Rong Yuheng was finally free, staying in the dormitory to catch up on the previous episodes of “Ace of the Stars”.

Zou Yi and Zhou Shubai went to the music room for training.
Pu Zaixi caught a glimpse of Rong Yuheng watching the show, and immediately squeezed beside him in his loneliness, clapping the table like a penguin, “Together, together!”

Rong Yuheng’s cell phone was photographed upside down on the thin table, and tremblingly deflected a little in Pu Zaixi’s direction, as if tacitly agreeing.

Pu Zaixi immediately gave it an approving look, “It’s interesting.”

Rong Yuheng had seen enough of this self-directed and self-acted drama, and didn’t want to cooperate, so he just returned his attention to the show.

Seeing his own face on the screen was still a bit subtle, especially when there was a roommate next to him who kept laughing like a swan… Rong Yuheng frowned after watching a few episodes.

“Is the program group targeting me?”

Pu Zaixi was able to catch his breath amidst continuous laughter, “Why do you think so? I have given you so many shots, and I also favor you in the post-production.”

Rong Yuheng’s eyes were fixed on his shameless face, “They took me too badly.”

Pu Zaixi, “…”

No, that’s the real you.
Thank you.

Considering that the friendship need to be continued, Pu Zaixi thoughtfully did not expose the truth, and only watched it with the former.

In the last few episodes of the show, everything in the camera was Wen Zhecheng’s cold profile.

Pu Zaixi sighed, “Do you think Teacher Wen is particularly attractive? He is obviously full of sexual tension, and he usually looks abstinent.”

Rong Yuheng seemed to be a little deaf and blind, “Sexual tension? Abstinence? Where?” In his mind, Wen Zhecheng was just an amiable, honest and honest senior masseuse.

Pu Zaixi sighed wearily, “Let it go.”

The camera swept past the students, and finally fixed on Rong Yuheng.
The latter was dancing the house dance narcissistically, when a few students next to him stopped, clapped their hands and laughed and praised “cute”.

“If you don’t dance with me, forget it, next time I’m with Yi Ge, he will dance with me for anything.”

After Pu Zaixi saw it, he turned around and asked Rong Yuheng, “Does Yi Ge know how you position him?”

Rong Yuheng was confident, “He hasn’t watched the show yet.”

Pu Zaixi nodded, understood.

The two of them were continuing to watch, when Rong Yuheng suddenly let out a “huh”, “Mr.
Wen didn’t broadcast that episode?”

Pu Zaixi didn’t attend class with him, and he was at a loss when he heard this, “Which episode did Teacher Wen not broadcast?”

Rong Yuheng described to him vividly the grand scene of the students booing at that time, and couldn’t help asking a faint question, “It doesn’t make sense.”

It was not that he thinks that his scenes shouldn’t be cut, but that Wen Zhecheng’s booing was a hot spot in itself, how could the program crew let it go so easily?

Pu Zaixi couldn’t figure it out after hearing it, but he knew a little better than Rong Yuheng, “Generally speaking, director Chen will definitely not cut off such hot spots.”

He thought for a moment and made a guess, “Unless the person themselves doesn’t want it to be aired.”

Rong Yuheng was puzzled, “Are you saying that Teacher Wen doesn’t want it to be aired? Why?”

“I don’t know, it’s just a guess.
But cutting out this part would be more beneficial than harmful to you.
You’re still a newcomer, and having too close interaction with a big-shot like Teacher Wen on the screen can easily attract negative attention.”

Rong Yuheng let out a slow breath, “Why is human nature so unpredictable.”


The true intentions between the two could not be known.
At this moment, Wen Zhecheng was still sitting in the workspace, reading a script.
He finally chose a script set in the Republican era called “Overseas Flower.” The director, Long Zheng, won the Best Director award just two years ago, and this work was highly anticipated.

There were two knocks on the door, and Xiaotang walked in.
“Cheng Ge, Qu Ge said there’s a fashion week in F country next week, and we need to fly there.”

“Got it.” Wen Zhecheng replied and put away the script.
After a brief pause, he asked, “When will the program ‘Guests from a Distant Place’ be aired?”

Xiaotang thought for a moment, “The latest episode will be next Tuesday, the night we arrive in F country.
Cheng Ge, what’s wrong?”

Wen Zhecheng lowered his eyes, “Nothing, just asking.”

“Cheng Ge, we thought you weren’t interested in variety shows.
Qu Ge has turned down many variety show invitations for you.” Xiaotang actually hoped that Wen Zhecheng would appear on variety shows, especially after accepting the new movie.
They needed some publicity.
“If you’re not averse to it, we’ll keep an eye out for you.”

Wen Zhecheng was self-aware, “I’m not suitable for variety shows.”

Xiaotang held back and couldn’t help but express her inner thoughts, “It wasn’t suitable before, but recently it’s been quite fitting.”

Wen Zhecheng looked at her with a puzzled gaze.

Xiaotang continued, “In these recent episodes of ‘Ace Star,’ your appearances have always been accompanied by cheers and laughter.”

She couldn’t help but express her impression, “And I have to say, the fan-made videos in the parody section about you are quite entertaining.”

Wen Zhecheng looked at her intently for a few seconds, “You’re good at finding entertaining dishes.”

A sense of crisis surged from Xiaotang’s tailbone to the top of her head.

Somehow, she found the right words and blurted out, “It’s mainly because when you and Rong Yuheng stand together, it’s quite appetizing!”

Wen Zhechengng’s gaze softened, and he lightly tapped the table with his slender fingers.
“What do you mean?”

Xiaotang looked at the handsome face in front of her and thought of Rong Yuheng’s figure that couldn’t be hidden under the oversized T-shirt.
She swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

One is a beauty, the other is looks delicious.

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