those of Saint, and the words of remorse got stuck in her mouth.
She could only bite her teeth, and lower her head again, signing the agreement.

“Congratulations, you’ve just become a millionaire!”

Hearing Saint’s words, her cheeks rose as she smiled slightly, not knowing what to feel.

Then, she replied casually: “Well, if we’re speaking of millionaires, didn’t you become one first? You have a two-floor restaurant; it’s probably worth more than my Dojo.

“That’s not the same.” Saint shook his head and added: “That was what my parents left for me.
I can never sell it.”

Although Saint was not truly their son in soul, he still had part of the Original Saint’s memories.
It was inevitable that he would be affected by that.
And, even when excluding this factor, he would not sell the restaurant.
It just didn’t feel right to shatter the Lee Family legacy just like that.
Keeping it was, in a way, his way to show them the respect they deserved.

At this time, Colleen who had her mind busy with echoes of the word “forever”, trembled slightly as soon as she heard his words.
She bit her lips with some hesitation, and then finally bowed her head whispering shyly: “Me neither.
This Dojo….
I’ll never cell it.”

Saint quickly turned her head and looked into her eyes as he heard the obvious over flowing affection in her voice.
When she was about to move away, a movie line suddenly appeared in his mind: ‘“All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and great things will happen.”  (T/N: Quote by character Benjamin Mee, from movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’.)

It gave him that needed courage, and his entire body moved forward.
His arms stretched aggressively, surrounding Colleen and holding her.
After she stopped some symbolic struggle, he put his mouth near her ear and whispered softly: “Then you can never leave me alone…”

Colleen’s entire body trembled; she gnawed her teeth, and twisted her waist to adjust her posture.
She put one of her hands on Saint’s chest, and the other on his shoulder, and with courage coming from somewhere she did not know, she looked up in his eyes saying: “Wrong, it’s you who could never let me go!”

Hearing her words, Saint violently threw away the folder in his hand.
That hand wrapped around her waist, while the other held her delicate cheek gently.
He slowly bowed his head, kissing the red lips before him.

A sweet feminine hum sounded as the folder he threw fell on the other side of the Dojo, slamming into the ground.
Millions of dollars worth of legal documents spread out, slowly falling to the ground, scattered in disorder.

At the same time, Saint’s hand went all the way down beyond her waist, reaching two rounded petals, and then pulling slightly harder to get Colleen completely off the ground, hanging on his body.

The moment Colleen’s feet left the ground, she instinctively bent her legs, wrapping them around his waist.
Her hand in his chest slid over his shoulder, to wrap around his neck.
The whole time, they eyes of the two did not open, and their lips did not separate…

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