He looked up and met the sharp gaze of the man, casually smiling.
“I have always been good at making friends.”

Zou Yi, who was beside them, trembled for some reason.

In the lounge, the three of them sat facing each other.

The bodyguards had been sent to the door, and the man reached out his hand to Rong Yuheng first, “I’m Xiao Bai’s brother, Qiu Jianlun.”

Rong Yuheng extended his hand to shake his, “Nice to meet you.”

Qiu Jianlun applied a hidden force to his hand, causing Rong Yuheng’s hand to ache.
He endured the pain without showing it.

Rong Yuheng praised himself in his heart: Well done, Rong Yuheng.
Facing the wicked overlord, you also possess a cold elegance that is no less than others.

Zhou Shubai grabbed Qiu Jianlun’s wrist.
“Brother, don’t make things difficult for my friend.”

Qiu Jianlun glanced at him, released his hand, and said, “Come with me.”

Zhou Shubai’s emotions instantly became agitated.
“I don’t want to!”

Qiu Jianlun’s expression remained unchanged.
“The entertainment industry is not suitable for you, and I don’t want you exposed to the public eye.”

Zhou Shubai refused to accept it.
“Why is it unsuitable for me?”

“Because I don’t agree.”

This statement revealed a clear intention to intervene.
Zhou Shubai’s chest rose and fell a few times, and his eyes suddenly turned red.

He bit his lip and tightly clenched the edge of his clothes.

Rong Yuheng couldn’t bear it in his heart and tried to emit a compassionate light to enlighten the world.
“Brother Shubai is an individual; he has the right to take responsibility for his own future.”

Qiu Jianlun remained unmoved.
“This is our family matter, and outsiders have no right to interfere.”

Rong Yuheng was puzzled.
“Oh, I thought you specially invited me here to intervene.
Otherwise, are you here to unilaterally arrange things for your brother?”

Rong Yuheng’s words were not polite at all, and Qiu Jianlun’s gaze suddenly turned cold and sharp, emanating danger and warning.
“Kid, don’t oppose me.”

A sentence instantly jumped into Rong Yuheng’s mind: Woman, don’t play with fire with me.

… He shook his head, trying hard to shake off this subtle sense of déjà vu.

Zhou Shubai held onto Rong Yuheng and shook his head at him.
“Let it go, let it go…” Then he turned to Qiu Jianlun again.
“Yuheng is my friend, and he’s also concerned about me.”

Qiu Jianlun focused on him for a moment, and the coldness in his eyes suddenly disappeared as if nothing had happened just now.

Just as they were speaking, someone suddenly knocked on the door.
A bodyguard pushed the door open and stuck half of his body inside.
Qiu, the production team is looking for Young Master Zhou.”

Qiu Jianlun said, “Take him there first.”

Zhou Shubai stood up and looked at Rong Yuheng again.
“Yuheng, let’s go… we-“

“He stays, you go.” Qiu Jianlun interrupted him, seeing the worry on Zhou Shubai’s face.
He continued, “It’s just at the production team.
What can I do to your friend?”

Zhou Shubai was still led away by the bodyguard, and the door “clicked” shut.
The small lounge immediately fell into silence.

Rong Yuheng leaned against the back of the sofa.
“I thought Mr.
Qiu came this time to find Shubai.”

Qiu Jianlun froze for a moment, then raised an eyebrow.
“When I was watching the show, I thought you were an idiot.
Turns out you’re pretending to be a sheep but you’re actually a tiger.”

“You specifically called me here and then separated Shubai from me.
These two actions seem a bit deliberate.
Only that little idiot Shubai didn’t notice.”

Qiu Jianlun’s intention was exposed, but his expression remained unchanged.
“Since you’ve figured it out, you should be able to guess my purpose.”

Rong Yuheng remained silent, just looking at him.

A storm brewed in Qiu Jianlun’s eyes, “You think I haven’t investigated you? Young Master Rong from the Rong family, don’t interfere in my family matters anymore—otherwise, in response, I will also meddle in your Rong family affairs.”

Upon hearing this, a hint of uncontrollable joy suddenly appeared on Rong Yuheng’s face.
“There’s such a good thing?”

Qiu Jianlun’s domineering aura slightly condensed…

“Just give them something to do, so they won’t come up with some random idea and join a variety show when they’re too idle.” Rong Yuheng extended a friendly hand towards Qiu Jianlun and said, “Thank you, thank you, let’s have a pleasant cooperation.”


Qiu Jianlun was instantly filled with anger and humiliation at being played.
He grabbed the hand that Rong Yuheng extended and forcefully pulled him forward.
With his strong physique, he effortlessly lifted Rong Yuheng from the sofa, causing a sharp “crack” sound as the sofa and coffee table scraped against the floor.

With a muffled bang, Rong Yuheng’s upper body pressed against the coffee table, and his whole person was pinned down.
His shoulder hit the hard and cold tabletop, his hands were restrained behind his back, and Qiu Jianlun pressed down on his arms, his tall figure covering him.

“Young Master, do you think I’m only good at talking?”

Rong Yuheng struggled a bit but couldn’t break free.
His hands were twisted behind his back, causing some pain.

He simply gave up resistance, plastering himself against the cold surface of the coffee table like a piece of jelly.

Qiu Jianlun looked at him, infuriated by his nonchalant attitude even in the face of such danger.
There was a hint of threat in his tone as well.
“Even if I take you away from here, no one can stop me, understand?”

Rong Yuheng, lying on the coffee table like a jelly, replied shamelessly, “Oh… Do you want to destroy your brother’s peeler?”

Qiu Jianlun paused for a moment, but his anger only grew stronger.

Seeing that he was truly angered to the point of speechlessness, Rong Yuheng kindly put an end to the charade and directly revealed his cards.

“You also think I’m only good at talking?”

Qiu Jianlun furrowed his brow.

Rong Yuheng shyly rubbed his face against the coffee table.
“I don’t have many talents, but unfortunately, there are quite a few brothers on the streets.”

“If you want someone, can you make a move right now?”

“Do you want to see my phone?”

Qiu Jianlun was taken aback for a moment, then pressed against Rong Yuheng.
He quickly used one hand to search through Rong Yuheng and found his phone.

After looking at the screen, Qiu Jianlun’s grip suddenly loosened.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, Rong Yuheng exerted force and bumped his shoulder mercilessly against Qiu Jianlun’s chest.

With a muffled bang, caught off guard in his daze, Qiu Jianlun took a step back from the impact.

The phone slipped from his hand and fell to the ground with a “crack” sound.

Rong Yuheng stood up, rubbed his shoulder, and bent down to pick up the phone from the floor.
He looked directly at Qiu Jianlun, whose face was filled with restrained anger.

On the phone screen was a group chat with about fifty to sixty members, all belonging to the circle of wealthy second-generation individuals.

The group chat history showed a call lasting over ten minutes, evidently made right after leaving the dormitory.

A flood of messages from the wealthy second-generation individuals quickly scrolled across the screen, easily caught by Qiu Jianlun’s eyes.

“Dare to touch my Xiao Rong, and your Qiu family will be my enemy forever!”

“If anything happens to my son, my family will respond instantly, but your family will be mourning in a second!”

“Is Yuheng okay? Damn it, did that grandson hit Yuheng?”

“Qiu Jianlun, I heard you’re bidding for the suburban land in City G?”

Qiu Jianlun clenched his fist tightly, taking heavy breaths.
He looked at Rong Yuheng, whose face carried a compassionate expression.
“I underestimated you.”

The words spoken by Rong Yuheng were infuriating to no end.
“No, you just overestimated yourself.”

The tense atmosphere between the two reached its peak, only to be interrupted by a sudden knocking on the door.

“Knock, knock, knock.” The door was pushed open.

The remaining bodyguard looked at Qiu Jianlun with some trepidation due to his unpleasant expression.
Qiu, the production team is looking for Young Master Rong.”

Qiu Jianlun frowned.

The bodyguard was on the verge of tears.
“No, this time it’s really the production team looking for him!”

Qiu Jianlun was about to speak when a person walked out from behind the bodyguard.

A tall man exuded an imposing aura no less than Qiu Jianlun.
He bypassed the bodyguard and walked straight in, positioning himself between Qiu Jianlun and Rong Yuheng.

Wen Zhecheng raised his hand and pulled the still somewhat dazed Rong Yuheng to his side, his gaze fixed directly on Qiu Jianlun.

“I’m looking for him.
Do you want to stop me?”



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