition today in the first place.

The filming for “Overseas Flower” was about to begin, and he had to pack his bags and head to the set tomorrow.
He didn’t know how long it would take for him to come back.

The thought made him restless, and he had an irresistible impulse to do something before leaving.

Zhou Shubai covered his ears and slipped into the changing room.
Wen Zhecheng went in, grabbed Rong Yuheng’s clothes, and came out, leading him to the adjacent room.

Once inside the neighboring room, Wen Zhecheng closed the door and handed over the clothes.
“Go ahead and change.”

Rong Yuheng, “…”

He felt uneasy, reached out to take the clothes, and his gaze became complicated.
“Are you going to watch me change?”

Wen Zhecheng remained resolute.
“We’re both guys, what’s the big deal? Or are you very concerned?”

Wen Zhecheng said it like that, how could Rong Yuheng still say he “cares”!

But that touch from Wen Zhecheng earlier… It was really… really something!

And that line, “Can I help you?”

If it weren’t for the previous touch, Rong Yuheng would definitely have given him the “Good Person” card again, but these two actions combined inexplicably made people take notice.

Rong Yuheng deeply glanced at Wen Zhecheng:

I really want to know what you’re up to.

He said, “Then go ahead and look.
I’m so good-looking, little brother, you should take a good look.”

Wen Zhecheng was almost unable to maintain his disguise by the sudden “little brother” address.

His gaze flickered.
“Hurry up and change.”

Rong Yuheng didn’t turn away either.
Facing Wen Zhecheng, he raised his hand and took off his undershirt.

His skin was fair, illuminated by the overhead lights.
Wen Zhecheng felt a flash of white light before being struck by the following scene, causing his mind to buzz.

Damn, his waist is really fucking slender.

Wen Zhecheng realized he shouldn’t be so eager.
He overestimated his self-control.


After Rong Yuheng took off his shirt, he didn’t rush to put on the new clothes.
He had sweat on his body and needed to dry off first.

He walked shirtless to the rack by the wall, with his back turned to Wen Zhecheng.
As he reached for a towel, his beautiful shoulder blades moved slightly.

Wen Zhecheng, “…”

Rong Yuheng was drying himself off when he suddenly noticed a shadow cast on the rack in front of him.

He was startled and quickly turned around—only to see Wen Zhecheng’s tall figure standing in front of him, almost blocking the overhead lights.

This time, Rong Yuheng could clearly see it: Wen Zhecheng’s eyes were emitting a green glow.

He felt a chill in his heart and instinctively took a step back, making a “clang” sound as his lower back hit the cold metal rack.

“…Is something wrong?”

Wen Zhecheng clearly swallowed a mouthful of saliva but still pretended to be serious.

“You can’t reach your back.
Let me help you.”

Author’s note: Rong Yuheng: What are you doing?

Wen Zhecheng: Thinking.

The title pun is based on “Kamen Rider” (the Chinese translation “假面骑士”) sounding similar to “Good Person” (好人卡).

The song choice is “Climax Jump,” the opening theme of “Kamen Rider Den-O.” The scene references the live performance of the theme song at the Super Hero Festival.
Video Link Here

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