When he arrived at the recording site of the “Treasure Hunting Conference”, it was still very early.

The Lu family was the main sponsor.
As soon as Rong Yuheng entered the arena, he saw the huge “Luei” logo hanging high above his head, breaking into his field of vision with a sense of presence that could not be ignored, bringing a visual impact!

Especially the colorful light bulbs were shining brightly, full of the smell of money.

As expected of him being a good grandson, so flamboyant.

When director Yang Wen saw them, he immediately came over to say hello, “Come on, Xiao Rong is here, right?”

Xu Sun immediately approached with a shy face, “Hello, Director Yang, this is our Xiao Rong.
Come on, Xiao Rong, this is Director Yang Wen, hurry up and say hello!”

Rong Yuheng saw that Xu Sun was about to kowtow to him, so he bent down to avoid his claws, and called out “Hello, Director Yang”.

Yang Wen was startled for a second by his “K”-shaped greeting, and then thought of what happened to Wen Zecheng, and comforted himself that it was nothing.

He calmed down and said, “Come here, Mr.
Su is here too, and I just happened to talk to you about the shooting.”

Rong Yuheng and Xu Sun followed Yang en into the room, and when they entered the rest room, they saw a man sitting on the sofa.
His appearance was not outstanding in the entertainment industry, but his facial features were correct, and he was full of aura.

Su, this is Rong Yuheng who recorded the show together, and his manager Xu Sun.” Yang Wen introduced, “Xiao Rong, this is Teacher Su Yuyin.”

“Hello, Teacher Su.” Rong Yuheng stepped forward and shook hands with the other party.

Su Yuyin didn’t put on airs either, he stood up and shook hands with him, then said with a smile, “Xiao Rong, I have a good friend who asked me to take care of you, guess who it is?”

Rong Yuheng was stunned for two seconds, then poked his head out quietly, “I guess it’s Teacher Song.”

Su Yuyin’s eyes lit up, “Hey, how do you know!”

Rong Yuheng’s eyes fell on Su Yuyin’s thermos, “You two have exactly the same living habits.”

Su Yuyin followed his gaze and burst out laughing.

Seeing that Rong Yuheng got along well with the former, Xu Sun felt relieved, “Xiao Rong, I’ll be leaving first, and I’ll pick you up after the show is recorded.
Director Yang, Teacher Su, we, Xiao Rong, will ask you to take care of us.

Yang Wen waved his hand, “It’s all right.”

As soon as Xu Sun left, there were only three of them left in the lounge.

Standing behind Rong Yuheng were the three benefactor fathers, so Yang Wen naturally would not neglect him; although Su Yuyin didn’t know about it, he was entrusted by Song and Tang to take care of the former, and the atmosphere of the three of them was extremely harmonious for a while.

Su Yuyin said, “I thought your manager would stay here with you.”

Rong Yuheng seemed to have gotten used to Xu Sun’s peeing.

He imagined the scene of the latter caring for him like a mother, and he inexplicably felt a sense of resistance, as if he were the chicken being greeted by the weasel during the Lunar New Year.
His whole body emitted a resistant aura.

“No, no… I’m not worthy.”

Yang Wen had interacted with Xu Sun quite a bit and understood his character.
He immediately caught onto Rong Yuheng’s point and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Xu Sun has brought along many people, so it’s indeed a bit difficult to take care of everyone.
It’s not that you’re unworthy.”

Su Yuyin also reassured him, “It’s okay, I’ll take care of you.”

Rong Yuheng’s eyes instantly welled up with tears.

Su Yuyin rubbed his head playfully.
“After all, Professor Song entrusted me… Hey, what kind of person do you think Professor Song is?”

Rong Yuheng wiped away his tears and thought about the goji berry thermos that Professor Song always had on hand.
He sighed, “He’s someone who will live a long life.”

Su Yuyin and Yang Wen were instantly stunned! They couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Rong Yuheng seemed oblivious and, with sincere blessings, clasped his hands together devoutly.
“With Professor Song’s focus on health, he will surely live to a hundred.”

Su Yuyin couldn’t hold back and burst into a series of exuberant laughter.
“Honk, honk, honk! That’s right, that’s right…!”

After a while, he caught his breath from the giggles and struggled to squeeze out a few words.
“I will deliver your heartfelt wishes for you.”

Rong Yuheng didn’t want to show favoritism, so he replied, “Thank you for your hard work, Su-ge.
I also send the same blessings to you.”

Su Yuyin said, “Thank you very much for that.”

The conversation among the group was interrupted by the arrival of the other three guests.

Xi Tao had just released a web drama and came here for some promotion.
Chen Shulin and Gou Li were trainees from the same company, and their relationship was good.
They had been playing around and joking all the way here.

Under the guidance of Yang Wen and Su Yuyin, everyone introduced themselves to each other and then prepared to start working.

The program “Treasure Hunt Competition” had an adventurous and competitive style.
Multiple checkpoints were designed within a safe area.
Players had to decipher hidden clues and overcome challenging obstacles to find the final clue and locate the hidden “treasure” together.

The recording venue was spacious, and the set was meticulously arranged.
The scenes inside couldn’t be seen from the outside.
The entrance was an iron door, and the players had to enter from there.

The filming began, and Su Yuyin led everyone through the first door.
As soon as they entered, the door slammed shut from behind, locking them inside.

Xi Tao was the only girl in the group and was easily frightened.
She couldn’t help but feel nervous and shrank back.

Rong Yuheng noticed and waved at her, saying, “Xi Tao, come behind me.”

Xi Tao immediately scurried over.

Su Yuyin said, “Don’t panic, let’s first assess the environment and search for clues.”

Upon hearing this, everyone began to look around.

The interior decoration was not intimidating; it resembled a sweet candy house.
The back wall was pink and mint green, and there were rows of shelves placed around.
Each shelf was filled with jars of crystal candies, sparkling under the lights.

Xi Tao poked her head out from behind Rong Yuheng and asked, “Can we eat these candies?”

Su Yuyin replied, “Let’s not eat them for now.
What if there are clues hidden among them?”

Gou Li looked around and searched, “So, what should we do now? Do we need to find a way to the next room?”

Rong Yuheng remained silent for two seconds, then suddenly walked to the door leading to the next scene.
He reached out and placed his hand on the doorknob, and with a “click,” the door opened.

There was a silence in the air that lasted for about five seconds.

Everyone: “Um…”

Rong Yuheng: “It’s not an escape room.
The door wasn’t locked.”

Yang Wen, behind the camera, sighed with regret.
He thought he could fool them for a while…

Realizing their misconception, the five of them started brainstorming.
Su Yuyin said, “Let’s split into two groups and act separately to save time.
The rooms are interconnected, so if you need help, just call out.”

As soon as Su Yuyin finished speaking, the others glanced at each other: the suggestion was good, but who wouldn’t want to stick with Su Yuyin and get more screen time?

While the atmosphere was momentarily tense, Rong Yuheng suddenly stepped back and said, “I don’t want to be with Su-ge.
His intelligence would overshadow my brilliance.
I want to shine on my own.”

Su Yuyin chuckled.

Rong Yuheng asked, “Does anyone want to be in my group?”

Xi Tao hesitated for a moment but avoided eye contact.
Seeing this, Gou Li and Chen Shulin also hesitated.

Rong Yuheng looked at them cunningly, “You’re not planning on forming groups like 1-4, right?”

Chen Shulin burst into laughter.
After thinking about it, he decided against it and walked over to pat Rong Yuheng’s shoulder.
“Look at your pitiful appearance.”

Gou Li sighed, “Well… me and Lin-ge, we’re inseparable.
Count me in.”

The two groups were formed.
Su Yuyin stayed in the first room with Xi Tao, while the other three boys went inside.

Once the three of them left, Su Yuyin bent down and started flipping the candy jars, while Xi Tao stood beside him and said, “Su-ge, I’ll check the shelves.”

After three seconds of no response, Su Yuyin smiled ambiguously and said, “Rong Rong was the first one to protect you just now.
Why didn’t you go with him?”

Xi Tao’s searching motion froze for a moment, and she felt a mix of embarrassment and panic.

Su Yuyin stood up, patting her gently.
“Don’t worry, what I just said will be cut from the final version.
I just wanted to remind you that no matter what tasks we each bring to the show, once we enter the recording, we are a team.”

Xi Tao softly murmured, “I understand, Teacher Su.”

Su Yuyin glanced at her, then relaxed his expression and switched back to recording mode as if nothing had happened.
“Alright, you check the shelves, and I’ll check the candy jars.”

On Rong Yuheng’s side, as soon as the three of them stepped through the second door, they were instantly amazed by the overwhelming presence of plush toys!

The floor was covered in plush carpeting, and toys were hung all over the walls.
The corners were filled with rabbits and teddy bears of all sizes, and oval-shaped shelves were filled with fluffy dogs.

Straightman Gou Li became dumbfounded.
“If it weren’t for the show recording, I would never step foot in a room like this in my entire life…”

Rong Yuheng, with no resentment in his heart, had already immersed himself in the dreamy scene, feeling right at home and happily wandering around.

He picked a unicorn hairpin from one of the branch-shaped hooks and wore it on his head.
When Chen Shulin saw it, he laughed and reached out to touch Rong Yuheng’s horn.
“Why are you wearing this?”

Rong Yuheng’s horn swayed on his head, as if receiving a Wi-Fi signal.
“I feel smarter.”

Gou Li glanced at him and gave an objective evaluation.
“You do seem wise.”

Rong Yuheng picked up a fluffy dog and playfully hit Gou Li with it.

After fooling around for a while, Chen Shulin brought the conversation back on track.
“Aren’t we in a competitive adventure show? Why is it so peaceful here?”

Gou Li immediately turned suspicious.
“The calm before the storm!”

Rong Yuheng thought for a moment and then said, “Have you guys noticed that the set design of both these rooms looks like a girl’s room?”

The other two hesitated for a moment and then nodded.

Gou Li ran to the doorway of the next scene, pushed the door open, and found a machine continuously blowing bubbles, filling the entire room with a bubble bath.

Gou Li’s pupils shook intensely.
“This is too exaggerated!”

Chen Shulin said, “Perhaps the theme for the entire season is girls’ rooms.”

After daydreaming about Wen Zhecheng being kidnapped, Rong Yuheng started to speculate further.

“Our theme is ‘treasure hunting,’ and maybe the style of the entire set is one of the clues.
The ‘treasure’ we need to find in the end might belong to a girl.”

Gou Li and Chen Shulin, surprisingly, found themselves convinced.
The two of them stood there like statues, deep in thought, without moving for a long time…

Just as Rong Yuheng thought he had cast a petrification spell on them, Gou Li suddenly woke up and excitedly agreed, “Yes, yes, you’re right! I think what you said makes sense.
This season must be about finding a treasure that belongs to girls.
We should focus in that direction!”

Rong Yuheng choked up a bit: What a keen reaction!

He sighed, looked around, and suddenly, his gaze stopped on a full-length mirror.

After a brief pause, Rong Yuheng walked over.
“I may have already found it.”

Chen Shulin, slower than Gou Li, was still out of the loop.
“What? Where?”

Gou Li looked at him with confusion.
“The mirror? Isn’t that too ordinary?”

“It’s not ordinary!” Rong Yuheng turned his head, rebuking seriously as if deeply insulted.
The rainbow-colored little horn on his head even swayed in a provocative manner.
He raised his hand and gently touched the mirror’s surface, like Narcissus by the water, his voice firm.

“Here, there’s a treasure boy.”

The two of them: “…”


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