With her astonishing intuition, Xiaotang managed to extend her moment by another second.

Meanwhile, the other main character, Lu Mingxuan, was busy chatting on the phone with his obedient grandson, Lu Mingxuan.
Although they were thousands of miles apart, they both lay in bed in the same posture, resembling two middle-aged women.

Lu Mingxuan couldn’t understand why Rong Yuheng had so much free time.
“Didn’t you sign with Fan Yu? Why haven’t you received any work?”

Bringing up this topic filled Rong Yuheng with resentment.
“I did have something, but it got snatched away.
Forget it, it’s my own weakness.”

“What the hell does ‘snatched away’ mean?” Lu Mingxuan exploded upon hearing this.
He didn’t understand the ins and outs of the industry; he only knew the principle of first come, first served.
Moreover, Rong Yuheng was his good friend, and regardless of the reason, he couldn’t let him suffer such grievances!

Lu Mingxuan rolled up his sleeves as if preparing for a fight.
“Who snatched it from you? What did they snatch?”

“It’s… something.
I forgot.
It was a thirty-minute segment in ‘Guests from a Distant Place. ’” Rong Yuheng said, “Forget it, there will be other resources in the future.”

“Bullshit! What if you keep getting snatched? Did you sign a contract just to be a transit station? To have all the resources pass through your hands and spread the love?” 

Rong Yuheng felt that Luming Xuan’s mouth could compete with Bian Chen in a debate.

“Come on, it’s not that serious.
It would be shameless to snatch something twice.”

Lu Mingxuan chuckled twice.
“I hope there won’t be a next time.
If there is… get ready for the daddies to shower you with money.”

Rong Yuheng was both touched and speechless.
These RMB players were truly fearless.

Perhaps because Rong Yuheng’s mouth had been blessed, a few days later, Xu Sun’s call came again.

“Yuheng, there’s a new variety show called ‘Treasure Hunt Competition.’ They want to record a trial version, although it’s not the official program, it still lasts for over an hour.
It’s hosted by the popular variety show star, Su Yuanyin, so it should have some decent ratings.”

Rong Yuheng didn’t hesitate to accept.
“Thank you, Sun Ge.
I’ll prepare well.”

Xu Sun said, “That’s the spirit! We’ll record it all day next Thursday, and I’ll come pick you up.”

Xu Sun’s calls always came and went in a hurry.
Once the matter was settled, he hung up immediately.
Rong Yuheng wondered just how many artists he was managing.
No wonder resources were so scarce.

A few days ago, Zou Yi also signed with the company, and his resources were quickly arranged.
It was clear that Zou Yi’s agent highly appreciated his talent, as he took him out for work today.

With no work for the time being, Rong Yuheng devoted himself wholeheartedly to his daily training.
He went to the music room every day to practice dancing and warm up his voice.
As Wen Zhecheng had said, at the very least, the recording of “Ace Star” could serve as a form of basic income.

Low-income household Rong Yuheng walked into the classroom and immediately saw Bian Chen with a stern face, looking angry again.

He suspected that Bian Chen was angry 24 hours a day, like an angry AI.

Standing across from Bian Chen was Yu Fu.
As Rong Yuheng approached, he heard Yu Fu say, “Brother Chen, can you help me with the lyrics? You’re so good at writing lyrics, we’re all friends, let’s help each other.”

Bian Chen’s face was practically embodying the words “disgusted.” He frowned and said, “Can you stop blabbering here? Can you have some dignity?”

Yu Fu felt a bit embarrassed by the scolding but persisted, “I really admire you, Brother Chen…”

Rong Yuheng saw that Bian Chen’s fists were clenched, so he quickly opened his mouth and let out a loud burp.

The cheerful and lively burp interrupted the tense atmosphere between the two.
Yu Fu turned his head and said, “Yuheng.”

Rong Yuheng had no favorable impression of Yu Fu.
Plagiarism was a bottom line, and no matter the reason, it couldn’t be forgiven.
Although Bian Chen had a hot temper, he was always straightforward, and facing someone like Yu Fu, who had the appearance of a good person, he couldn’t help but suffer a lot in secret.

Rong Yuheng nodded to both of them and patted his stomach, explaining, “Sorry, I just felt a bit nauseous.”

Yu Fu always felt that Rong Yuheng had something more to say but couldn’t figure out the basis for his actions.

Bian Chen understood and felt slightly better.
He extended his arm, draped it around Rong Yuheng’s neck, and walked to the other side, saying, “Let’s practice for a while.”

When the two reached the other end of the classroom, Rong Yuheng sighed and whispered, “At least tone it down when you’re in front of the camera.”

Bian Chen adopted an arrogant attitude of “I’m the best in the world.” “Why should I tone it down? Whether it’s in front of or behind the camera, if I want to curse, I’ll curse.
Otherwise, there will always be some idiots who act one way on stage and another behind the scenes.
Damn it!”

Rong Yuheng applauded his brilliant speech.
“Well said… But I see your ranking has dropped to fifth.
If you don’t pay attention, you’ll fall out of the top six debut spots.”

He added, “Yu Fu is in eighth place.”

Bian Chen, “… Fucking hell.”

Another person who had as much free time as Rong Yuheng was Zhou Shubai.
With Qiu Jianlun around, hardly any company dared to sign him.

Zhou Shubai was very angry.
He removed all the diamonds from the expensive watch Qiu Jianlun had given him, intending to retaliate against the capitalist system.

Rong Yuheng sighed when he saw it and said, “You can, but there’s no need.”

Zhou Shubai then started punching and kicking his pillow.
“Why won’t they let me mix in the industry? Why won’t the common people admire my elegance?”

Rong Yuheng was no longer surprised by his choice of words.

He was genuinely curious about what kind of blended family could nurture a prince syndrome and a CEO cancer solely through acquired power.

When Zhou Shubai didn’t receive a response, he started singing again.
The incredibly inspirational and passionate “Pursuing Dreams in the Entertainment Industry, Circle, Circle, Circle…” echoed repeatedly in the dormitory, brainwashing and eerie

After listening to it twice, Rong Yuheng felt like throwing up.

If it wasn’t Zhou Shubai, he would have already helped the person cross over.

In the midst of the song “Pursuing dreams, pursuing dreams, pursuing dreams in the entertainment industry,” Rong Yuheng’s phone suddenly rang.

The flashing screen displayed the label “Terminator.” With this less-than-moving music playing, he had a foreboding feeling before even answering the call.

“Hello, Brother Sun?”

Xu Sun immediately started speaking ambiguously, “Xiao Rong… The variety show I mentioned to you last time, the competition is actually quite fierce.
You’re just a trainee, and you haven’t even debuted yet.
Our company’s Zai An-“

Rong Yuheng took a deep breath.

He had evidence to suspect that Xu Sun had a template for coaxing people.
This set of arguments was exactly the same as last time! Not a single word had changed.
This was just too damn much! Enough!!!

Rong Yuheng slowly exhaled the air, “Brother Sun, just say what you want to say.”

Xu Sun’s voice faltered as he followed the template, and he coughed lightly twice, “Zai An really needs screen time.
How about letting him have it for now? Once you debuts, we’ll give you the resources afterward.”

No matter how good Rong Yuheng’s temper was, he was starting to get angry, “Brother Sun, who doesn’t need screen time? Didn’t I let him have it last time?”

Xu Sun seemed a bit guilty, “Um… Well, we only saw the final edited footage yesterday, and Zai An’s screen time was cut to less than ten minutes.
It’s simply not enough.”

Rong Yuheng sighed.

Zai An himself was not competent enough, so why should he have to bear the blame?

It was so infuriating that it made him laugh, “So, if he appears on ‘Treasure Hunt Competition,’ you guarantee that his screen time won’t be cut, is that right?”

“Well, at least there will be some, to some extent.”

“…” Rong Yuheng was speechless.

He remained silent for two seconds, then moved the phone away and pressed the speakerphone button.

In an instant, the background music of Zhou Shubai rushed into the microphone like a floodgate opening:

“People say the entertainment industry is

Chaotic, chaotic, chaotic, chaotic, chaotic, chaotic, chaotic, chaotic, chaotic!

All those exposed scandals and villains

Suddenly make me feel so difficult, so difficult~”

On the other end of the phone, Xu Sun, “…”

Xu Sun, “You…”

The next second, Rong Yuheng switched back to the receiver and spoke casually, “Ah, sorry about that, I accidentally pressed the speakerphone.
My roommate’s music is a bit loud.”

Zhou Shubai on the side heard it and slightly leaned over, “Did I disturb you, egg-peeler?”

Rong Yuheng shook his head, reached out to increase the volume a bit, and casually ruffled Zhou Shubai’s head as a gesture of encouragement.

Xu Sun was choked and couldn’t speak, the words stuck in his chest.
After calming down for a while, he finally said, 

“Then I’ll give Zai An’s WeChat ID to you, and you can discuss it yourselves.”

Rong Yuheng thought for a moment, “Okay.”

Just as Xu Sun was about to hang up, he couldn’t help but have a pang of conscience, whether it was a reminder or a warning, as he said, “Zai An’s uncle is the boss of a big company and often invests in some TV programs.
Don’t block your own future!”

Rong Yuheng replied, “Okay, thank you, Brother Sun.”

After hanging up the phone, Rong Yuheng pursed his lips, not showing any emotions.

Half a minute later, a WeChat friend request popped up on the screen.
Zai An’s business card lay in the chat box.
Without hesitation, Rong Yuheng clicked on it and sent a friend request.

The other party responded quickly, probably after getting the green light from Xu Sun.

【Zai An】: Is this Rong Yuheng? Brother Sun has already agreed to give me the resources, and I won’t back down.

Rong Yuheng felt that the other person needed to go back to elementary school and relearn Chinese.

The one who always backs down was himself.
Zai An was clearly taking advantage.
Rong Yuheng didn’t want to waste more time.
He didn’t need to establish friendship with someone who repeatedly snatched his resources.

【Rong Yuheng】: Let’s not talk about backing down.
Let’s just compete directly.

【Zai An】: I must say, you really live up to your reputation as a newcomer in the industry.
Don’t you understand the rules?? Let me teach you a phrase: “Survival of the fittest” and “might makes right.” Don’t you agree?

Rong Yuheng didn’t expect that the other party would derive a sense of superiority from snatching resources.
He originally wanted to reason with him, but it seemed that the other party was eager to surpass him.
Rong Yuheng piously typed a line in the chat box:


【Zai An】: Are you cursing at me??

【Rong Yuheng】: How could I? I’m saying that you’re right, brother.

After sending this message, Rong Yuheng closed the window and joined a group chat for wealthy and foolish heirs.

The group was discussing which country to go on vacation to next week, and Rong Yuheng directly inserted an advertisement:

I have a TV show here that is guaranteed to become popular in the future.
If anyone wants to invest or sponsor, let me know!

The group chat consisted of wealthy second-generation individuals who had nothing better to do than to invest and play around with their money.
When they heard that there was a program that could potentially become popular, they immediately shifted their interest from vacation topics.

【Wan Zi Chou】: What kind of show is it??

【You Tian Yu】: Heng Heng, don’t get involved in pyramid schemes even if you’re broke.

【Chu Sui Yu】: What is it? I was just thinking about where to spend my money.

【Rong Yuheng】: There’s a variety show called “Treasure Hunt Competition.” It hasn’t started filming yet, but if any of you are interested, you can invest in it.
I guarantee it will become popular.

【Lu Mingxuan】: What the hell? Why are you so sure it will become popular?

【Rong Yuheng】: Because I’ll be on it.

Everyone: ……..

The others were speechless and inexplicably unable to refute!

Before Rong Yuheng could finish with the pyramid scheme, he received a call from Lu Mingxuan.
True to their friendship, the latter immediately guessed what had happened.

Lu Mingxuan asked, “What’s going on? You can’t just call us out of the blue to sponsor a variety show.
Did someone snatch your resources again?”

Rong Yuheng responded with a “Hmm” and his fingers played with the jade Guanyin pendant hanging on his chest.
“Originally, I just wanted to compete for some trial resources, but I’ve changed my mind now.”

He hung up the phone and sent a message in the group chat.
His attitude was docile, and his tone was shy:

“Daddies, get ready.
I’m bringing my own funds to join the production.

After all, survival of the fittest and the law of the jungle, right?


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