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When Qi Ling drew the peach blossom, she was as meticulous as applying glaze to porcelain.

After she finished, she was eager to try something else.
“Sister, let me add some gold powder for you!”

Rong Yuheng cheered, “I’m the shiniest chick under Sister’s wing!”

Then the two of them danced together, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Bian Chen, passing by for the second time, couldn’t take it anymore.
“Rong Yuheng, are you an idiot?”

Rong Yuheng turned his head, “Sister, draw him a pile of shit.”

Qi Ling, “Okay~”

Bian Chen exploded, “Rong Yuheng, get lost!”

Rong Yuheng, “Hahaha~!”

After finishing their makeup, they waited for their turn to go on stage.

Rong Yuheng took a stroll backstage and spotted Wen Zhecheng again.
The latter was sitting in a corner with Ke Ting, engaged in a conversation.
Just as Rong Yuheng was about to walk past, Wen Zhecheng suddenly looked up and their eyes met.

Following Wen Zhecheng’s gaze, Ke Ting saw Rong Yuheng and waved at him with a smile.

Rong Yuheng rushed over with quick steps, “Teacher Ke, Teacher Wen.”

Ke Ting sized him up and asked, “Are you ready?”

Rong Yuheng replied, “I’m okay.”

Ke Ting, whether having watched the recording from the production team or just coincidentally, asked, “Just okay?”

Rong Yuheng responded, “Then let’s make it a little better than just okay.”

Wen Zhecheng’s ears inexplicably turned red, feeling slightly offended!

Fortunately, they only exchanged a few words before Rong Yuheng left.
After he left, Ke Ting turned to Wen Zhecheng and asked, “Does Teacher Wen know what Xiao Rong will be performing this time?”

Wen Zhecheng shook his head.

Ke Ting seemed to imagine something and chuckled, “Although they aren’t as amazing as Jianing and the others, they’re still quite cute.”

Wen Zhecheng remained silent.

He wondered, when did he stop being cute?

Up front, it was Shan Qi’s turn.
The performance on stage was reaching its climax, with Shan Qi’s powerful voice piercing through the walls, igniting a frenzy of cheers and screams from the audience, engulfing the surging excitement.

On the judging panel, Qiao Tan couldn’t help but appreciate it, smiling as he turned to Song Tang, “The next performer has quite a lot of pressure.”

Song Tang had seen the order of performances and shook his head at Qiao Tan, teasing him, “Well, you never know.”

As the last note from Shan Qi dissipated in the air above the stage, the lights dimmed, but the whole venue remained restless.

Then, the host’s voice resounded, “Please welcome contestant number 13, Rong Yuheng!”

The audience, which had just calmed down a bit, instantly erupted again.

“Rong Yuheng!! Ahhh!”

A spotlight beamed down onto the center of the stage, and Rong Yuheng stood there, wearing a loose white shirt with mid-length sleeves.
His legs were straight, his posture elegant, and he held a microphone in the center of the spotlight.

The camera zoomed in on his face, giving a close-up shot.
His beautiful and clear peach blossom eyes shimmered with starlight, and below the corner of his eye, a small pink peach blossom sparkled.

These details couldn’t be seen by the audience at the live venue, but the viewers watching the livestream on the internet went crazy.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! A little fox from the mountains has transformed into a human!”

“Oh my, there are really stars in his eyes! Is he going to sing seriously this time since the opening was so quiet?”

“Peach blossom eyes with peach blossoms below them.
I’m sure I, Rong Yuheng, will encounter peach blossom love this year!”

Rongshi Group, the familiar office, and the familiar large wooden desk.

This time, there were two people sitting there.

Rong Tianshen and Rong Congyan sat side by side at the desk, with a computer open in front of them, displaying a face that resembled theirs to some extent—Rong Yuheng’s.

Rong Tianshen had a frowning face and complained loudly, “What kind of flower is this? I don’t like it!”

Rong Congyan couldn’t help but tease, “If you don’t like it, why did you click on it, Dad? It’s a bit… ky.”

Rong Tianshen asked in confusion, “What does ‘ky’ mean?”

Rong Congyan instinctively sensed the danger and immediately made up a serious-sounding explanation, “It means a test.
You’re testing Xiao Heng with this.”

Rong Tianshen doubted it, but soon his attention was diverted.

On the screen, the camera pulled back, and Rong Yuheng suddenly pointed his right hand above his head, revealing a sweet and bright smile.




“Ready, set——”

The barrage suddenly quieted down, followed by lively and cheerful music flowing out, and then exploded again together.

“Love loop!!!”

“Oh my god, so damn cute!!”

Rong Congyan almost lost track of what was happening in front of the screen.
He quickly glanced at Rong Tianshen and discreetly searched the drawer with one hand for quick-acting rescue pills…

Rong Yuheng walked from the center of the stage to the front, taking one step at a time, and reached out to interact with the audience.

でも そんなんじゃ だめ

But that won’t do,

もう そんなんじゃ ほら

No, it won’t do anymore,


The heart evolves,

もっと もっと

More and more.

He raised his hand and gestured to the audience to interact while singing.
Most people are well aware of the interactive rules of this song and, at the last word, shouted together, “More, more!”

The entire audience remained synchronized until the end, creating an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm that could rival the explosive performance of Sing Qi in the previous round.

Qiao Tan exclaimed from the judges’ panel, “Is this considered part of the 2D culture?”

Jin Zhiyao couldn’t contain her urge to sing along.
She clenched her fists tightly and said, “This is the power of empathy within the same cultural community!”

Qiao Tan smiled meaningfully, “Jin Teacher seems quite familiar with it.”

Jin Zhiyao immediately muted herself, realizing her slip-up.
“…” Oops, I revealed myself.

As the song reached its climax amidst the lively atmosphere with the audience cheering, off-screen, Rong Congyan skillfully found the voting portal and started examining the barrage of comments.

In the center of the screen, Rong Yuheng’s last sentence “Meeting you again makes me feel happy” drops down.

Then he raised both hands towards the audience and made a big heart gesture.

“Please have an encounter with me!”

The entire audience exclaimed, “Ahhhh!! Encounter, encounter, let’s have an encounter right away!”

The overwhelming cheers from the stage directly pierced through to the backstage where Wen Zhecheng was, “…”

He was not pleased.

Equally displeased was Rong Tianshen, who discarded his dignified demeanor as the chairman of the conglomerate and loudly grumbled at the screen, “Hmph! What kind of encounter? Disgusting!”

Beside him, Rong Congyan remained unperturbed, imitating the tone of a fangirl as she typed and sent barrage messages:

Rong Rong is so adorable! I choose my peach blossom boy!

Rong Tianshen exclaimed, “No posting allowed!”

Rong Congyan replied, “I also want to have an encounter with the little brother~ I want to have a love affair~”

Rong Tianshen couldn’t believe it, “Are you crazy? That’s your younger brother!”

Rong Congyan’s expression turned numb, “I am not Rong Congyan now, and that is not my younger brother.
I am just an emotionless barrage machine.”


Author’s note: 

Rong Congyan: Confirmed as a tool.
Rong Yuheng and Wen Zhecheng: Headless and displeased.

Song : Hanazawa Kana 

“巡り会えたことが幸せなの” (meguri aeta koto ga shiawase na no)


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