on drifting in the air.
The two who were just standing in place had already fallen below the ground—

“Oh my god! Teacher Su, Rong Yuheng!”

“Did the production team take it too far?!”

Rong Yuheng and Su Yuyin, despite their strong psychological resilience, were also startled by the sudden sense of weightlessness.

Fortunately, they weren’t too high above the ground, and there was a pool of ocean balls below, providing a good cushioning effect.

Gou Li trembled as he peered down from the edge of the mechanism.
“I told you… the calm before the storm.”

Although Su Yuyin was in his thirties, he was more agile than Rong Yuheng in his twenties.
After flapping his limbs a few times, he regained his footing and reached out to pull Rong Yuheng out of the ocean balls where he was swimming.

Rong Yuheng, with his playful nature, was still shaken after being rescued.
“I thought I was going to drown!”

He wiped away nonexistent water stains from his face.

Su Yuyin pursed his lips.
“Don’t put too much hope on the later stages.”

Converting this place into a swimming pool would require some cost.

Rong Yuheng, “…”

As the two fell silent, they heard their concerned teammate calling from above, “Are you two okay?”

Su Yuyin looked up and responded, “We’re fine.
It’s temporarily safe down here! Don’t come down yet; we might need coordination from both sides!”

“Okay, be careful!”

Su Yuyin struggled to move a few steps in the ocean balls, surveying the surroundings.
He noticed what seemed to be two rows of climbing-like “rock points” on a wall ahead, leading to an exit above.

“Xiao Rong, we have to go up from there.”

Rong Yuheng took a glance and rushed toward the wall.
“Let me climb up and give it a try.”

“Let me do it.
It’s too dangerous.”

Rong Yuheng shook his head.
“Weren’t you wearing leather shoes today? It’s inconvenient.
Let me do it.
Su, you just stay down there and protect me a bit.”

Su Yuyin was taken aback.
He didn’t expect Rong Yuheng to seem a bit off but still be attentive at critical moments.

Warmth filled Su Yuyin’s heart, and he was moved.
“Okay, big brother will catch you from below.”

After Rong Yuheng climbed a couple of steps, he paused upon hearing Su Yuyin’s words.
“…Let the ocean balls catch me instead.
If you cushion my fall from below, we’ll both be injured.”

Su Yuyin, “…”

He retracted his previous sense of gratitude.

Rong Yuheng climbed cautiously, still feeling somewhat frightened.
He actually had a slight fear of heights, especially now without any protective equipment like safety ropes.

But as he said, Su Yuyin’s leather shoes today were prone to slipping, so it made sense for him to climb up by himself.

For Su Yuyin to take care of him was already a favor, and he couldn’t feel truly at ease and enjoy this care.

After all, they were a team, and taking care of each other was mutual.

Rong Yuheng slowly climbed up, his palms already sweating.
Su Yuyin below anxiously cautioned him like a worried mother, “Be careful… be careful…”

Rong Yuheng took a deep breath and cautiously poked his head out towards the hidden door on the ceiling.

However, he forgot that he was still wearing a unicorn hairpin on his head.

With a tap, the rainbow-colored horn poked the door panel, squishing it flat and bouncing back onto Rong Yuheng’s head, making him yelp in pain.

Su Yuyin, “Haha.”

It felt quite adorable, actually.

Finally, the door panel was pushed open, and Rong Yuheng emerged from below with a lopsided horn on his head, greeted by a sea of flowers.

This “flower sea” was truly a deconstructed combination of “flower” and “sea”–

The flowers were plastic, and the sea was a low-grade pool.

A narrow plank without guardrails was placed over the pool filled with plastic flowers, with smooth platforms at both ends for people to step on.
Rong Yuheng was now in the center of one end platform, and he could faintly see a clue on the opposite wall.

“Su-ge, there’s a pool, a rope bridge above, and a clue on the other side!” Rong Yuheng climbed out of the passage, surveyed the surroundings, and noticed a button on the wall behind, saying, “There’s also a button here, let me press it first.”

As his hand pressed the button, the other side of the wall suddenly made a rumbling sound, slowly shifting to reveal the room previously filled with bubbles!

At the same time, an automatic retractable ladder descended from the passage, extending directly into the ocean ball pit below.

“Oh my goodness!”

Everyone exclaimed, and Gou Li and the others quickly ran over.
Su Yuyin also climbed up using the retractable ladder.

Once he reached the top, he hugged Rong Yuheng’s shoulder and said, “You did a great job, you worked hard.”

Rong Yuheng blushed.
“Everyone worked equally hard.”

After the false pleasantries, the five of them continued to immerse themselves in the game.
Looking at the rope bridge in front of them, they collectively felt worried.

Gou Li said, “I really can’t do this.”

Xi Tao pondered for a moment and stepped forward, saying, “Let me try.”

She had a background in dance, and her balance was better than the others.
To prevent slipping, she took off her shoes and socks and stepped onto the rope bridge with bare feet.

The bridge wasn’t very sturdy, and the first few steps were barely stable.
However, as she reached the middle, Xi Tao started swaying.
She froze in place, trembling, and glanced down below.

Chen Shulin hurriedly shouted, “Don’t look down, look ahead!”

But it was too late.
Xi Tao’s legs gave way, and she squatted down, holding onto the rope bridge beneath her, caught in a dilemma.

Watching her movements, a long-forgotten familiarity washed over Rong Yuheng… Suddenly, a spark of inspiration flashed in his mind.

His expression instantly became solemn, like an old cadre.
A deep, resonant bass flowed from his mouth, silky and melodious like a cello:



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1The phrase “light work for martial art practitioner” means that a task or challenge is relatively easy for someone who practices martial arts regularly.
It implies that their skills and training make the task seem effortless or manageable.
In this context, “light work” refers to something that requires little effort or difficulty for someone skilled in martial arts.

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