Chapter 43: The Emerald Mass


As Saint was brushing his teeth, he accidentally saw the tattoo on the back of his hand.
The bright golden color that was about to fill all the stars was silently reminding him that the Dragon Balls were about to be filled with energy; it was two or three days away at most.

“The second wish…” Saint muttered to himself: “I’m really looking forward to this… I only hope that they’re not out of reach!”

He did not forget that the reason why they were charging so quickly was because at least one of them was near a very high energy body.
To his knowledge, the biggest suspect should be none other than one of the Infinity Gems…

His mind full of conflicting thoughts, he fell into bed.
He remained there half asleep, dreaming while somewhat awake until dawn, not being able to get good sleep.

The next morning the tired Saint yawned his way out of the bed, stumbling to the bathroom.
He turned the door handle, opened the door, and stepped into the bathroom, just to have his sleepy eyes wide open in shock!

“BANG!” He shut the door quickly.
The sound of the impact echoed so loud with a feminine scream, it even shook the walls.
His face turned gloomy, he heartbeat raised and he couldn’t help but yell: “Why didn’t you lock the door?!”

In the bathroom, Lorna was sitting on the toilet seat with her legs bare.
He froze is shock for a while, and then she hysterically roared: “Damn bastard! Peeping?!”

Up to this point, Saint’s eyes were still shining with the scene that stuck to his mind; Lorna’s snow white thighs with the silk tiny piece of clothes hanging between them! While it was just a glimpse, after which he did not stare at all, even the little mass of hair did not escape his sight…

It was not his fault, for under the white skin of her belly, the emerald green hairs were extremely eye catching.
He couldn’t ignore it no matter how much he wanted to.

Seeing what he shouldn’t have seen, and with Lorna roar, he could only say in shame: “I didn’t mean to… I didn’t see anything!”

“You scum! Do you think I’ll believe you?!” Lorna, shy and annoyed to the extreme, screamed wildly through the bathroom door: “get away!

“I really didn’t mean it.”

Saint once again emphasized that it was really unintentional.
He slowly stepped back and flusteredly said: “You take your time, I’ll come again later…”


Lorna silently listened to his footsteps slowly fading away, almost stretching her ears.
In fact, she did not doubt he was honest.
Yes, Saint was a pervert, but this was probably a mistake indeed.
After all, ever since she learned how to mask her Ki, she became the only one that he couldn’t notice…

Moreover, she knew that she could not completely put the blame on him.
Because she did not lock the door, both were in fault to an extent.

Of course, truth put aside, Lorna would never admit that!

It was all ‘his fault’…

Lorna gnawed her teeth and raised her panties, and then went to the door, looking at the toilet seat.
She remembered well Saint’s line of sight, and looking the same way, she slammed her hands on her face muttering in a mosquito-like voice: “He saw everything…”

At this point in time, her bloodlust was real! The thought actually crossed her mind.
She lost control over her Ki, and all the metal pieces around her rose, pointed at an image of Saint she visualized before her.
They should all hit him in….

Fortunately, after this moment passed, and she killed him several times in her mind, she gave up on the idea: ‘Killing that piece of crap is not worth blowing my cover…”

In short, Saint narrowly escaped a fate worse than death that morning…


During the whole day, Saint did not say a word to Lorna.
In fact, after the heat of the moment passed, he knew that he had to apologize anyway.
However, every time he peeked at her face, her frosty cold expression stopped him, and he could not mutter a word.

After the evening shift, Saint took the chance to say something and run: “Lorna, I have an appointment with Colleen, I’m going to the Dojo to practice with her.
I’ll let you take care of the store…”

Lorna took the knife closest to her, and gazed at Saint with even sharper eyes.
She did not want to talk, just waving the knife telling him to get out of her way.

While he wanted to maintain his dignity as the boss, Saint considered the consequences of angering his employee, and finally did not answer, silently walking away, stepping on his dignity in the process.

After leaving the restaurant with his tail between his legs, Saint went straight to the Dojo, and was about to start practicing with Colleen when she give him a black leather folder: “This morning, the Rand Enterprises lawyer sent me this.”

Saint raised his eyes in surprise, reached for the folder and opened them.
Inside, there was a pile of thick legal documents.
He looked at it roughly and understood that it was a property transfer agreement, one of a real estate.
It was the Dojo he was inside.
The agreement stated that the current legal owner of the Dojo is actually Danny Rand, and the object was that he wanted to transfer it to Colleen.

“Danny Rand is your landlord?” Saint said: “What a coincidence!”

“What Coincidence…” Colleen pouted and said: “A few weeks ago, he wanted me to help him with the deal of the Hand.
When I didn’t agree initially, he went to my original landlord and bought the Dojo at a premium.
He promised me that he would never charge rent.
Otherwise, I would not travel with him to China and almost die of poisoning…”

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