Chapter 79 You Are Sick, You Need Help…

“Old man…”

Tony Stark wasn’t ignorant of his own father’s research, but his own arrogant character didn’t allow him to pick after anyone, especially his father who he loves and hates.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken him until now to create the Ark Reactor, which is something that Howard Stark researched, and when he thought of the words “Hover car”, he immediately reacted: “The Stark Expo in 1943? The
Quadjet in that old car?”

“I’m going to have a look!”

Tony Stark didn’t get into his own private jet, and instead walked directly toward the agents and pointed out: “I don’t remember my old man authorizing the CIA to use his research!”

At this time, Saint suddenly realized that said too much…

He felt like he spoiled the plot to a movie enthusiast…

However, since things had come to this point, Saint had no choice but to follow Tony Stark toward the location of the Quinjet.

After a while, Colonel James Rhodes, dressed in a solemn military uniform with the Medal of Honor on his chest, walked out of the cabin door of the private jet…

“Tony? Tony?! Is there anyone? Hey?!”

At this time, besides the private jet, only Colonel Rhodes was left on the Airstair, standing alone in the wind since Saint and Tony Stark had long since disappeared…

“YOU SON OF A @#$%&! You made me wait for you for five hours, and Now You just Leave Without Telling Me?!!!”



On the other hand, under the unkind gazes of Coulson and Melinda May, Saint led Tony Stark into the open rear cabin of the Quinjet.

“Cough cough…”

With a dry cough, Saint spread his hands and said, “I accidentally told him that the core technology of this plane was actually provided by his father.”

Hearing these words, Coulson’s eyes that were cold changed, as he felt like beating Saint up.
If they didn’t think that they couldn’t beat Saint, they would have already started…

At the same time, Tony Stark, who held a high-tech personal communication terminal in his hand, successfully hacked the main system of the Quinjet.
In simple words, he used a high-end mobile phone and successfully took over the Quinjet…

“It really is the old man’s Quadjet engine…”

Tony Stark raised his arm and raised the communication terminal in his hand: “Give me an explanation! Immediately! RIGHT NOW!!! Otherwise, you CIA will wait to receive Stark Industries’ Legal Letter!”

Saint directly explained to Tony Stark: “There is indeed injustice in this case, but a debt has its debtor.
Don’t make a mistake, they are not from the CIA!”

“I have no right to explain anything else to you.”

Coulson first shook his head, and then comforted Tony Stark: “Mr.
Stark, please wait a moment, I want to ask my superiors.”

After walking away for a while, Coulson who gave a call to Nick Fury turned around and walked back: “Mr.
Stark, we’re not actually C…”

“Actually, they are not the CIA! They are the ‘Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division’ The global intelligence agency of SHIELD for short! Your father ‘Howard Stark’ is one of their founders, so they didn’t actually steal his research!”

As Saint interrupted Coulson’s words, dozens of words popped out of his mouth in one breath, and then he let out a long breath with a very comfortable expression.
He muttered to himself very loudly: “Damn! I finally said it, I almost felt suffocated…”




Tony Stark was speechless for a long time, then suddenly stepped forward, patted Saint on the shoulder, and said earnestly, “Hair Gel Kid, you are sick, you need Help…”

“Take a step into that direction first, let’s cure your crazy narcissism, to begin with, Light Bulb Man!”

“I warn you, call me Light Bulb Man again, and I’ll be mad!”

“Light Bulb Man?”


“Why aren’t you mad?”

“You wait for me! Three days later…”

“At the top of the Imperial City?”

“…Is this Chinese?…’ Jarvis’, translate… the highest point in the Imperial City? Hair Gel Kid, what does this mean?”

“This is the ancient legend of two peerless masters in the Chinese martial arts world who fought on the top of the imperial city for three days.”

“Peerless master? Peerless master… I like this term! Hair Gel Kid, your eyes can still see my awesomeness, so I will forgive you.”

“When I said a peerless master, I meant me…”

“And me as well, after all, it’s me who is fighting you.”

“Well, this is actually unintentional…”

“Why do you speak Chinese?”

“Because I am Chinese, duh! “

Saying that, Saint released the Saiyan Full-Power: 20%, returned to his original appearance with black hair and black eyes, and stretched out his right hand to Tony Stark: “Let me reintroduce myself, I’m Saint Lee.”

Tony Stark was stunned for a moment and then found that he was not very surprised.
After experiencing the series of events that happened in the cave, he felt that even if Saint became a dragon in front of him, he would totally accept it…

“Tony Stark.”

Tony Stark reported his full name as a sign of seriousness, reached out, and shook Saint’s hand: “Your identity is top secret, right? Why are you willing to tell me?”

“Because I won’t be able to hide it soon.”

Saint spread his hands, and then pointed to Coulson: “It took you about three seconds to hack their Quinjet? With this as a sign, after a little while, you will be able to access all of S.H.E.I.L.D’s Data, right?”

“A little while longer?”

Tony Stark asked and raised his eyebrows: “I got it done three minutes ago.
Actually, I didn’t find any information about the ‘Golden Boy.”


Because Saint showed a distressed expression, turned his head to look at Coulson and said, “Did you not store my information on an online server?”

Coulson, who had long been unable to keep up with the rhythm of the conversation between the two, replied subconsciously, “Secrets above level 8 have a special storage method.
You are level 10.”

Having said that, Coulson suddenly reacted before Saint could say anything and said: “Mr.
Stark, please stop your illegal intrusion on Our Data Center Immediately!”

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