Chapter 32: Leave us in Peace


“We have a total of five basic skills, namely, Ki Cultivation, Ki Sense, Ki masking, Ki Release and Ki Transfer.

The first is based around practicing and the growing of one’s own Ki.
It could be described as the foundation of the other four.  As long as one perseveres in practicing, they could grow their Ki constantly, and strengthen their body in the same time.
To get advanced, one need a strong body to support the strong Ki.

The second is one I have mentioned to you before.
With it, one could explore their surroundings by sensing the Ki of other living beings around them.
The range of this technique increases with mastery and with one’s own Ki.

Ki Masking is the counter to Ki Sense.
With it, one could hide his own Ki, so as not to let others feel it.
You can also adjust your Ki output, to confuse his opponents.

Ki release is all about simply releasing one Ki to the outside.
This generates heat and attacking energy.
I usually only use it for barbecue, but I guess you can imagine that if one could use to cook meat, the people also….
cough cough.
Moreover, this is the basis of all energy attacks.
Only by mastering the basics of this skill can one reach higher more advanced techniques.

Ki Transfer is about non offensevly giving Ki to others.
This is usually used to open up beginners to the concept of Ki, but its most important when helping exhausted or injured companions.
Ki is one’s main life energy, and can significantly enhance the strength and resistance of the wounded.
If one could control this well enough, they could even use it for treatment.”

After saying that, Saint took a pause, got up and poured himself a cup of water to clear up his throat, and then continued: “Next, there’s the entry level technique of our school: Jan Ken, or rock paper scissors.

Rock is all about using Ki to enhance one’s punches.
It entangles air and energy around the fist, to let it burst out on impact.
The more focused the energy and air, the greater the punch.
You once asked me how I beat those gangsters….
Well, this is what I used.

Scissors is about focusing Ki around the fingertips, creating a Ki Blade that can be used for both stabbing and slashing like a sword.
The stronger the Ki, the faster and sharper the attack gets.
I’ve shown you this when cutting the table; this technique is rather leathal, and can’t be used lightly.

Paper focuses Ki on the palm, transforming it into a force that can be used to push, pull or bind the target.
Again, the range and strength of this technique is proportional to the amount of Ki focused on the palm.
This is mainly what I’ve learned right now.”

Saint took another sip of water, and then tried to end this ‘lesson’: “As for more advanced techniques, I’m only half-baked at that, and I can’t tell you more.”

“Wait!” Coulson frowned, reminding Saint: “You’ve also used a technique similar to a flash grenade that you haven’t explained.”

“Oh, you’re talking about Solar Flair! Well, that’s not an orthodox Kame School technique, but an elder of the School named Tien Shinhan had created this strange move that focused Ki on one’s head, converting it into strong light.
Like all other technique, the higher the Ki output, the more dazzling the light gets.”

“Tien Shinhan…”

Coulson memorized the name, and then asked without hesitation: “And, you’ve also made a Golden Orb of light to heal Colleen Wing?”

Saint shook his head: “That’s not a Kame School technique.
Sorry, but this technique is actually forbidden; one that I shouldn’t use, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Ok.” Coulson wasn’t too persistant, and changed his questions asking: “So, on top of the last two techniques, you know everything you’ve already mentioned to me?”

“Of course!” Saint nodded, seemingly liking the question: “What I’ve mentioned are the basics of Kame School.
Only by learning all basic skills and mastering at least one of the three ways Jan Ken, can one be qualified to call himself a disciple of Kame School.”

Coulson took a sip of cold air and said incredulously: “So you mean by saying that these are only the basics? You mean that in Kame School, your level is at the bottom?”

“Yes.” Saint looked at Coulson as if saying ‘Duh!’ and said: “I’m only 19, obviously the least trained of the Kame School disciples, so that’s a given!”


Coulson stared at Saint silently for a while, and finally couldn’t judge whether or not he was lying.
He had to stop asking questions and process all this new information.

Since he met Danny Rand, Saint was fabricating this detailed consistent story about the Kame Sennin and Kame School.
With the experience he had gathered lying, he almost started believing his own fabrications.
It became easy for him to deceive others.
Poor Coulson arrived late, and found himself facing precise answers that were being said without hesitation.

He wasn’t thinking about verification any more.
He had gathered enough information, and hurriedly left.
After telling the two stalking agents to leave, he found himself wondering on the reason for all this rush in the middle of the night.

By then, it was already a little over 1 am.
After Coulson left, Saint was about to go back to his room to sleep.
When he went to the second floor, he found two green eyes staring at him, more stunned than ever.
He asked: “Why haven’t you slept yet?”

Hearing Saint’s question, Lorna couldn’t help but turn a blind eye to his careless behavior and ask calmly: “Agents of SHIELD are at the door.
How could I sleep?”

“Don’t worry.
Right now, they are afraid, so they really will leave us in peace.”

Saint yawned, and walked by Lorna to his room: “Go to sleep.
We’ll talk tomorrow.”


Lorna grabbed Saint’s clothes not willing to let him go: “Boss, are you sure they don’t doubt my identity?”

“Yes, they definitely won’t.” Saint turned around, saying impatiently: “You heard Coulson say that you are not an ordinary person before.
That was mainly because of what happened in the Dojo.
But now, their attention had shifted, and none of them is caring about small fry anymore.”

Lorna puffed with dissatisfaction and said: “How could you say that? I’m small fry?”


Saint looked at her, and then said: “Do you want to be noticed, or fly under the radar? The big shot is the one being watched here.
Aren’t you satisfied?”

“Boss, you’re being monitored by SHIELD?”

“That’s right.
I’m the big shot.”


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