Chapter 75: Speculate and Infiltrate…


“How could it be free?” Saint looked at Coulson, as if saying ‘You don’t say!’, and then added: “I’ll be spending my time and effort; of course I should get paid.
However, this will not be for you to deal with; I’m saving Tony Stark, and he could pay far more than you ever could afford!”


Coulson’s eyes were screaming: ‘I knew it!’, before he turned around saying to Melinda: “May, find a suitable place for us to land, and I will contact the military.”

Ten minutes later, the Quinjet, still invisible, landed in a terrain surrounded by small mountains tens of kilometers away.
Later, Coulson entered the passenger and cargo compartment of the aircraft, where a hammock was set up between the walls.
Before lying down to prepare for a break, he asked Saint empathetically: “We will have to wait for at least six hours.
Do you need a break?”


Hearing Saint’s answer, Coulson thought of giving him the hammock and arranging another spot for himself to sleep, as Saint was the one about to do all the heavy work.
But just as he thought of that, he saw Saint floating in midair, and then laying back in a supine position as if an invisible bed was behind him!


Coulson stepped forwards and asked curiously: “If you fall asleep, wouldn’t you fall?”

“If you fall asleep, would you stop breathing?” After responding with his own question, Saint added a warning: “Oh yeah, after I fall asleep, don’t get over 2 meters close to me.
You don’t want to deal with my sleeping reflexes!”



Six hours later, Coulson, in a half squatting stance, and hiding behind a large cargo box, cautiously shouted: “Saint? SAINT!”


Saint yawned, and his feet fell to the ground, and then he said to Coulson: “You don’t have to be so nervous; I don’t really hit people when asleep….”

“The military has arrived within ten kilometers of the target location.
We should go meet them and discuss the battle plan.”

“Why should I care about that?” Saint forced himself into full awakening, and then said: “I am going to protect Tony Stark; you attack like you want!”

“It’s not as simple as you’re saying!” Coulson came out from behind the cargo box: “We are talking about THE Tony Stark here.
If something happens to him during our raid, no one would be able to afford taking responsibility for such a thing.
Every step we would take will have to be well planned, and then re-examined.
Only then can we reduce the risks involved enough to start the operation.”

“That is your problem.” Saint kept looking away, and turned around without hesitation and headed out of the cabin: “I’m going to go into the cave first, and I’ll contact you when I find Stark!”

“Hold on!” Coulson chased Saint, taking out a black cuboid from his pocket: a high-frequency communication device.
He reached out and handed it to Saint: “How were you planning to contact us? Even if those terrorists aren’t using a signal blocked, you won’t be having cell phone reception in that cave!”

“…” Saint question and cursed his own IQ once again, looking at Coulson expressionlessly.
He then reached out and picked up the device asking: “How do I use this?”

Coulson tried to explain that to Saint, before giving up and saying: “Forget it! Tony Stark is a top-tier engineer; he will definitely know how to use it! Now, I’ll be going to the military.”

Saint tiptoed and flew out of the reach cabin, disappearing into the dark night sky.

This wasn’t New York, where things farther than ten meters away were out of sight.
Following his Ki Sense, he quickly reached the area above the cave.

After finding the entrance, he looked at a security camera above the entrance and said to himself: “After entering the cave, there shouldn’t be more cameras other than the ones in Stark’s cell; no? After all, this is the only entrance or exit to the cave; they shouldn’t need more cameras…”

For Saint, avoiding people spotting him was easy, as he could sense their Ki with ease.
However, he could not detect cameras before they would detect him, as they were obviously inanimate Ki-less objects.

“It doesn’t matter; let’s go!”

Saint extended his arm, with his palm open, and he made a catch and squeeze motion with his hand, using “Janken: Pa” to crush the camera at the cave’s entrance.
Then, he immediately flew into the cave, flying silently, and keeping its deepest part under his focus with Ki Sense.

Earlier in the day, he scanned the area, and if he didn’t guess wrong, the two separated different Ki in the deepest part of the cave were those of Stark and Yinsen.

Eventually, he reached a rusty iron gate, with a camera on top of it.
With that, his speculation was confirmed: Tony Stark was behind that Iron Gate!

After crushing that camera as well, pulled the latch off.
Tony Stark, who was hammering another piece of Mark I, was surprised by the scene of the gate imprisoning being opened from the outside, just for blond barefooted young man to come flying in…

“OH… MY… GOD!!!”

Like any normal human being, Dr.
Yinsen’s eyes opened wide, just like his mouth as he looked in awe at the flying being before his eyes!

As for Tony Stark, there weren’t many people in the world who were further than him from normal human beings.
The first thing he uttered was: “Wow! How much hair gel is on that head?! That’s an actual crime you know! You’re basically violating the law of gravity there!”


Saint remained silent for a while, and then asked in a very positive tone: “Tony Stark?”

The question was just for formality’s sake; otherwise, that face with which he was familiar in both lives, and that “light bulb” on future Iron Man’s chest were more than obvious clues….

“That is me!”

Tony dropped his hammer and stretched his mouth, revealing his signature charming smile: “Hair Gel kid, who are you?”

Saint had to admit that although Tony was much older than him, he still had a very handsome… charming… and punchable face!!!

“Don’t go around giving people nicknames, Mr.
Light bulb!” Saint couldn’t take it anymore, and waved his hand, slapping tony of the back of the head.
In fact, compared to “Point Break” for Thor, “Capsicle” for Captain America, “Enormous Green Rage Monster” for the Hulk, and “Underoos” for Spider Man… Hair Gel Kid was actually decent, and Saint didn’t have much to complain about…

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