with a sound of acknowledgment and continued rubbing his shoulder.
“Blame me.”

Rong Yuheng felt completely at ease under the pressure, like a small dog that had been petted, humming in contentment.
After humming a few lines, he realized that he seemed a bit shameless, shamelessly enjoying the actor’s service and feeling perfectly fine about it.

“That’s enough, that’s enough…” Rong Yuheng moved back a bit and said to Wen Zhecheng, “I still need to find Shubai ge.
It seems like Teacher Ke took him to the director’s team.”

Wen Zhecheng stared at the peach blossom at the corner of Rong Yuheng’s eye for two seconds and asked a question that didn’t match the context, “Am I pressing too hard?”

Rong Yuheng was taken aback and blurted out, “No, it’s comfortable.”

Then he felt something was off.
“Oh no, Teacher Wen, I wasn’t talking about that… Teacher Ke took Shubai to the director’s team, and I want to go check on them.
What do you think?”

Wen Zhecheng received a satisfactory answer and finally started to understand human speech.
“No need to go.
Teacher Ke is reliable.”

“Oh… alright then.” Rong Yuheng lowered his head a bit reluctantly.
There was a moment of silence between them, and after a while, he started to feel awkward.
Just as he was about to say goodbye, Wen Zhecheng’s hand suddenly came back.

Rong Yuheng, “?”

Wen Zhecheng stubbornly pressed his shoulder and skillfully started massaging.

Rong Yuheng, “???”

He felt like everything in front of him was a bit magical—he was standing in the brightly lit corridor of the TV station, and the actor was giving him a shoulder massage with one hand!

Wen Zhecheng seemed to see nothing wrong and continued massaging while commenting, “Your bones are well-aligned, but your blood circulation isn’t very smooth.
It has started to form small clots.
You should go for a massage when you have time.”

“…” Rong Yuheng’s emotions were complicated.
He opened his mouth and closed it, hesitated for a while, and couldn’t hold back any longer.
He spoke sincerely,

“You’re so young and successful in your career.”

Wen Zhecheng’s hand paused, showing a hint of confusion.

Rong Yuheng continued, “You’re planning for a side business so early, which is unnecessary.”

Wen Zhecheng, who just wanted to touch the other’s shoulder, “…”

I’m not here to practice my skills…

With Ke Ting protecting Zhou Shubai, Rong Yuheng felt that he didn’t need to worry unnecessarily.
Now he followed Wen Zhecheng towards the rest area.

The topic of massage ended in an unspoken understanding during an awkward silence.
Rong Yuheng thoughtfully brought up another topic.

“Sun ge said that after this promotion round, he secured a variety show spot for me.”

Wen Zhecheng said, “That’s great.
Which variety show?”

“‘Coming from a Distant Place.’ They said there will be a half-hour segment for me.”

“That’s good.
Perform well.” Wen Zhecheng paused for a moment and added, “Many people will like you.”

Upon hearing that, Rong Yuheng’s mood brightened.
His happiness was easily understood, written all over his face—his lips curved upward, his chin unconsciously lifted, and his face radiated a glow, exuding a sense of nobility.

Wen Zhecheng glanced at him and somehow felt happy as well.

He had previously suspected that Rong Yuheng’s family background might be good, and the conversation during the audition was probably misinterpreted.
Thinking that the environment in which the latter grew up wasn’t as bad as he had originally thought, a trace of relief emerged in Wen Zhecheng’s heart.

Just like a precious treasure untouched by dust.

With Rong Yuheng in a good mood, he started talking more.
His small mouth kept chattering, “What should we do about training if we have to record the variety show?”

Wen Zhecheng said, “You haven’t received any notification yet.
Teacher Qiao should inform you when you go back today.
The training after the promotion round will be more relaxed, and the mentors won’t come every day.
After this promotion round, the remaining contestants will mostly be contacted by companies for signing contracts.
Some of the trainees who had their work practices interrupted by the competition will also resume their jobs.
So, you can train while getting involved in the industry.”

“Can it be done like that?” Rong Yuheng hadn’t been exposed to the industry before and didn’t know about such mechanisms, sparking a desire for knowledge.
“What about the recording of the program?”

“It’s up to you to decide,” Teacher Wen patiently answered.
“Generally speaking, the jobs you receive will have better resources than our show, so if you have work, go for it.
If you don’t, consider the program recording as a backup.
After all, the program is continuously recorded by cameras 24 hours a day without wasting manpower.”

After he finished speaking, Wen Zhecheng saw the furry head in front of him swaying back and forth, and his palms itched to pet it a couple of times.

But before he could make a move, the head suddenly stopped.

Wen Zhecheng’s gaze followed it downward, and he saw Rong Yuheng suspiciously take a step back, showing a wary expression.

“What’s wrong?” Wen Zhecheng asked.

“It’s nothing, probably just a lighting issue…” Rong Yuheng pondered his words carefully and said cautiously, “Teacher Wen, your eyes just now seemed to be emitting a green light.”

The kind of green light a hungry wolf would have.


Wen Zhecheng casually averted his gaze, blinking his eyelashes.
The aura of an acting buff instantly enveloped him, and his pupils returned to a clear gaze.

He turned his head back and said gently, “You mistook it.”

Rong Yuheng refocused and looked again, “Yeah, indeed.
I’m sorry.”

Wen Zhecheng displayed magnanimity at the right moment, “It’s okay.”

Author’s note: Wen Zhecheng: When it comes to acting, I’m a professional.


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